Employee Performance Review Examples

50 Employee Performance Review Examples

One of the things that makes an organization grow and achieve its aims is constant reviews of the staff. It’s important to let the employees know how they do so that they can improve their work and advance the industry where they work. In projecting your review, you are allowed to sound positive or negative. How you sound doesn’t matter, sincerity is the most important thing.

Nothing makes workers more proficient than knowing their performances. Whether positive or negative, feedback must be communicated so that everyone will know where they belong and how to adjust to meet the standard set by the organization. It is always the pleasure of your staff to know where they stand. It helps them improve and deliver more efficiently to your industry.

No one cannot improve their services. Those who are doing well among the employees can be made to do better while those who are deficient can also be inspired to come up. Everyone has room for improvement provided their area of weakness is skillfully revealed.

Employee performance review examples give you a template on what to tell your workers when you want to let them know what you think of them. Giving a review requires some level of wisdom which I have assisted you in putting together.

Sample Employee Comments On Performance Review Examples

I will be showing you how to communicate your review to your staff/employees to enable them to improve their services in your industry. You’ll always need this review constantly to ensure the smooth running of your organization. Employee performance review examples are here for your use!

1. We have taken note of the reviews done about us and we want to sincerely say thank you for such beautiful commendation from you. We feel flattered by those beautiful words used. Thank you!

2. With much gratitude in our hearts, we want to say thank you for your encouraging words. What you said has inspired us and made us want to do more for the industry. Keep motivating us through your irresistible comments, we are always delighted.

3. Having a boss like you who values the efforts of her staff is a huge blessing. It’s a big privilege to have you as our leader showing the way and teaching us what to do at times. Your exemplary life is sufficient enough for us to teach us what to do.

4. We do not take your kind words for granted knowing that not everyone appreciates little efforts made. We have made our contribution and we want to say thank you for appreciating our good work. Whatever you say matters to us, keep saying the right things to us.

5. Everyone of us has been greatly inspired when we received a note of commendation from you. We’re full of energy to do more for this company because of those positive words we have received you’re your commendation notes

6. We want to sincerely appreciate your sincere criticism of us. We receive every observation projected in the writing and we have taken it upon ourselves to turn a new leaf. You’ll surely see improvement in our output.

7. Thank you for not keeping quiet when you were supposed to speak out. Your constructive criticism has helped me to grow and become a better worker. We’ll work on ourselves until we are considered the best workforce in town.

8. Nothing is as good as having a very sincere boss who will tell us the truth even when it pains the most. We have received your chastisement as an expression of your love towards us. We’re always grateful for having you as our leaders.

9. It was noted that our approaches to the clients are not the best. We did a sober reflection on this and can truly relate to what you are saying. Count on us to make adjustments in the area of observation. Thank you for your love.

10. This organization is certainly one of the best places to work and establish one’s career. In this firm, workers are appreciated and at the same time corrected when they err. You can’t be here and not become a better version of yourself.

Employee Comments Examples


11. One of the areas of your strength is that you’re always on time. Many times, you’ll work so hard to ensure that you’re ahead of everybody in the discharge of your duties. Every effort you are putting into this industry is appreciated.

12. You’re a staff who doesn’t condone excuses but will always do your best to be at work on time, start the engine and keep things running well. Thank you for being a worker who is worthy of emulation.

13. It has been your culture to accrue respect for every member of the team. This has made everyone in the organization feel honored and thereby discharge their duties at their best.

14. We can count on you because you adhere to the schedule. We know you’re such a busy employee yet you ensure you close the gap and make sure our organization is running well.

15. There are times you did a great job but we’re unable to appreciate you. You’re not that staff that will not show up all because we didn’t call or check up on you.


16. You’ve been doing quite well but you hardly meet the company standard in attendance. This has to be seriously worked upon. We’ll need you to improve on this!

17. It has been known that you have late appearances at work. You come to work so late and it’s not speaking well of you. We require that you make the necessary changes

18. Whenever we give you vacation, you’ve always exceeded the limit of vacation. You truly need rest but this doesn’t speak well of you. Try and improve. We believe you will get better!

19. We had a previous review and up until now, you’ve not adjusted to the things we point out. It’s expected of you to work on yourself and correct negative impressions about yourself.

20. It looks disrespectful showing up at the meeting very late. Others have complained about this and we just hope that you’ll turn a new leaf about this.

21. We’ve noticed that you do return from break very late. It’s quite disturbing and we don’t know what might be responsible for this. Kindly look into this anytime vacation is called.

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Employee Evaluation Comments


21. Having evaluated you, we need to commend you for your good effort in the last 5 years you have joined this company. Your life commands great respect in this organization. We appreciate you.

22. You’ve always been on time meeting up with schedules no matter how difficult. Thank you for your positive attitude, keep spreading your wings.

23. In the last 6 years now, you’ve shown consistency in coming to work punctually. We don’t know how you’re able to achieve that but we want to let you know that we appreciate you for all this.

24. Your steadfastness has inspired others to improve their attendance. You’re a perfect template for a committed worker. Thank you for being consistent.

25. Hardly have you been found deviating from the laid down rule of our organization. We appreciate you for holding forth and showing faithfulness for good 10 years now.

26. You’ve been very reliable and we can count on you. The past works we’ve committed into your hands have taken great shape. You’re such a good example, you are worthy of our recommendation always!


27. Despite all the good work and the commitments shown, we would like you to improve your human relations skill. This organization will need you to grow in how you relate to people.

28. We’re finding you unreliable about reporting and giving us the details of the activities in the organization. It’s expected of you to be up and doing.

29. We need to call your attention to the fact that you’ve not been found at your duty post as of when due. Much has been given to you and so is much also expected.

30. It won’t cost you anything to ensure everybody leaves the office before you take your leave as the leader that you are. Be on the watch so that nothing is lost at the office as a result of your early vacation from work.

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Performance Appraisal Employee Final Comments

31. You’ve been an employee with the most impeccable attitude. Your performance has been great and we want to let you that we treasure you so much!

32. Your cheerfulness in interacting with our clients has kept our doors wide open to every customer. We encourage you to maintain this positive attitude.

33. With your teammates, you’ve been very awesome. Your ability to work with even the most difficult staff is astounding. Thank you for being there for us all the time.

34. One thing that we have learned from you and that we will like you to spread is your optimistic attitude. You’ve been always positive about everything even those that appear very negative.

35. We have needed to look for a perfect example of a good leader since you’ve been in the picture. We appreciate the space you fill. Keep working, your work is appreciated!

36. You’re very quick to smile and lighten the mood of everyone around you. Customers come around and they’re elated. The staff get along with you, they feel very excited! What a special virtue you possess.

37. I love your ability to handle situations around you. Never for once have you been found captured by a difficult situation. Thank you for being a great ally in our space.

38. We cannot deny the impact of your positive attitude on our industry. The effect of being with you is that our industry has advanced significantly.

39. Everyone in our company has become a better version of themselves today because you have shown everybody the perfect example of a leader. Keep standing firm.

40. We want to appreciate you and encourage you to maintain a steady positive attitude that encourages others to be on their job. Your attitude has made us enjoy the job. Keep working!

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Performance Appraisal Employee Final Comments To The Manager

41. This is the time to express how we feel about the competent management of this organization. They have done well by always recognizing our efforts and appreciating them in the same manner.

42. You’ve always been praising our good works and this is also the time to appreciate you too. We want to thank you for always being an encouragement to us.

43. On behalf of the great staff of this Industry, we want to appreciate the outstanding management of this firm. Without you, we couldn’t have been the talk of the town. We appreciate all that you’re doing!

44. We’re so grateful for always being there for us and encouraging us to be the best staff among our colleagues. Thank you for your kindness.

45. Nothing could make work interesting like having a great boss like you. You’ve been a great source of inspiration for all of us which is why we’re always at our best. We appreciate you, thanks a lot!

46. We have benefited largely in this industry under your leadership. We can practically tell the difference since you take over leadership. Thank you, we all appreciate you!

47. We could not have become noteworthy in society if not for the value system you imbibed in us. We learned so much from you and we’ve grown by watching how you live. Thank you for being a great example to us.

48. One thing that has made us grow significantly in the recent years we’ve been working under you is the positive environment you’ve created for us to work under. You’ve been a good influence on us and we’re grateful for this.

49. You’ve invested so much in us and it’s time to pay back and express our thanks to you. Thank you so much for the great boss that you are. Our gratitude to you is forever!

50. You’re not just a good boss but you’re a great one. We’re great today before of your input and investment. Keep managing us, we’ll yet be greater under your watch.

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