When A Man Is In Love With You

When A Man Is In Love With You | 18 Actions Of A Man Falling In Love Revealed

Love is like a virus, whenever it penetrates a man, it travels around his entire being. When a man is in love with a lady, it cannot be hidden, it begins to show in every and anything he does towards that lady he is in love with. When a man is in love with you, he will go to any length to show you how much he loves you.

Women must understand what love means to men and how they express it when they are infected by that love virus. Men’s demonstration of love begins with action, not words. A woman needs to understand the actions of a man falling in love so that she can respond correctly and embrace it if she is interested. When a man really loves a woman, his actions will speak volumes.

When a man falls in love with a woman, there are certain things or signs that will start manifesting in his character. Actions of a man falling in love show so much in his behavior and his actions toward you as a woman than words. Like the popular saying, ‘actions speak louder than words’. A man who truly cherishes you will communicate it in his dealings with you.

Most times when a man is falling in love with a woman, he acts in weird ways. An intelligent woman just like you needs to be observant so you can nurture it if you are interested or starve it if you are not. This sometimes might take a little time to know because of how men relate when they are falling in love. The gestures of a man falling in love are always unveiled most times in his actions or body language towards you. There are weird signs he’s falling for you which you will find out on this page.

3 Hidden Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You

There are a lot of hidden signs men project to express their affections without verbal communication. When a man is in love with you, he will let you know how much he does in style until he senses acceptance from you before he communicates it in words. For a guy, the love begins in the secret corner of his heart before it’s made public. A guy doesn’t mind burying his love for a lady if he doesn’t sense acceptance from her. Therefore, it is in the nature of men to seek acceptance from women they are interested in before they send a signal of interest at all.

This article would enlighten you more and show you the early signs he’s falling for you. There are signs I will be exposing in this article which are the major ways men express themselves whenever they are in love. Men don’t express themselves in words primarily, they do much more through their body language. Below are the signs!

#1. He’s Intentional About Making You Happy Always

How to know when a man loves you is when he tries all his possible best to ensure you are happy. Whenever a man chooses to cause a woman to smile and laugh, most times it shows the signs of how much he loves her. Men are wired in a way that the moment they are in love with a particular woman, they try their possible best to always see her happy.

The feelings of a man cannot be kept, if he feels them, he will express them either verbally or non-verbally. Picking the signals that he loves you would not be rocket science to you because those signs will be so obvious that other people around you can them.

The greatest pursuit of a man who is truly in love is the happiness of that woman, a man will do anything to make it happen. When he falls in love with you, your happiness will be his priority and the major goal of his life. Note it when your happiness becomes his obsession, he is already in love.

#2. When He Loves To Hang Around You And Spends Quality Time With You.

Everybody is truly busy but no one is busy that they don’t have time for what or whom they consider important. When a man gets to that point where he is interested in spending more of his time with you, it shows how much he loves you. Men in their nature love to channel their energy towards what they love doing but regardless of this, they will still make out time to spend with their lovers.

A man truly cares and he’s already falling in love with you when you notice his persistence over time towards you. His strong attraction towards you is part of the signs he loves you deeply, and as a result of this, your observation and patience will help you to truly know his motive and his intentions.

Serious men don’t waste time on unnecessary things, because, time to a man is an asset. So, when a man takes out his time and lavishes it on you, it shows how precious you’re to him. Guys fall in love when they miss you, therefore, they will make time to want to be with you.

#3. When He Shows Interest In Your Conversation And Listens To You With Deeper Attention Than He Does To Others

When you find the perfect man, he would always love to hear from you always and engage you in conversations deliberately. When you talk, he would choose to pay attention to you and contribute. This shows he is interested. When a man always tries to find his way into your conversation, something is cooking.

Your lover-man acknowledges you whenever you speak. And this is actually among the psychological signs a man is in love with you.

Signs A Man Loves You Deeply

When a real man loves you, it is often projected in their actions. How do you know when a man loves you? Actions speak more volumes than words!

Does that mean that some men do not always express their love and feelings through words? No! They communicate it too but more often after they have seen the signals of acceptance from a woman. No man likes to be turned down. They will rather not communicate their feelings than communicate them and get turned down. Observe the following indicators as cardinal signs a man cherishes you deeply.

#4. He Makes You Feel Safe

A man always loves to make the woman he cherishes feel safe and protected in his presence. He does not mind if it going to cost him to go the extra mile, he would do it. If you notice he’s making you secure, then know that he’s interested. He gives you a sense of security for the future and eradicates the fear of the unknown from your heart.

A man that’s truly in love with you will never do anything that will hurt your emotion. He’s keenly careful about what he says and how he handles things related to you. Everything he does is to ensure your safety physically and emotionally. This happens when a guy loves you deeply.

Women are often not emotionally stable, but their lovers would often there to stabilize them and give them a soothing feeling.

#5. He Will Value You Both Publicly and Privately

When a man truly cherishes you, he will place a high degree of value on you and consider you more important than everything in his life. He will do everything in his capacity to make you feel valued and treasured. You are the choicest queen of his life and he will do anything to prove it.

How valuable you’re to a man can be seen in his actions. When his actions and words match together to make you feel valuable, this shows he never takes you for granted and he truly wants to be with you forever. When a man is in love with a woman, the man will always choose to value the woman as though she is the only person in his life.

#6. He’s Very Supportive and Interested in Your Private Affairs

A relationship is structured to be a support system for each other both emotionally, physically, or morally. Nobody can go through life alone, everybody needs a partner. If you ever see a man showing a willingness to render you assistance even when you do not ask, such might be interested. A man will be sensitive to the needs around your life and offers to meet them before requested.

Wherever help is required in any area of your life, he will always show up to sort it out even at his expense. Everybody gives their object of interest, and resources to the areas of one’s interest.

You may not be perfect as a lady, you may have flaws and weaknesses but a real man in love with you will stay with you and watch you improve with encouraging words and patience.

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Actions Of A Man Falling In Love

Are you in search of the actions of a man falling in love? Does it mean anything to you, when you find a man acting weird or obsessed? It’s important to be aware of the actions a man portrays when he contracts the virus of love.

Know that he is in love with you when you see the following:

#7. He’s Caring and Romantic

There is no love without care, no one’s claims of love are truly valid until he shows how much he cares. Love is known by care. There is no love without romantically expressing it through extra care for the person you love.

This can be expressed effectively expressed through gifts, calls, and sending romantic messages. Good gifts linger long in the memory of a woman, every man knows this. Giving gifts is one of the ways a guy communicates his affections without words.

Watch it when a guy offers to give you breakfast, launch, or dinner, he’s sure trying to communicate his interest in you. If he offers to give you a ride, that’s an indication of interest! He may even offer to help you carry your handbag or if your item falls off, he quickly reaches out to help you pick it up.

#8. He is Intentional About Not Hurting You

Love does not thrive in an atmosphere of hurt, the hurting environment is toxic to make love grow. Any guy who wants and wants to stay with you for the rest of his life will never create a toxic atmosphere. He will create a comfortable ambiance for you so that you can feel convenient around him. Ladies stay where they are comfortable and accepted.

Any guy who wants to retain a lady will study her to find out what she loves and what she doesn’t and align himself to doing just that. A relationship flows better when a guy makes a lady happy and excited.

You will never see a man that’s truly in love with a woman disrespecting her, even if both of them have some misunderstandings. He won’t shout or raise his voice against her to hurt her emotionally. Your man respects you even if you wrong him. Respecting you is one of the virtues he displays when he’s falling for you.

#9. He Introduces You To His Friends

No man keeps things privy to a lady he truly loves. Men love to flaunt their women to family, friends, loved ones, and even on social media platforms.

It’s rare to see a man that’s in love with a woman keeping her hidden from his close associates. If he does not introduce you to anyone, he doesn’t love you yet. There is nothing privy about love, if he keeps you secret from people, he may leave you secretly.

The moment a man falls in love in his heart, everything about him also falls in love. He will use everything he’s got to prove his love to you, one of which is introducing you to his friends and family honorably.

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When A Man Is In Love With A Woman

When A Man Is In Love With A Woman
When A Man Is In Love With A Woman

When a man is in love with a woman, the thought of that woman becomes the controller of his life. This woman controls his heartbeat and regulates his pulse. Love operates like wildfire, he consumes its victims. Sometimes, it does appear like men lose their senses when they get infected with love. This is normal, love is sweet.

When he needs you, it will become so glaring that even a blind man can see it. Love cannot be hidden no matter how much you try to hide it. Everybody around you will see it clearly that a man is becoming interested in you by the way he behaves whenever he comes around you. Check out these indicators to detect if a man is interested in you.

#10. He Checks on You Regularly.

Checking on you to know how you are fairing is a sign that he loves you and cares about you. He does this through text messages or phone calls as often as possible just to register a lingering impression that he has your interest at heart. What a feeling!

Sometimes, ladies feel some of these things are unnecessary and uncalled for or even feel they are too much, but you can’t really stop a guy who is really in love with you from doing all these. It is not his fault, he is being controlled by the force of love resonating within him.

Checking on you regularly or periodically affects you psychologically as a woman. Love doesn’t happen overnight, it’s built over time. A persistent guy can win any heart, just a matter of time. Little drops of water make an ocean. If he’s persistent, he will win your heart. Checking on you regularly is one of the psychological signs a man is in love with you.

Men are creatures who are different from women entirely, hence, how men will relate with you as a woman when they’re in love will be different when a woman is in love with a man. A man can choose not to talk verbally about his love for a woman, but his actions will communicate it vividly. Sometimes, love is when he ignores you.

#11. He Gives Preference to Your Opinion

Your lover-man makes your opinion count and more valid than his to make you feel important and intelligent even when you are not so correct. Women love validation, men who are interested in them should learn how to give them the necessary validation.

The moment a man starts developing feelings for a woman, her opinions begin to matter most in the equation. A woman might not be totally correct in her submissions but her guy will allow it to be so just to make her feel valued and validated.

A man who does not care about a woman is not concerned about how she feels. He could talk or behave anyhow he chooses to. Love makes a man vulnerable to a woman.

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#12. He Tells You Sweet Things

He may not have started his love affairs with you by saying it all over town but as he gains acceptance from you, he begins to communicate it with deep emotionally stimulated statements. A man may not be a good orator but when it comes to expressing his love to his queen in words, he becomes the best speaker of the day.

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When Guys Fall In Love Signs

#13. He Feels Comfortable With You

#14. He Wants to Live His Dreams With You

#15. He Includes You In His Plans

#16. He’s not Afraid of Being Vulnerable to You

#17. He Doesn’t Hide Anything from You

#18. He Makes You a Priority

When a man is in love with you, all these signs highlighted above will be made visible. If you want him, you nurture it, if you don’t want him, you starve it.

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