Praying for a Relationship with a Specific Person

91 Ways of Praying for a Relationship with a Specific Person to Help You Get the Best

Marital relationship is a serious matter for young people and the unmarried. The point of decision-making regarding who to get married to is a critical one. Everybody loves to get it right because you’ll live with your decision for the rest of your life. If your decisions are wrong, you will eat the fruit of it, if your decisions are right, you’ll eat the fruit of it.

Sometimes, we humans are very intelligent and can be very analytical. We look at a particular guy or lady from a physical standpoint and make our decision. But unfortunately, our evaluations often fail us which is why we need God to help us out. This makes praying for a relationship with a specific person very crucial.

If you commit your ways to God, He will always come to your help. Prayer is an expression of dependency on the Lord. One of the most crucial aspects of your life where you must involve God is marriage. If you ask for guidance, God will always be there to help you.

Are you in love with somebody already and you’ll like to know the mind of God about him/her? Or do you already know the mind of God about the person but he/she is not responsive? Can God make someone fall in love with you? Yes, He can if you could talk to Him about it as long as it aligns with His desire for your life!

Prayer for a Special Person in Your Life

Love is a very important part of human life, it should never be taken with levity. However, as much as love is good, it could be very traumatic to be in love with somebody and he/she doesn’t return the same gesture. Love is sweet when both parties feel the same!

If you find yourself in such a state where you expected someone to love you but your expectations aren’t coming through, you can talk to talk God about it by praying for a relationship with a specific person. Below are powerful prayers to put you on the path of advantage in your marital life. You can pray these prayers interchangeably whether you are a man or woman.

1. Dear Father and God, you’re the chief author of relationship and marriage. You desire that I’m happily married to the person of my dream. I ask that you’ll cause this man my heart longs for to love me and cherish me deeply. Amen.

2. Touch this lady’s heart so that she can see the length I’m going to communicate my affection to her. Soften her heart to listen to me and love me just the way I have always loved her.

3. I ask that everything that is making her struggle to love me will be taken care of. Make it easy for her to love me without reservation.

4. Father, establish my love permanently in the heart of this guy so that he can turn away from every other lady and love me squarely in the name of Jesus.

5. Grant him contentment in my personality and open his eyes to see what makes me a unique woman among other women in the name of Jesus.

6. Dear Father, I know that a lot of distractions and attractions are surrounding the woman of dreams, Father, deliver her from distractions that have had her soul in the name of Jesus. Amen.

7. The heart of King is in your hands, my Father. Touch this man’s heart so that he can be stable to settle with me and let go of every other lady.

8. If he has any wrong perception of me, Father, change the wrong image of me completely and make him see new me so that his distraction can be fully starved.

9. I asked that you’ll make her see the future you have for me to strengthen and solidify her reason for staying put with me. Take her eyes away from the present distraction and fix them on the future attraction.

10. Unite our hearts together so that we may unite in peace and establish a beautiful home on earth. Dear Father, help our relationship to blossom. Amen.

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How to Pray for a Man/Woman to Fall in Love with You

It does happen sometimes that you have a preference for a particular kind for your choice in marriage. There’s nothing bad in having expectations as long as they match up with God’s expectations for your life.

If you have conceived a particular kind of man or woman in your heart for marriage but the person doesn’t have the same feelings for you, this is how to pray for him or her.

11. Father, you’re the God of love, you established marriage to be embraced by all men according to your plan. I ask that you make this man fall in love with me according to your will. Amen

12. Plant my love in his heart and make it grow exceedingly every day until it has taken root in every corner of his heart.

13. Eradicate every hidden love for other ladies that make him unstable with me. Give him satisfaction in me in the name of Jesus.

14. Father, help me conquer everything that may be making his heart travel round in the name of Jesus.

15. It’s your will for me to be married settle with the husband of my youth, settle me on time with the man of your choice for me, and let me be at peace for the rest of my life. Amen.

16. My Father and God, this woman has captured my heart and I cannot love someone else apart from her. Invest my love in her heart and make her fall in love with me.

17. Your word says you’re the God of all flesh, nothing is too hard for you. By the power that makes you God, do wonders in my relationship with the woman of my dreams in Jesus’ name.

18. Give me peace and stability in my relationship with her, let no crisis be strong enough to put a wall of separation between us in the name of Jesus.

19. You’re the founder of love and builder of the home. Build my home for me to the glory of your name in the name of Jesus. Amen.

20. What you cannot do doesn’t exist, my father, let affection between me and the woman I desire to the next level so that others may rejoice with me greatly in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Miracle Prayer for Love Relationship

Does a miracle still happen? Yes, it does! God works miracles if you can trust Him and involve Him in all your matters. The miracle of God is needed to start a love affair and make it last longer.

21. My God and my Lord, I come humbly before you today to praise you and ask for a favor in my relationship. Thank you because you’re still a miracle-working God.

22. I asked for your miracle to locate the love of my life. I ask that you miraculously connect us in the name of Jesus. Amen.

23. Your words say, in all my ways I should acknowledge you and you will direct my path. Guide me aright so that I don’t miss it in this crucial area of my life. Amen.

24. God who connected Naomi with her miraculous husband, connect me with my miracle husband today so that I may praise your name forever. Amen.

25. You’re the God who made Abraham’s servant locate wife for Isaac mysteriously, Father, settle me mysteriously and speedily in the name of Jesus. Amen.

26. I know you have it all planned out for me, let your plan fall into place for me in the name of Jesus. Let the not plan of the wicked prevail over me in Jesus’ name.

27. For every obstacle that is set against us in our relationship, let it be cleared off in the name of Jesus. Amen.

28. I need your help to find a man who will love me and cherish me above everything and everyone in his life in the name of Jesus.

29. If there is any secret force fighting against me preventing me from settling down on time, Father, clear them off in the name of Jesus. Amen.

30. Let this long-awaited miracle happen speedily so that the world may rejoice with me and glorify your name in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Prayer to Make Someone Love You Deeply

31. Let my love dominate the heart of this handsome man I desire so that he can fall deeply in love with me without turning back in the name of Jesus.

32. Let the love from heaven descend and rush into his heart and give me an awesome experience in this single life of mine. Amen.

33. I have always desired to live in happiness all the days of my life and I need a spouse to make this come true. Father, I ask you to give me a spouse after your heart in the name of Jesus.

34. Father just the way you love us so much that you gave yourself for us, give me the kind of person that will love me genuinely as you loved me.

35. Fill my heart with rivers of affection so that I can lavish my spouse with love and give him a heavenly experience in the name of Jesus. Amen.

36. Hear my cries oh Lord and grant me the grace to be steadfast and stable in this relationship with the man I have found in the name of Jesus.

37. You’re a good and great Father, your loins are filled with wonderful beings who can practice unconditional love like you. Give me a true lover out of many that are in your loins. Amen.

38. I know that no one can truly love correctly if you have not enabled him to do so. Give my man the ability to love me unconditionally in the name of Jesus.

39. You said, if ask you anything, you’ll do it for me. Father grant me my heart desires in the name of Jesus.

40. I live for the praise of your name, let me not be ashamed of my hope and expectations in you concerning my marriage in the name of Jesus.

Prayer For Someone You Care About

If you care about somebody, it’s a good decision to pray for such one. Engage with these prayers and watch the person you care about, care about you in return.

41. O Lord I come before you to talk to you about this person (name) I sincerely care about, I ask that you will activate the same feeling within him/her so that my care can be appreciated.

42. As I’m sowing the seeds of love and care towards ( name), let this grow, and let me get the fruit of it. Amen.

43. I desire to spend the rest of my life with this dude, and let him also feel the same thing for me so that we can be both happy together.

44. I have been in love with her and I have both privately and publicly proven this to her but she’s not been showing interest. I ask that you activate my love in my heart with your love. Amen.

45. Let my labor prove a point that I love him not prove abortive, compensate me for staying truthful to him by making him love me in return.

Prayer For Someone You Like

46. I truly like him but he doesn’t seem interested. I’m asking you God in your mercy to touch his heart and make him get to love me as I have always shown him.

47. Dear God, I know you’re a loving Father and you can go any length to do anything pleasant for your children. I bring the issue of my love life to you, give me a lover after your heart. Amen.

48. Let me not be disappointed dear God in the person my heart chooses to be with, make me know joy and gladness in this relationship.

49. I plead for your mercy over my man, fill his heart with undying love and hunger for me so that he may love me and make me a priority over every other thing in his life.

50. Lord, help get a good end from this relationship I treasure so much. Fill my heart with joy and gladness. Thank you because you hear me.

Prayers For Someone To Come Back To You

51. This relationship means a lot to me and I cannot pretend, father I ask that you touch the heart of my man to return to me in safety speedily. Amen.

52. Dear God, I need your help to help me get my love back on track with me so that the beauty and splendor of our relationship can become enviable again.

53. Dear God, I ask for forgiveness in any way that I have wronged him that has made him turn my enemy overnight, forgive me, and touch his heart to forgive me.

54. I accept my wrongs and mistakes, and I have genuinely repented all my mistakes. Give him a large heart to forgive me.

55. You’re the Lord who forgives cheerfully and who can make anyone do the same, make him love me again, and forgive all my offenses. Amen.

56. Dear Father, touch the heart of my sweetheart to come to me at jet speed. Give him a large heart to accommodate my weaknesses and get back on track with me.

57. She’s my choicest lady and I do love her with all I have got and all that I am, make her prioritize the love I have for her about the blunders I have committed.

58. Whatever wrong impressions she has of me that has hardened her heart, Father, clear them off in your mercy. Amen.

59. Women are quite many, wives are so scarce, a lady like my lady is not easy to come by, restore my relationship with her and stir her to come back. Amen.

60. Father God, I promise to cherish her on her return and love her with obsession. I pray that you touch her heart to return. Amen.

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Prayer For Hurting Someone You Love


61. I admit that I have hurt you and I’m not trying to be arrogant about it. I’m deeply sorry for the offenses I have committed against this precious and preferred person in my life.

62. Offenses are bound to come but forgiveness remains the only way to handle them. I ask for forgiveness from you God and the sweetest person in my life that I have offended.

63. I truly hurt him and I do not intend to do so. But the weakness of my flesh has told on me and this is why I have come to admit my mistakes. Lovely sweetheart, forgive me for God’s sake

64. I couldn’t have been here if you have not been standing by me, life is not interesting without having you in the picture. Please, I’m sorry for hurting you and I pray that you’ll find grace to return.

65. You made life so sweet and acceptable, I couldn’t have made it without having you in my life, you’re this important to me. Please forgive me as God has forgiven you.

66. It seems offenses have been common between us constantly, dear God, my love and I require your assistance to surmount the challenges that have been preying on our relationship.

67. This relationship is lovely except for the offenses that want to take advantage of us. Give us the grace to overcome offenses and enjoy the sweetness of our relationship.

68. I know where Satan sees sweetness, he tends to pollute it with bitterness, Father I ask that you’ll cancel every handwriting of the wicked one against our relationship. Amen.

69. Let this relationship overcome offenses and hurts so that it can go to her dreamland. We both receive grace to have a sweet relationship henceforth. Amen.

Prayer to Get Over Someone You Love

Are you in love with certain people and he/she has now far gone from you because of the offenses? Sometimes, you wish they could come back but they don’t. At such a time, moving on is the only way forward.

If you have lost a relationship that you consider vital to you and you can’t get the person back into your life, you need to put your heart together and trust God for another person. God can always give you another person that will make you happy again. Pray the following prayers if you’re in such a case.

70. My Father and my God, I have come to you in the multitude of your mercy, please show me mercy in my relationship life.

71. The man that I have loved and trusted so much has let me down and it’s difficult for me to move on, give me grace and fortitude to get over this. Amen.

72. My heart is in your hands and it has been broken into pieces, Heals my broken heart and grants me quick healing from this heartbreak. Amen.

73. This hurt of her departure has lingered very long and I need deliverance from it, give me a quick deliverance from this so that I can move with my life. Amen.

74. You’re the God of all flesh, my life is in your hands, give me healing and a better hope of a good relationship again. Amen.

75. Bring another person into my life that will occupy the space that has been left vacant by the departure of my sweetheart.

78. Dear God, you’re the owner of the factory where humans are manufactured, I know that this person that has left me is a wonderful soul but you still have better ones in your custody. Give me another one quickly by your mercy. Amen.

79. Send me a man that will complete me and bring departed joy back into my life. Amen.

80. This is my heart cries o Lord, answer me speedily so that everything that is not alive within me can come to life. Amen.

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Praying For Someone You Love Quotes

81. I’m praying to you dear God and Father that you will help me to be stable in my relationship so that I could have this woman/ man of my dream by my side all the days of my life.

82. If you give me a man/woman after your heart, I know my happiness is guaranteed forever. Grant the desire of my heart so that I may praise your name. Amen.

83. I depend on your miraculous power to bring appalling beauty from this relationship, let your counsel stand in this relationship. Amen.

84. You’re the God of all flesh and you can penetrate the heart of anyone you wish, enter into this individual ( put name) and fill (him/her) with desires to want to be with me.

85. This man needs to be with me, I have been with him from my heart and in my soul because I’m sure of my happiness with him. Make him come unto me. Amen.

86. Dear God, I can see the heart of this lady is still with me but she doesn’t seem to be fully convinced. Convince him and give him a rush of joy to be with me. Amen.

87. This relationship is meant to be established in marriage, every voice that is contending against it shall be dashed into pieces by your power.

88. Dear God, I can see the hand of your power at work, finish the good works that you have started in my relationship. Amen.

89. Bless my relationship with true love, peace, and harmony, this is within your affordability. Let this be done unto me by the power in your name. Amen.

90. Let good energy dominate our relationship and deliver us from bad energy that has come to cause distraction in our sweet relationship.

91. As we venture further in this marital journey, let sweetness be our portion in this journey through your love and mercy. Amen.

If you have prayed those prayers, expect the Lord to answer you speedily.

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