Sayings For A Loved One Who Passed Away

37 Remembrance Quotes and Sayings For A Loved One Who Passed Away

Friends and family often come together during a funeral to remember their loved one who has passed away. In the cause of this event there used to be many activities and the most important part of it was speeches, readings, and sayings from the children of the deceased, family, and friends. Speeches and readings often call forth reminiscence as words of consolation are being shared.

This time is your best opportunity to convey your feelings about the deceased, especially all the good works he/she has done for you and how he/she has affected your life personally.

You will find beautiful sayings for a loved one who passed away to help you in providing an appropriate tribute to your loved ones. Feel free to write it in a condolence card or funeral speech and also to console yourself during challenging times.

Sayings For A Loved One Who Passed Away

1. No amount of words can express the pain of losing a mother, forgetting the woman who sacrificed her happiness to make you the happiest person on earth is virtually impossible, you will forever be in my heart, mama. Keep resting my superwoman.

2. Dear Dad, you lived a fulfilled life and one worthy of emulation, you taught me everything I need to be a successful man while you were with me but there is something you forgot to teach me and that is how to live without you.

3. I still miss you today as much as I missed you the day you died, death changes everything but time changes nothing, hoping to heal but it just seems impossible. I still miss being with you, your soothing voice, and the story of your life. I miss you so much, brother.

4. I remember that day when you wanted to die, I watched you struggle, I couldn’t help the situation all I could do what to sit close by, you left me in pain that cannot be erased. God knows how much I miss you. I hope I get the chance to see you again.

5. There is nothing as devastating as needing someone and they are nowhere to be found, and missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever. Death of a loved one is the most painful thing anyone could ever experience.

6. I was never ready for you to leave, I never prepared for your death, no matter how hard I try to hide my tears whenever I say your name the anguish remains fresh, sometimes I smile to cover up the pain but it’s always hurt in disguise for me. No one misses you the way I do.

7. Today I want to sincerely appreciate you for everything you did for me, thanks for the days you risked your life to save mine and for the countless sacrifices you made for me to be where I am today. No amount of words can describe my love for you, I miss you so deeply, Mom.

8. Dear Sis, thank you for being my small Mom, my role model, and for always sharing beautiful smiles, your words of encouragement, your big hugs, and for the uncountable times you have shown up for me. I will forever cherish the bond we shared.

9. My heart is so broken because I lost someone so precious to me, I wish I could hear you one more time calling my name but I know it’s out of the question. I’m hopeless and I can’t stop shedding tears, because my heart, soul, and body miss you so deeply.

10. The heartache that I felt when I lost you is so severe that it’s only God who can see me through this sorrowful journey, all I ask from God is the strength that I need to get through this. Wherever you are, just know that your favorite daughter loves you so much.

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Short Quotes About Remembering Someone Who Died

11. Life has been so bitter since the day you left, everything seems impossible and nothing has been working well for me and my siblings. I just wish you were here so I could tell you how much we need you and how difficult life has been without you. Keep resting Mom, we love you.

12. I still look at your pictures and cry my eyes out, my heart aches, losing you can never sit right with me. I miss your voice, your smile, your smell, and how you make me feel. I miss you everything, my love.

13. If only our words could raise the dead, you would be alive by now because I have tried and I know a million cries can not bring you back because I have cried, I just have to learn to live without, I hope the memory of you bring me the comfort that I need. I love you so much, my dearest sister.

14. This is to my favorite person, the woman of my dreams and the wife of my youth, here is to let you know that you never leave my mind even when I have a billion things to think about, you always come first. I never think you will become a memory. I miss you more than words can express.

15. I’m so sorry Dad, for not being the perfect son you wanted, but trust me I am trying my best to make you proud. I cherish every moment we had and I hope you are in a safe place right now. Keep resting Dad.

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Remembering Someone Who Passed Away Quote

16. Nothing can be compared with fatherly love, I miss you so much and I want you to know that the love we share will never die until we meet again may your soul continue to rest in peace.

17. You may be no more but your love will remain my guiding light, I am sure heaven will be beautiful now because you are there, may God continue to rest your soul in eternal peace, I miss you, my beautiful wife.

19. Heaven needed a champion and it called my brother, the love you left behind will remain with us forever and we will never forget your good works. May the heaven be your resting place. Rest on bro.

20. My beautiful wife, you were my best friend and my only confidant, the only one who understands my silence, I have not been myself since you left me, I hope to see you soon. Keep resting, my Maria.

21. In memory of a woman who helped many generations, the best gift the world would ever have, to my beloved mother, may God rest your soul. You are missed by all and the comfort of your impact in the lives of all of us will forever be cherished.

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You Will Forever Be Missed And Never Be Forgotten Quotes

22. Sometimes euphoric retention causes the biggest heartbreak, people we once loved so much are the ones we miss so deeply when they leave us on earth. Our hearts always have the chance to always remember them, every time and day.

23. Doing life without you used to be my worst nightmare, and it is so unfortunate that I will be living in it every day of my life, what I feared the most has finally happened to me. I have lost enough to never need another lesson in Dolor anymore.

24. Today the trees are grieved and all the butterflies have broken wings because I lost the most important person in my life, thick darkness covers my world and nothing can bring light to the end of my tunnel.

25. No day has ever passed without me missing you but today is so different because reality just struck me and it feels like everything I do is just making me remember that I’m doing life without you. You will forever be in my heart. I love you so much, darling.

27. I miss you every day and a little louder on my silent days, you are up in the sky and I’m trying to be strong, you left so soon, and I’m not done with you yet. Why did you decide to cause me this great agony, my love?

In Memory Of Someone Who Passes Away

28. Every member of the family misses you, you have no idea of the severe pain your loss has caused us, you live in our hearts and minds. Keep resting in the bosom of our Lord and Savior.

29. Every time I think about you, my vision becomes blurry, and I have tears full my eyes, the comfort of having you by my side may be taken away but the joy of having had you will remain with me forever. I miss you, my best part.

30. Words cannot express the sadness that your loss has caused me, every time I wake up and think about you and our beautiful moments together I hold my tears hard and my throat hurts so badly. I love you and will never stop loving you.

31. There is no perfect quote, no true friend, and no loving father but there is only you, I hope the wind in heaven blows to your heart and whispers how much I cherish and miss you. Till we meet again, continue to rest in peace.

32. Your death left a heartache no one can heal in me and your children, we never thought a day would come that we would not see you again, but the love we shared leaves with us a memory no one can steal, we love you and you will always be in our hearts.

33. May the lord rest your soul and grant you a special place in his kingdom, I love you and I will always do. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life. Continue to rest in the bosom of the lord, my sweet grandpa, your granddaughter misses you.

Short Memorial Messages

34. It’s so hard to forget you, your death was something I never expected, I can’t stop thinking about the good times we had together and I hope we get to see ourselves again. Till we meet again, rest on Kendrick.

35. I love you so much, there is nothing that can change that, not even death. You have a special place in my heart and I can never stop thinking about you. Wherever you are, don’t forget you are loved and not forgotten.

36. Tonight as I sleep, I will fall asleep with the thought of you in my heart, you are everything I have and nothing can make me forget you. You will be forever cherished by me. I miss you so much my darling. I

37. They say time eases the edge of grief, but it’s not the same for me, you have been gone for many years now and the thought of you still gives in a sharp pain In my heart. I miss you and I hope we meet again.

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