Comforting Words For Serious Illness

41 Appropriate and Comforting Words For Serious Illness

When someone you love is facing a terminal illness, it can be difficult to know what to say. You want to be supportive and uplifting, but you don’t know where to begin. Being ill is not something anybody prays for but once it happens. In such a time, you need to be supportive of them and let them know that you care in your little way. With comforting words for serious illness, you can extend your care.

Being ill is not a thing to be proud of and those who are sick need someone supportive by their side, someone who can assure them that everything will be alright, someone who can be there for them to offer words of encouragement every now a then.

illness is not the end of the world, so being seriously ill doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is going to die, so it will be a better thing if we can learn how to comfort our friends or family that is suffering from one illness or the other.

Appropriate Words For a Serious Illness Card

1. Being sick is just your body’s way of telling you are way too awesome; you had to slow down so everyone else could catch up. Don’t be negative about this, you will soon be fine.

2. If your immune system was a lawyer, I would fire it. It does not seem to defend you well enough; get well soon. We are all waiting to know how the hospital food tastes.

3. I bought some of your favorite candies, but your doctor said you cannot eat them. So will you get well soon, or should I eat them all? This could be painful but I know you will be fine very soon.

4. Get better, but keep a safe distance; do not get out there breathing that night air, or you will be sick again. Get well soon so I can make fun of you again and not feel so bad.

5. I know you are a survivor and will survive this no matter what; the hospital is not home and not a very good place to stay. Keep fighting and get out of there healthy.

6. You are going to survive this and get away with it. All you need to do is push on and never entertain negative thoughts. Be assured that the outcome of this crisis is all positive.

7. Sending you hugs and kisses. Get well soon so you can come for it yourself. I know you are strong, and you are such an important figure. I miss you here, the hospital is never your place.

8. You can do it; keep pushing for us; stay alive. I know this is not the end of you, and I can feel the hope; I definitely understand that it is not the end, and you will survive it.

9. I can see the desire to live in your eyeball and know it will happen. You will live healthy again, but this time around, it will be forever. Sending as much love as I can. I wish you a miraculous recovery very soon.

10. Get well quickly. God grant you your heart desires. Wishing you complete recovery and healing; nothing is huge with God. He will deliver you from every pain and trial.

11. His grace is sufficient for you, you will be fine. Your health is restored, and your healing shall be permanent. You are healed and preserved. The Lord is your strength. Receive divine healing by God’s Grace.

Spiritual Words of Comfort for the Sick

12. May God remember you as His divine healing is going on. Everything is going to be alright, God willing. Very soon, you will be on your feet running again.

13. Be strong; being ill is for the living and part of human nature. You will walk out there just as you walked in with your two legs. God is your strength; you are healed.

14. It will end in praise; my thoughts and prayers are with you. You’re healed. God never turns back to those who have reconciled with him. You’re God’s own and this situation cannot overcome you in any way.

15. God is in control, keeping you in our prayers. Nothing negative will happen to you and I want you to believe just that. You are covered by His grace and blood.

16. You are healed in the matchless name of God. He is the author and giver of life. He will have mercy upon you by His Grace and you shall not be lost to this sickness. He shall make you whole, just be hopeful.

17. The physician of physicians shall heal you. I wish you a speedy and sustained recovery. I pray to God to heal you completely and restore you back to your best.

18. You are healed; this will be the last sickness you will ever have. Nothing shall be strong enough to cut your life short May God continue to shower you with good health in God’s Grace. It is well.

19. My friend, God will heal you and take you out of this hospital bed. Remain faithful to God, and all shall be well. You will pull through once again. It is time to forget about the past.

20. God has wiped it out as far as the East is from the West. Your fellowship with God is what matters the most. Wishing you speedy restoration to sound and robust health.

21. It is just malaria, it’s common to men. Don’t let it way you down; take your drugs, and you will be fine soon. See yourself fine and you will truly be fine in no time.

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What To Say To A Sick Friend Over Text

22. You will be healed, my dear friend. It may look daisy now but just know that you be alright at the end of the day. I know you are strong and will overcome this; you are a survivor, darling.

23. It is not a very good time for me out there living without you, you are one of those people who made my life comfortable. I missed your presence here. I really missed you here.

24. Wishing you a quick recovery; I know you are strong and a survivor. So no doubt you will overcome this and will come out healthy. You have always shown strength in challenging times like this, demonstrate the same.

25. This is a health battle we are fighting together. I am with you and will always be with you during this trying time. Have it in your mind that you will overcome this battle without injury.

26. You crossed my mind every minute of the day, and I hope to see you out there so soon. I know you can do this; you have always been a fighter. Let the hope of recovery stay alive.

27. My dear friend, I am unhappy seeing you lying on that bed every time; I wish to see you outside here with me, playing games together. You do not know how sad; get well soon.

28. You are the best friend I have ever had. You have helped me in more ways than I can count, and I love you so much, so I cannot wait for you to get out well.

29. I would not be the person I am today if I did not have you to look up to. You are so strong and kind. I am with you no matter what; prove to them that you are strong and get out of that hospital bed as soon as possible.

30. I am unsure what to say, but I want you to know you are a crucial part of my life. I will never forget how you helped me through my lowest lows. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and I cannot wait for you to get out healthy.

31. I hope you get better soon; be back where you belong. I miss you more than you know. Sending get-well sunshine your way because you always brighten my days. You are one of the strongest people I know.

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What To Say When Someone Is Ill

32. You are one of the strongest people I know, and I am sure you will be back on your feet in no time. This too shall pass as you have always overcome challenges of life.

33. Being sick can feel lonely, but I hope you know you are not alone. I am here for you every step of the way, whatever you need.

34. You have always shown me that a positive attitude makes everything better. I am sending lots of positivity your way. Get well soon so we can plan our next adventure.

35. I cannot wait until I can hug you again. Feel better soon; I know you well enough to know you are probably frustrated about how long recovery takes. Do not worry; you will be out.

36. It might be hard to see it now, but better days are coming. While waiting for them, know that I will be by your side. It’s my prayer that God strengthens your heart. Amen.

37. I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, it came to me as a rude shock. I am sending lots of love and positivity as you start treatments.

38. When you look in the mirror, I hope you see someone strong, capable, and loved. That is how I see you.

39. Know the universe has big plans for you once you get through this trying time. I hope all the well wishes from people who care about you make you feel a little better while you focus on your recovery.

40. Being ill is not something anybody prays for, so you should not feel terrible about your illness, and I know you will recover soon.

41. I am so sorry about your illness, This is not the end of the road, it’s malaria and I know you are going to overcome this very soon. Stay well, my dear.

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