100 Missing Someone Who Died Quotes Inspirational

Missing Someone Who Died Quotes Inspirational

Missing someone who died is a normal thing that happens to men when their friend or loved one passed away. It is a bad thing to witness the death of anyone either someone related or living far away. It is highly expected of us to show our remorse for such a fellow.

Composing inspirational quotes shows the state of our feelings towards the death of anyone. Most importantly, missing anyone can be the most painful thing on earth for anyone who may be under this kind of painful event.

Missing someone who died quotes inspirational must be done with the spirit of grief to reveal the emotional state of anyone under such experience. It is a very bad experience for anyone to witness the death of a loved one. But when such a thing occurs missing someone who died quotes inspirational help you lift yourself from such feelings and move ahead with your life.

It is good to note that there are many quotes on many topics but the inspirational quotes for missing someone who died are different from any topics because of the feelings and outpour of bitter experiences attached to them. Such a quote exposes one love for the dead person in question and these quotes must be done uniquely.

Missing Someone Who Died Quotes

Missing someone who died quotes inspirational is extremely good to reveal the agony state of losing a lost one. Those inspirational quotes will show our affection for such a person and how derail our emotions are.

1. Words can express how much I’m missing you. I hate to say goodbye but your sudden disappearance from us left me with no choice. Goodbye, Buddy.

2. You are good till your death. I always wonder why you have to go home very soon. I need to say that there is no one here on earth that can extremely do those things you used to do. I’m missing you greatly.

3. You deserve my very best, but you never waited to receive my best. But I still love you even after you have gone home. I still love us.

4. You are the most perfect human being I have ever seen in my world. Your days on earth are uniquely spent.

5. You are an amazing human, have a high sense of humor, and are sensitive to the environment. You can never be compared to anyone. You are unique.

6. Your death is an indicator that death is cruel to have taken such a very loving person like you away.

7. No situation is permanent, that is what people say but your case is permanent. Death has done this for you. What a pity.

8. Anyways, death is not the end of everything. It is only a path to seeing your creator. But, we will continue to miss it.

9. How excellent have you spent your life on earth! Your life will be a great example to those emulating you. We will greatly miss you, dear. Goodbye.

10. You never deserve death as a reward for your actions but what can we do than to accept your decided fate?

Missing Someone Who Passed Away Messages

It may be inconvenient for anyone to write a missing message for someone who just passed away because most times such messages can bring back those old moments of the late person to one’s mind. But writing those messages will surely express our love for the late person.

11. What an amazing man! How can you go home so soon? I will continue to put you in my deepest mind.

12. I was unable to express my profound care for you when you are alive. Your death brings no difference to me. I still love you after your departure. Sleep on, my Dear.

13. After seeing your body sleeping in that coffin, I begin to imagine how much I will miss you. Till now, I’m still missing you.

14. Missing you is an understatement but I don’t know how to cope with myself missing you, this is the real question. Who will replace you?

15. Please continue to rest on the shoulder of our father in heaven. But how come you died untimely and unexpectedly? I’m still missing your person.

16. No matter what people may say, reckless drivers, deserve to die. Hitting you was just his biggest mistake. How can he? You will continue to be in my heart.

17. You are not the next to die. Why will you die now? Ha! How will I take care of these children without you? My dear husband, keep on resting.

18. My friend just died and I will keep on missing you no matter what. Your spent life on earth will continue to tell of how good you are.

19. Our last conversation on the phone with your husband seems like a minute ago. How can he just go like that? He did not deserve death. You will be known for your kind gesture. I will greatly miss your husband.

20. How can I forget a great woman like her? I will hold onto those memories we had together. Missing you.

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Short Quotes About Remembering Someone Who Died

Remembering someone who died can be a very painful moment. Sadness and sorrow are the elements that will surely complement this remembering period. It is also good to know that this period will make us know that death is inevitable.

21. Your death is paid to me. You never deserve death. You are so good to me when you are still alive. I will continue to cherish you.

22. It has been five years now since you left us. You left us without any signs. Father, the hole your death dug into my heart is unbearable. How can I forget you? I have never imagined that I will be a fatherless child at age seven. I will continue to put you in my mind.

23. No woman can ever play the role of motherhood in my life because you are very unique to me. But your absence in my life cost me great harm. Mother, why did you decide to go? Well, I’m happy that you are on the Saviour’s shoulder. Rest on.

24. You are good to undergo such a cruel act from death. Your death is nothing but a great loss to my family. We will continue to remember you in my deepest heart.

25. You left us without giving us a note of exit. How can death be so harsh to you? You will remain fresh in our hearts. We love you, beloved.

26. Dear father, you will continue to be remembered in our life story. You deserve it all. You have such an amazing personality. You taught us how to love God unconditionally. How I wish you are still alive to witness the success of your children. Rest in perfect peace, father. We will continue to miss you.

27. When you left, our hope became scattered and bastardized. We are missing every one of the moments you have spent with us. The way you rectify us for our wrong deed and act is still ringing afresh in my heart. I felt bad about losing a personality like you. But then, I will continue to love you.

28. Your death is questionable and it always brings doubt to our hearts whether you are deliberately killed by some evil people or not. Nevertheless, you don’t deserve such. This family will continue to remember your good deeds. Rest on.

29. How can we cope without you? How can we smile without hearing your voice during the day? How can we move ahead and pursue our dreams without those words of encouragement from you? Death is indeed a very wicked spirit to cut short the life of such an innocent man like you. We will miss you forever.

30. Those life testimonies given by some people are proof that you are a very good human. We will hold unto those life testimonies about you. Goodnight, Sir.

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You Will Be Forever Missed And Never Forgotten Quotes

A late person can forever be missed and never forgotten in our hearts regardless of who they may be. This is because most times, as humans we choose to remember our late ones more than those existing people on earth. If you need a quote for such, then check the below words:

31. I choose to hold forth unto you in my heart and never let go because you have been a very good person to me when there was no one. Leaving me behind is the biggest mistake you have made. But I will forever be missing in my heart.

32. You have been the best part of me. Your leaving made me very distressed but I will never forget our bond. Rest in perfect peace.

33. Baby, you will forever be missed by me. I will never forget the day you said Yes to me. Those words are still fresh in my heart. Please continue to rest in your heavenly sleep.

34. I will forever miss you. Your place will never be replaced in my heart.35. Your death is quite surprising but what can I do other than hold you in my heart? Rip.

36. You will never be forgotten for those good things you have done in my life. Death has done its part but my heart will never forget you till we meet.

37. I will surely miss you. How can I forget all your good deeds towards me?

38. It is very certain to me that you have gone to rest. I love every moment I have spent with you. You will continue to be in my lovely mind.

39. What death did to you is unspeakable but God knows the best. I have decided to seal up our most lovely moments in my innermost being. I will forever miss you.

40. What death did to our friendship is weird but I will never forget our bond and I will forever keep our love in my mind.

You Will Be Missed Quotes Death

We may sometimes say that a man will be missed in his family and put those feelings into writing and create a good quote out of it. The following are crafted and balanced quotes for your use.

41. Why did you surrender to that sickness? Why did you stop fighting back the sickness? So you will be missed in the family. Death, why?

42. Dear father, your death comes so sudden and uncalled for but then you will be missed forever in our dear hearts.

43. You will permanently remain in my dear heart. You die without telling us but we will continue to love you more.

44. After the final funeral of my father, then I realized how much he will be missed in the family. He is such a loving father, but death will not allow him to finish up his glorious mandate.

45. I certainly know that everyone will miss my dear father. This kept me crying all through his burial period. But I will continue to imagine that you are alive in my heart.

46. Death took you away and you will be forever missed among us in the family. I always think that we are eternal but the death brought me reality.

47. Thanks to Death, that makes our family so greatly miss you. You will still be in our minds even twenty years later.

48. You will permanently be missed in our home. You have bought so many changes in our home. We will cherish you more than before.

49. When we look at it closely, we realize how much we have missed your presence in our midst. Those playful moments of yours, make it keep on cursing you. You have been missed by us, greatly.

50. The perfect word to say to you is REST IN PEACE. But we can’t say that because we are missing you so much. We will keep on missing you till we meet.

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You Will Be Greatly Missed Quotes

You Will Be Missed When Someone Dies Quotes

Yes, anyone that died will be missed by loved ones no matter how we try to forget them but their memories will remain alive within us. The following are suitable quotes for expressing your profound affection for any late person.

51. Though you are dead, we still imagine as if you are still alive in our hearts. You have gone so soon, but you will be missed till eternity.

52. When we looked everywhere we realized that you have truly gone without saying a proper goodbye. Daddy, you will be missed by us.

53. My friend, death has given you an undesired fate but what can we do? It is just a pity but we will continue to miss you till we meet again.

54. I have never seen anything as wicked as death. He takes anyone like he was their lord. The reason why he took you remains unknown to me because we are presently missing you.

55. You will forever be missed, dear one. Your good deeds will speak over you at that place. Stay with your creator, till we meet.

56. Nothing can justify your death. It was just an unfortunate incident. How we wish you will survive that terrible incident. You will forever be in our hearts active and alive.

57. You are a great man of valor. Why you chose to leave so suddenly is still unknown to me. But your deeds will continue to speak for you here on earth as you will be missed.

58. I knew you never wanted to go at this time but death cut off your living. We will miss you for your great contribution to our organization. Rest in Peace.

59. We love you but God loves you most. And that is why you choose to go at this time. We will hold onto your blessed memories as we will be missing you always. Farewell.

60. Your death seems like a mystery to us. Why must death choose you? We have no adequate explanation for this but we believe you will understand when you get there. Goodbye.

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You Will Always Be Remembered In Our Hearts Quotes

You will always be remembered in our hearts quotes can be done with ultimate attention. In writing such a quote certain things like how we express ourselves for the departure of the person in Question. So carefully look at the following for your use.

61. You will always be remembered for everything you have done for us. It is such a painful thing to lose a man like you. Farewell, Boss.

62. You have impacted so many lives and you will surely be remembered for what you have done. Goodbye father.

63. We love you but God loves you more. Your work and good deeds will be put into our in-depth minds for continuous remembrance.

64. You have done so well and we are happy that you have completed your race on earth. But we will always remember your deeds and love.

65. It has been a week now that you have left us without any traces of coming back. I wonder what you will be doing right away. You will always be remembered in our hearts. Goodbye.

You Will Always Be Remembered Quotes

You Will Always Be Remembered Quotes
You Will Always Be Remembered Quotes

66. Dear sister, you have a very caring personality. That brought a lot of people to your burial ceremony. So I’m sure that you will always be remembered in our hearts.

67. We will never be able to see my beautiful sister again. But till we eventually meet in eternity, you will always be remembered in our hearts.

68. Staying calm and watching all over my father’s pictures will never bring him. But I will always remember him in my heart.

69. Just as we have shared love when you are alive and we have held onto each other’s shoulders. That is the way you will always be remembered in my dear heart.

70. Keeping on checking on your obituary post will not bring you. I will accept the stated fate just as you did by always remembering you in my heart.

Short Inspirational Quotes After Losing A Loved One

Losing a loved one is a traumatic thing for anyone to experience in life. This will bring countless thoughts and thrill our emotions to work in contrast with our physical appearance. So writing a short inspirational quote after losing a loved one can be done to reveal our emotional state towards the departure of our loved ones.

71. What a great personality in the family! He left without any farewell to the family member. Death never gave him such an opportunity. He will be counted as one of the great personalities in the family.

72. You have gone but yet, your good deeds are still talking about you to the whole world. Regardless of that, we will always be following in the footsteps you left behind.

73. No doubt, my friend has gone to rest with her maker. You will continue to be in our hearts.

74. Oh my! It’s your birthday. But you have gone and can’t be traced. We celebrate your day and you. Farewell, Dear, brother.

75. No one would ever think that you will be gone so soon. We will forever be grateful to God for giving you to us in that period. You are loved.

76. You have gone but your memories kept on flashing in my innocent mind. Your total departure sounds somehow but we will always remember you.

77. Sweet are the memories of your lovely moments with us. We are missing you tremendously. Sleep on friend.

78. Losing such a very rare gem is a painful thing to almost everyone at work. We lost a great team member. We don’t why this happens but we believe that God knows the best.

79. We will keep on missing you, our dear one. Your space in our family will never be underestimated. You may be gone but we stay to love you. Farewell, my dear sister.

80. Nothing can fill your spaces in our hearts. Though we have lost you to death, we will never allow grief to make us forget about you. We will continue loving you, mother.

The Pain Of Missing Someone Who Died Messages

The pain of missing someone can be a very terrible experience to bear. It is a choppy thing to have the pain of missing someone who died. These kinds of feelings can easily be eased from the mind.

81. Every time I wake up without you in my house, I feel lonely and uncertain about the future. Well, I do hope we will see each other at the end of my journey.

82. Very soon, you are gone. You have left me behind in the world. I don’t understand why death will do that to you. So, I will continue to bear the pain of your departure in my heart forever.

83. Missing you is an understatement, but I’m in continuous pain of missing a very special person like you. You mean so much to me. Farewell, my love.

84. She was my ultimate reason for living and my favorite person in the world. Now, that you decided to leave me. You have caused me a painful heartbreak. But I will keep on missing you for life.

85. You can never be underestimated in my life. You are my beloved. Seeing you leave this world without saying an appropriate goodbye to me, caused me a very painful experience. Keep on resting.

86. I will continue to leave with this painful feeling of missing you. I love every minute we spend together. I will always remember you for those kind gestures of yours. Rest on, mother.

87. I have the pain of missing my only precious child. Who will represent her in my life? Who will show me much affection like she always does? This painful experience will never leave me till we meet. Love you.

88. Your departure is a painful one for me. You left without any sign of coming back. Till we meet again, my dear one.

89. It has been a year now. And your death still resounds in my heart as a fresh one. I will always live with the great pain of missing you.

90. No matter what they say, Father, you are still much alive in my heart. I will hold onto the pain your departure causes me and loves you more till we finally meet.

Missing Someone In Heaven Short Quotes

Missing Someone In Heaven Short Quotes
Missing Someone In Heaven Short Quotes

Missing someone in heaven is an experience that can be felt by anyone who has witnessed the death of a holy saint. It is a pity to see anyone leaving behind his or her family, friends, and people without the hope of returning to eternity. So when such a thing happens we have this hope that such people have gone to meet with their creator to rest.

91. Heaven is a resting place for anyone who died righteously and I believed that my father is part of those resting with their maker. I will forever cherish our bond. Sleep on father.

92. I keep on imagining how heaven will look like to host someone of a loving personality like you. I know they will receive you joyfully but we keep on missing you here continuously.

93. You have fought a very good fight of faith. You deserve to rest after much labor on earth. The whole world will be missing you.

94. I will patiently wait to see you in heaven after I have done my part in this world. There, we no longer miss ourselves like before.

95. Living life without you is nothing but a danger. But I hope to see you one day in greater glory in heaven. Rest in peace, Father.

96. I will see you in heaven when we meet, I will tell you about my terrible experiences in this world.

97. Everyone keeps on missing you after your departure, no one can console another. You are just too young to die. More so, we have this hope in us that you have gone to heaven and we hope to see you, very soon.

98. Please continue to rest on our Lord’s shoulder. I know you will be rewarded greatly for your great contributions to humanity. Rest on.

99. My father, you deserve heaven but the earth will miss your departure. Please continue to rest and keep us in mind.

100. You have left us for about two years now but your work still makes us remember you. We will continue to love you till we meet in heaven.

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