Starting A New Journey in Life Quotes

50 Starting A New Journey in Life Quotes and Status to Begin a New Phase

Life is in stages, and we must keep up with it. As it turns, it brings us different phases which require us to leave our comfort zones and start a new journey into that new phase. Every phase of life is very demanding, therefore, preparation must be made so that we can make the most of the new phase of life we’re headed. If you must make the most of the next phase of life, you need to stay inspired constantly.

Starting a new journey in life could be exciting, however, it could also come with a bit of curiosity or even fear. Hence, you need a form of motivation like starting a new life journey quotes to help you in starting the journey and even to keep moving on. These quotes will supply you with the necessary inspiration it will take to take you to the next phase of life.

Are you looking for the right quotes about starting a new life journey or a new phase of life quotes? This article features some powerful starting a new journey in life quotes to inspire you about starting a new journey or a new chapter in life. Be it a new career, a new life, a new age, a new relationship, or a new adventure of any kind. Feel free to explore and select from the list below.

Starting A New Chapter in Life Quotes

Starting A New Chapter in Life Quotes
Starting A New Chapter in Life Quotes

Do you want to start a new chapter in life and you need inspiration? Below are starting a new Journey in life quotes to fire you up and keep inspired.

1. As you start a new chapter in life, be thankful to God, and approach it with an open mind. An open mind makes you learn a new thing every day.

2. Dear Lord, thank you for the opportunity to start a new chapter in life. It is by your love and mercy. May your mercy continue to keep me as I forge ahead in this new journey of life.

3. It’s always a blessing to start a new chapter in your life, it shows you are evolving. It may not be so much but at least great progress is made.

4. As you start a new chapter in life, I wish you all the joy, peace, and happiness it has to offer. May blessings be your lot all through this phase.

5. It’s a new beginning in your life, a new chapter, a new level. Welcome to your season of glory. This phase shall surpass the former phase.

6. Starting a new chapter in life could be challenging, I pray that you will receive the grace and wisdom to scale through this journey and get the best out of it.

7. You deserve the best things in life. As this new chapter in your life begins, may you be happy and comfortable!

8. Beginning of new chapters in life shows the successful completion of an old one. I pray that you will find success as you begin this new chapter in your life.

9. May your life be beautiful, may you find peace, love, and happiness as you start a new chapter in life. This will be the most glorious phase you have ever experienced.

10. I wish you a better future, may your latter be greater than your former. Welcome to a new chapter in your life. I wish you the best of it.

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New Life Start Quotes

11. Welcome to a new life, victory is assured as long as you stay determined and focused. I wish you victory all round and unending happiness.

12. As you start a new life today, remember not to look back and never let your past hold you down, but keep pressing till you achieve your goal. The best is never in the past but always ahead.

13. As new life starts, so are new challenges. Stay strong and positive, and watch the best coming your way in no time.

14. The success that you have always desired is always ahead of you, keep going forward, and you will soon be there. Congratulations as you start a new life. I declare God’s blessings upon you as you go on the journey.

15. Never think anything is impossible, believe you can do it and you will see yourself do it. I wish you a beautiful new life. Full of excitement and wonderful adventures.

16. You deserve a beautiful new life. Do not hold on to your past, let go and let the fun in the new life begins. If you can detach yourself from the past, the future will always be a reality.

17. As you are starting this new life, always remember that to get through the hardest journey, we only take one step at a time, but we must never stop moving.

18. As you start a new life, free your mind, pray for grace, and always be positive. It will take optimism to be on the winning side of life.

19. Start this new life with a heart of thankfulness and an attitude of a winner. If you are full of gratitude, the juicy side of life will always open up to you.

20. New life has started, you’ve got the chance to write your script and decide the outcome. Every new phase gives you the opportunity to write your stories afresh.

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New Journey Begins Status

21. Dear Lord, as this new journey begins in my life, I pray that you grant me the wisdom, strength, and knowledge to scale through unscathed.

22. It’s a fresh new season, it’s the beginning of new a journey in my life. I pray that I get the best that life has to offer on this side of it.

23. New journey begins with excitement and a little bit of curiosity. I hope your joy lasts forever and you see the process as worthwhile.

24. As you start this new journey, always remember that you own your pace, never be intimidated, and never allow anyone’s choices to determine yours. Be intentional and original, life will surely favor you!

25. As you start a new journey, strive to see the best in every situation, and see the wisdom in every tear. You cannot get the best unless you strive for it.

26. As this new journey begins, may you be thankful for your present whenever you remember your past. The present is always better than the past, don’t look back.

27. May you be blessed and favored all around as you start a new journey in life. May great things that you have never experienced before flow towards you. I wish you all the best.

28. Things may not be smooth at the beginning but as the force of persistence is applied, things get smooth. As this new journey begins in my life, I pray that the Lord goes before me and makes every crooked path straight.

29. New journey, new challenges, new responsibilities, new grace, and new blessings. These will be your experiences all day. Amen.

30. It’s the beginning of a new journey in my life. A journey into a strange world, a journey into new experiences. May the Lord grant me mercy, and give me total victory.

Quotes About Starting a New Journey

31. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is to let go of your past, and start a new journey into your future. Letting go of the past is the best decision you will ever make in your life.

32. Starting a new journey is not just about escaping from the past, it’s about opening yourself up to the new opportunities the future holds for you, and enjoying a new breath of freshness.

33. As you start a new journey, always remember to stay positive for the future, without forgetting the lessons your past has taught you. The past is always the school you attend to enjoy in the future.

34. As we are starting a new journey, we will all reach a point where we will be left with the option to either go back or keep moving forward. And the choice we’ll make will be determined by how strong our reason for starting was.

35. Life is in stages, and the beginning of each stage is determined by how ready we are to start a new journey in life. Instead of worrying about the next level, be focused on preparing yourself. The next level will open up when your preparation is full.

36. Sometimes, we won’t feel ready, all we need is just a level of willingness and an open mind to start a new life journey. Whether or not you feel like moving, just move!

37. In starting a new journey, at a point we get all excited, and then we get curious, then we develop cold feet from fear of the unknown. Yeah, it happens, so stay motivated, and remind yourself that you’ve got what it takes to do it.

38. Before you start a new journey, take a little break, and settle in your mind why you must go on that journey.

39. As we journey through life, we journey into phases. The best thing you can do for yourself is to prepare for those phases or else you will be caught unawares.

40. It’s great to start a new journey in life, it opens us up to new levels of possibilities, opportunities, and great adventures. As much as opportunities abound, so are obstacles. Be prepared, you will win!

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Quotes About Starting a New Chapter

41. It’s time to close your eyes to old ends and open your heart to a new beginning. Welcome to a new chapter in life. Be courageous about this phase of life, it will surely yield fruits for you.

42. Sometimes starting a new chapter could be hard, it could get messy in the middle. But it will be worth it in the end. If you can fix your eyes on where you are going, nothing will be big enough to distract or deviate you.

43. Sometimes, we must learn to move on, and accept the fact that some people come into our life as just temporary happiness. Don’t hold on to things that do not want to move with you, let go and be at peace.

44. In staying a new chapter, bear in mind that those things that will happen to you are there to get you where you are going. Challenges will come but I will want you to see them as the ladder to your next level.

45. Starting a new chapter requires a proper plan and a dose of hope and courage. Without proper planning, the future will remain daisy.

46. As you close an old chapter in your life, and open a new one, I hope your eyes are opened to what matters, and your heart is fixed on where you are going. Don’t be distracted, keep your eyes on the main goal.

47. It’s a new chapter in your life, close the door to the past, take a deep breath, open the door, and into the beautiful future ahead.

48. As you start a new chapter in life, remember you must be courageous, with a level of commitment before you can reach your desired destination.

49. It’s a new chapter in your life, it’s a new season, remember to have fun and explore. Enjoy yourself, and live your life to the fullest. Never get tense up, relax, and enjoy the journey.

50. Today is your first day of starting a new chapter, let the journey start from your mind. Stay curious, and be positive. 

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We hope you have been motivated by this powerful starting a new journey in life quote. Feel free to drop your comment in the comment section, and don’t forget to spread the love, and share these quotes with your loved ones.

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