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47 Self-Motivating Winning Attitude Quotes and Status

Winning attitude quotes give you the right mental attitude for great accomplishments in life. A winner’s attitude is the ability to consistently focus on long-term goals regardless of setbacks. This is more difficult than it seems. People take their eyes off their goals when they experience and hear things that break their focus.

These winning attitude quotes will keep you “fired up” in life until you reach your goals. You need them for your daily impetus to keep you motivated.

You can never have too many motivations in life. In fact; you need to stay motivated to do great work daily for your life to be impactful here on earth. The journey of becoming a winner is a daily thing rather than a one-time event.

These quotes will inspire you and give you the right mental disposition daily if you apply them consistently for self-inspiration and motivation. Quotes, as we do have here, have turned failures into winners. Success quotes are required to stay inspired.

There are things you have control over and one of them is your attitude. With a good mental attitude, you decide the outcomes you experience in different situations. Deciding to act correctly even in tough times is an intentional act made possible by a winning attitude. With these quotes, you instruct your mind on what to believe and think about. You also instruct your mind on how to handle failures. You need winning mentality quotes to succeed.

Only people who want to thrive in life would seek life-change quotes like these. You have taken a step into the ocean where words have changed lives and will continue to change lives. You will be changed inside-out with these quotes such that you become that winner you have always seen in you.

Winning Status

When you win, your status changes. Winning status keeps you in the right frame of mind. Your mind is always tasty for winning and you must strive to be an achiever. Do not allow one level of success to place a limit on you. The joy of a champion is rooted in consistent conquest. Status for winning a trophy keeps one excited to achieve higher success.

These insightful quotes help you to position yourself for advancement in life. Winners know the value of feeding on the right words in the different seasons of life. Even after winning, the journey does not end, it is only the beginning of another. The accomplishment of one dream should instigate the pursuit of another one.

1. People who lost in the past know how to cherish and maximize the benefits of winning. Failure teaches winners lessons that are not learned by winning but by losing, which is why they stay “winning” afterward.

2. After you win the competition, you have to keep exercising your mind and body to keep fit so that when the next competition comes you will be prepared for it.

3. After every win, winners celebrate everyone who helped them in the process. People are what they become through the help of others. Winning in isolation is not cheap.

4. Great victories are birthed often after great struggles and terrible moments. Trying times make men who keep working great in the end.

5. Winners stay motivated and inspired all the time. Only inspired men can succeed to become winners in every race.

6. Winners are history makers and record breakers. They keep re-writing history with their drive for higher success pursuits. If you stop winning, you will be out of current stories.

7. True winners are those who got gold medals not because they wanted to outdo anyone but themselves. Compete with yourself until you are better than yourself every day.

8. Winners do not waste their time replying to critics. They spend their time focusing on their next goals. If you do not like critics, you are not ready for success.

9. Sounds of triumph come most of the time, at the seasons of deepest discomforts. Seasons change to the benefit of the courageous. No season is meant to stay forever, there will always be a turnaround.

10. A winner requires the right attitude which should be maintained regardless of the circumstances. You do not have to change your attitude from positive to negative in a tough season. Let no season change your attitude, let your attitude change your season.

11. Everybody has the same number of hours daily but winners put theirs to work. The outcome of your life is dependent on the work you engage in.

12. Winners see obstacles as opportunities for more great work to be done regardless of how challenging it is.

13. Winners are inspired by the same failure that defeats losers. For winning to occur, you must take advantage of every situation to improve and win the prize.

14. To win you must take the first step and continue with several other steps in between. Your first step should not be your last step. Winning is meant for someone who starts a journey and will continue it until He wins

15. The gain of victory in life comes from determination and focus toward a worthy goal. You must focus to win or you will lose.

16. Winners never quit not because they never fail. They never quit because they are determined to stay in the fight until they win.

17. Great victory is achieved after great troubles. Winners stay through no matter how tough. Tough times are supposed to end while the tough man is still standing tall.

18. Winning is a habit that is developed in the process of nurturing the desire to win daily against all odds.

19. Learning to keep winning is how winners win till the end of their lives. Until the end, winners know they have to stay winning.

20. Winners know the power of association so they hang around people who think like them. The association is what makes or mars individuals. You cannot think right around the wrong people.

Quotes About Winning And Losing

These quotes about winning and losing will give you a better understanding of how to position and take advantage of time and process.

The process of becoming great is characterized by losses that eventually turn into success stories for winners. Winners are people who lost but refused to stay defeated. Read the winning attitude quotes below for your motivation!

21. To win you must do something, to lose you do not have to do anything. Create what you want mentally and go after it by taking guided steps.

22. If you lose come back and prepare to win again no matter how long it takes. The fact that you lost yesterday does not mean you will still lose today.

23. Winning is great, it is worth all the sacrifice required. You will be glad you gave it all of yourself when you stand at the finish line.

24. When you lose, learn and strike again; enjoy the process of becoming. Yes! winners are known to enjoy or at least conform to the process of becoming.

25. Winners build strength from the many challenges and struggles on the road to greatness. Winners go through hard times with a never-give-up mentality; that is strength.

26. Show me a man who is working hard calculatingly and I will assure you winning will be his result.

27. Preparing to quit when you lose is the major step to losing. Why should you expect to fail and be surprised you failed?

28. Consistency makes a winner. Inconsistency makes a potential winner lose even when the odds are in his or her favor.

29. True courage is shown when you stand up and run again after falling many times in the process of trying to win.

30. Defeat should not lead to death. Defeat should lead to depth. Let the hunger to win grow stronger for every obstacle you face.

31. Difficult times should not make you act uncultured to people. Handle harsh moments like a winner by wearing your best attitude towards triumph in life.

32. Winners get up after every knockdown. To a winner, it is normal to get knockdown but very abnormal to stay knocked down.

33. Do not be satisfied with losing. Fight back heavily after any moment of defeat. There is a victory in fighting back without holding back your best strategies.

34. When you win prepare for more, when you lose prepare harder to win when next the battle bell rings.

35. Winners enjoy every season that is part of the journey including seasons of losing. Seasons are for different lessons.

36. Learn to use all you have suffered as motivation to win against all odds. No suffering should be wasted. Get a reward for every pain.

37. Accomplish great things with the one life you have been given. Make no excuses for losing. You can turn situations around and be the winner.

38. Not expecting to have trying times is not the guarantee such a season would not come. Winners prepare all around.

39. For every time you lose, double your training to become the very best at your craft. Let hard times lead to more commitment toward your success.

40. Make winning your lifelong experience. Decide to play the long-term game of winning by avoiding shortcuts. Shortcuts are the longest cuts to success, avoid them by doing things right.

41. Build your mind to look at the lessons to be learned every time you lose. Lessons are in every experience in life.

42. Jump at every opportunity to master the art of winning. It takes time but it is worth all the time it takes.

43. People who are sensitive know when to retreat for more training so they can be victorious later. Take a break but do not run away.

44. Success is the friend of winners who do not quit every time they feel like quitting. Feelings come and go, do not allow them to dictate the direction of your life.

45. Rest when you need to. Winners see rest as an opportunity to refresh for the battles ahead. Until the last battle, your rest is to fight again.

46. Having the skill to shine without the passion to compliment yourself has produced a lot of failures. Compliment your skill with a strong passion to win and you will win.

47. Develop every day, use every time, and maximize opportunities to become all you can. Look back at your life when you are old and be proud you won.

To win you must take action immediately. Take that long-postponed action now not tomorrow. You can share this post with your friends and family as a gift to them. You sure do not want to benefit alone. Let someone hear about it. Winners enjoy watching others become winners too. Become a winner and be the reason why others would win.


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