What to Text Someone Going Through A Hard Time Quotes

What to Text Someone Going Through A Hard Time Quotes

The best way to help someone going through a hard time is to show some care and make them feel supported. After life has hit you hard, you need someone who will be there to motivate and encourage you to keep going despite the difficulties. The real challenge is not the problem you are currently facing, the challenge is to walk through it alone without moral support from anyone.

An act of kindness doesn’t have to cost much, a deep and sincere message or quote shared with someone going through a hard time can go a long way and make a huge difference. Now, while constructing your message, you must show empathy and make them feel understood, and not the other way round. Interestingly, this article on what to text someone going through a hard time quotes will help you with just that.

I know you might need an idea of what to text to someone going through a hard time. That is why this article is specially prepared to provide you with a list of what to text someone going through a hard time quotes. These quotes will greatly resonate with them and communicate to the deepest parts of their soul.

Read on to explore this well-crafted list of what to text to someone going through a hard time quotes, I’m sure you’ll find them helpful.

What to Text Someone Going Through A Hard Time Quotes

1. I understand you might be feeling down and pressured. In all, remember that you are not alone, and we will surely scale through this hard time. You have conquered a greater mountain than this and you will yet conquer a higher one.

2. Never let the situation weigh you down. Keep working and keep hope alive. Everything will surely be alright as you will not bow out to defeat.

3. May you get the hope you needed and the courage required to keep going. I wish you the best in this hard time. Always remember that you are not alone, imagine standing by you, giving you the required and needed help.

4. When things go tough and strength seems to fail. Remember that this moment is just for a while, no matter how long it rains, the sun shall surely shine.

5. Hard times give you the opportunity to self-discovery and take you to a length you wouldn’t have thought you could reach. No matter what you pass through now, know that it shall be for your good in the end.

6. I hope you would be patient enough to see the wonderful being you are turning into. Though the time might be hard for you, I’m sure you will come out stronger and better.

7. You are meant for the top. Know that this hard time is just a moment of preparation for your desired height. Don’t give up, you will smile at last.

8. You must not allow yourself to be distracted by the present situation that you do not see the blessings thereof. Make the best of this season, and the return shall be pleasurable.

9. For everyone who desires greatness in life must be ready for war. I hope you realize that this is the time to fight for what you want, and giving up is not an option.

10. This hard time will surely pass. What would be left with you is what you were able to make out of it. And my prayer is that you’ll make the best out of this season.

Paragraph For Someone Going Through A Hard Time

Encouraging someone going through a hard time could be challenging as we might not find the most suitable quotes or messages to create the best paragraph for someone going through a hard time.

The next few lines in this article on what to text someone going through a hard time quotes feature the best quotes and sayings that would make the most suitable paragraph for someone going through hard times. Just check them out!

11. Strong people are made not by mere wish or desire, but by rigorous training they’ve passed through in life. Without rigorous training, champions cannot be made.

12. Embrace the moment, and make the best out of it. The journey is not always friendly but you can make yourself the most desirable.

13. In no time this will be a story, you would have forgotten all the pains, you would have left the bitterness behind, and you shall be proud of yourself.

14. This hard time teaches you, perseverance, patience, and most importantly, empathy, to understand people more. The season may truly be painful but do not forget what the season is educating you.

15. At a point in our lives, we’ll feel like nothing is working and left all alone. This is not the time to give up, but a time to fight harder till we see the light.

16. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. If only we could be persistent and perseverant enough to see the end. For those who can persist to the end, there will always be a victory.

17. The time might be tough, but never lose hope. Things might be hard, you’ve got to keep pushing. The only time giving up is accepted is when one gives up the ghost.

18. We all celebrate winners. No matter how long you’ve fought, if you quit along the line nobody celebrates the one who quits. So keep pushing, and you’ll soon be celebrated.

19. You are strong, you are smart, and you are courageous. Never let whatever you are facing right now suggest otherwise to you.

20. Greatness is not all about wishing, but about doing what is required even if it means working against all odds. Though the journey might be tough, we’ve got to get going.

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What To Write To Someone Going Through A Difficult Time

21. Being resisted might be a sign that you are on your way to a house of treasure. Remember, nothing comes easy, that is why you must keep going even when the journey seems difficult.

22. All I can wish you is the best of everything you’ll ever need on this journey. I wish you the strength, perseverance, and motivation to keep going till you reach your dreamland.

23. Never see this moment as the end of life, but as a beginning of a bright new season that will usher you into your dream future. Keep fighting through, your stories shall surely be sweet.

24. Try all you can to see the best in every situation. Your perspective on things matters in life, though the season might be tough, there will always be something beautiful to take out of it.

25. Trust the season, believe in yourself. You have not come this far to be a failure. Keep hope alive, and never stop pushing.

26. I believe nothing is impossible with determination. This might seem like the hardest time of your life, but I believe you’ve got all it takes to surmount the mountains.

27. You are not struggling, you are just transitioning from your old self into your new attractive and desirable self. Trust the process, time will always tell when appointed.

28. Life can not always be smooth, there will be some ups and downs, but as we cross each hurdle and scale each obstacle, there comes a sense of fulfillment and self-admiration. This is what makes life interesting.

29. The journey to a beautiful life does not always start on a beautiful path. If we could just keep moving through the rough and hard moments, then we arrive at that destination we’ve always desired.

30. Every hard time or difficult moment will always end, You’ve got the choice to determine how every moment leaves you. Either as a better person or bitter and miserable.

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What To Text Someone Going Through A Hard Time

What To Text Someone Going Through A Hard Time
What To Text Someone Going Through A Hard Time

31. This is not the end of life. There is more to it than whatever we might be seeing on the surface. I hope this gives you the hope to keep moving until you see the future you desire.

32. When life hits you hard, giving up is never an option. You’ve got to fight for your life until you win the prize ahead.

33. This moment might be hard for you but never allow yourself to be kicked around. Get up and fight. Your victory is sure.

34. Every hard time you pass through today gets you closer to being a stronger and better person tomorrow. There is something glorious and attractive about you, that’s why you are going through what you are going through.

35. Do not give up on life. Let your perspective be positive and always hope for better days ahead. It can only get better with you.

36. You have the power to turn every struggle and disappointment you’ve encountered in life into something good for yourself and make you a better person.

38. When things get tough, be persistent, when troubles come be courageous. Always remember, nothing lasts forever.

39. When time gets too tough, I dare you to look within and see how much light you’ve got to forge ahead and keep going. If you will keep going forward, you will laugh last.

40. Don’t stop believing even in hard times. When all the storms are over, you will surely be grateful for the beautiful lessons you’ve learned in the process. This lesson will always be required as you journey further in life.

Short Message For Someone Going Through A Hard Time

41. When time gets tough like this, be committed to growing tougher. This is the way to build yourself up and make yourself fit for the greatness you desire.

42. I know the moment might be hard. But instead of focusing on the unpalatable, shift your attention to those things that give you joy. This is a secret to having peace even in the midst of the storm, and strength in times of weakness.

43. When passing through a tough time, men might fail you and you might feel disappointed. Remember, this is the way nature teaches you to become stronger.

44. Even when you feel less of yourself, never give up on yourself. Never let your inner voice which keeps telling you how strong you are, ever cease. Because you are really strong.

45. Even when everything looks dark and stormy. You’ve got the light within you to shine. I hope you’ll have the courage to keep shining.

46. No one is ever like you. You’ve got your unique strength within, and this is all you need to scale through when things get tough on the journey of life.

47. Life might seem head and bad. Be sure everything will be okay. If only you could keep believing and be committed to never giving up.

48. Never let the present situation rob you of your happiness. You deserve a beautiful life and days filled with smiles. Keep pushing.

49. The storms we face now will soon be calm. Trust me the future is bright, and your victory is near. Just believe.

50. Each day comes with its challenges and each season with its difficulties. This hard time is just for a while and will soon be over. You will soon have the beautiful future you deserve.

51. In the next few days, all the pains of today will be a thing of the past. So do not worry, stay focused on the future, and never stop believing.

52. Through the hard times and difficult seasons. Remember that you are not alone. I will always be there to encourage you and cheer you on.

53. I so much believe in you. I believe in your strength, I believe in your success, and I believe that in no time, you shall come out of this battle stronger and victorious.

54. Always remember that what you are going through now doesn’t define you, never allow yourself to be beaten down. Stay strong and keep fighting for the crown.

55. This hard time gives you the opportunity to reflect and build yourself into a happier and stronger person after.

56. I so much admire your strength, you are a true warrior. Keep fighting, I can’t wait to celebrate your victory with you.

57. I hope you’ll get the inspiration to believe in yourself and not retreat. I believe in you, and I’m rooting for you. I am very sure about your winning.

58. Stay positive, look beyond the storm, and fixed your gaze on the expected end. The future is surely beautiful enough to behold.

59. I know you are a champion. I know you will beat the challenges, and I’m sure you will come out victorious. I am here for you.

60. See these hard times as stepping stones to lead you into your place of destiny. You are meant for the top and you will always get there.

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What To Say To Someone Going Through A Hard Time

61. I hope my presence and words would be encouraging enough to shield you from the storm and darts life throws at you in this hard time. I wish you all the best, and I promise to be here for you.

62. You deserve the best in life. Never should you see this hard time as the end of it. There is a future ahead, and you will be thankful as you learned this lesson.

63. Whatever life throws at you in this season, never throw them back, but make the best use of it by laying a firm foundation.

64. This hard time will reveal your weakness and bring out your strength. You’ll never know your greatest strength until life places the demand on you.

65. The interesting thing about this moment is that that thing which you find most painful can build the greatest strength in you.

66. Tough times could be scary and overwhelming, but there is surely an end to it. And those who are tough enough to resist the pressure see the end.

67. As we journey through life, we’ll be faced with both the good, the bad, and the ugly situations, the beauty of life is not in having all good life, but in making a good life out of the bad and the ugly situations.

68. The hard times could be painful, but we must learn to endure the pain and use it as fuel to keep us pushing on the journey.

69. Close your eyes to the storms, and live each day at a time. The future is bright, enjoy the moment, no matter how hard it seems.

70. Just take note of this; the situation you are facing now, and the life you are living now, are all given to you because you’ve got the strength to handle them. So never think otherwise.

71. You’ve got the strength, either to keep pushing forward or to retreat and run backward. It all depends on the direction in which the strength is being exerted.

72. What makes you strong is facing whatever comes your way, head-on, and never considered giving up as an option.

73. Most times, the beautiful things we desire are always hard to get, and it takes strength, courage, and determination to lay hold of them.

74. If you ever see this period as overwhelming, remember that there is always a power within you that is able to keep you going. You are not ordinary.

75. There is always a point in your life where you’ll be broken. You either pick yourself up and become stronger or stay down and allow yourself to be crushed.

76. You are strong both within and without. You’ve got the strength to grow with the troubles and outgrow them into victory.

77. I dare you to focus on yourself and you’ll see how much more you can achieve and how far you can go with your inner strength and self-will.

78. Just before you give up, think about who is watching. Just before you let go, think about the beautiful prize at the end of the fight.

79. An hero’s story is not only about the battles he has won, but also about the ones he has fought and still comes out of.

80. Every experience you have in life shapes you, and determines the kind of future you will eventually walk into later in life.

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Encouraging Quotes For Hard Times

Encouraging Quotes For Hard Times
Encouraging Quotes For Hard Times

81. See the best in every situation. The most precious jewels need to be passed through the furnace before the beauty is revealed.

82. Stay motivated, be encouraged, and trust your process. Remember for a plant to blossom, the seed must be buried in the dirt.

83. I know you might feel like giving up, but I encourage you to give up on that feeling and embrace the fact that there are better days ahead.

84. Sometimes in life, we get disappointed, but we must not allow that to get to us. We must never lose hope for a better future.

85. The beautiful life we’ve always desired can come to us, all we need is patience, hard work, and positivity.

86. See every adversity with a positive mindset, because In every difficulty we find new experiences and new lessons.

87. We’ve all got our challenges in life. We must learn to embrace it and allow ourselves to be refined for the wonderful future ahead.

88. It is not going through hard times that make us strong, after all, there are people who couldn’t make use of the season to their advantage. It is during a hard time that the hero in us gets revealed by virtue of our attitude during the process.

89. There is always a way out of every difficult situation. This shall soon pass if only you could stay focused and keep hope alive.

90. When life hits us hard, it is okay to stagger and even fall. But never remain in that position as staying down is the worst option you might want to consider.

91. Things might be hard, but it doesn’t get better by worrying. Keep trying and never stop moving. Stop worrying and stay positive.

92. Keep hanging on, there will surely be difficult times. Try all you can to push through, keep calm, and focus on your dreams.

93. The beautiful thing about hard times is that you get to learn a lot and also appreciate those moments when everything was smooth.

94. No matter what you are starting, so far it’s something good, be ready for resistance. Stay focused and never give up.

95. There are times when we feel left alone and forgotten. This is the best time to reach for our soul within and draw out strength from our innermost being.

96. When we are faced with hard times, we must see it as motivation to keep pushing for the future we’ve always dreamt of.

97. If we handle our hard times with an open mind and a positive attitude, we can be prepared for the exciting future ahead.

98. Hard times might have put you down and brought you scars, but they definitely will not be forever. In the end, you will come out stronger and more knowledgeable.

99. Hard times train you to be stronger and better, resist the temptation to wish away challenges, and focus on how to use them to your advantage.

100. What defines your strength and virtue is not how you handle comfortable situations in your life, but where you stand during those hard times in your life.

101. No season is ordained to last forever but whatever you learn from those seasons will always do. The season might be tough on you but ensure you maximize the lesson it has come to impact.

I am sure you are encouraged by this article and now you have an idea of what to text someone going through a hard time with this list of what to text someone going through a hard time quotes. Feel free to share this article with your loved ones, and also font forget your thought in the comments section below.

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