Believable Excuses For Missing Work

60 Creative Reasons and Believable Excuses For Missing Work

Taking off a day or some days off work on short notice is inevitable. In life, different things happen to different people a lot of times, they are called times and seasons happening to all. Everyone needs to understand how to take care of each season of their lives, either good or bad, without affecting the progress of other things.

Sometimes, we may need to resume work at a later time or leave when the work day is not yet over, and other times we may not even show up at all, the reason for all of these is just to prevent needless burnouts.

There are so many things we can control in our lives and taking excuses from work is one of them especially to prevent future damage. When you need to excuse yourself from work, it can cause a halt or delay to so many projects which can cause unnecessary restlessness and agitations for both you and your boss. This is why we’ve put together in this article some Believable Excuses For Missing Work. We’ve made everything easier.

Dive in now, borrow from all these excuses put together just for you.

1. Hi Sir, the dumps affected me so badly today, that I vomited all through the work hours and couldn’t concentrate, I will be taking a day off tomorrow. However, for any urgent message, office emails would be responded to as soon as seen.

2. Hello ma, I caught the flu, at first, it wasn’t serious, but now, it’s unbearable. My doctor suggested a five-day bed rest to heal, I know that this will enhance quick and perfect recovery. I’ve instructed my team members on how to go ahead with our latest project without my presence. I know all will go well.

3. Good day Sir, I am indisposed and can’t go out, I will be visiting the doctor later today, by then I will know when I will be able to resume work and then communicate it to you, but, for now, please, reach me via text. Thank you so much for your understanding, Sir.

4. For days now, I’ve been feeling a huge migraine, I tried to just use pain relievers, but the migraine won’t go. Presently, it appears to be more than a migraine, therefore, I need to see the doctor today to be sure of what it is. I will keep you updated. Thank you, Sir.

5. My Boss, something urgent came up, it will demand me not to come to work today. Please, allow me to use part of my sick days, I will be around tomorrow. The team has been notified and they will coordinate things properly while I: ‘m unavailable. Thanks for your consideration.

6. I missed my steps on the office staircase yesterday, it seems my left leg is dislocated, I feel a very terrible burning sensation. I will be seeing the doctor today and will probably resume next week, depending on the intensity of the care I need. Please, make someone stand in the gap for me, I will make it up. Thanks.

7. Hi Boss, it’s that time of the month that my newborn goes for his check-up and immunization. It’s always a full-day activity, therefore, I will take a day off today to resume tomorrow. Before then, you can reach me via email, I will be ready to attend to any emergency. Thank you, Sir.

8. The smoke from the company’s fire breakout choked me up today, and since then I’ve been sneezing and coughing terribly. Allow me to see my doctor tomorrow and resume office the day after tomorrow. Please, understand my action and grant my request. Thanks.

9. I had a kitchen accident early this morning, I mistakenly poured boiling water on my body, my skin is all peeled and my body is hurting, my doctor has been summoned to come and treat me at home. Please, give me a break to heal up.

10. Dear Ma, my baby’s nurse suddenly stopped coming to take care of him, I need to sort out what to do for his total well-being while I’m in the office, please, give me a day off to do this, I promise to resume work tomorrow. Thank you.

Believable Sick Day Excuses

11. My treatment had been scheduled for the next five weeks. I’ve allocated my responsibilities to four people in my department and they will be reporting to the HOD on my behalf. Thank you for your utmost consideration.

12. I woke up to meet a heavy boil on the right side of my face and behind my left ear. Make-up won’t be able to cover up the one on my face, this will make me stay off work for at least three days to manage it. Please, reach out to me via my phone.

13. I had a cut on my fingernails, presently on my way to the clinic to get prompt care to prevent the intervention of the virus. I will come back later in the day and continue my duty tomorrow. Thank you, Sir.

14. A nail is stuck in my foot and I’m being taken to the hospital for an operation. My line won’t be reachable for the next 5 hours. I’ve told Joy to handle my activities for today. Thank you.

15. I had a great fall and it almost resulted in a stroke yesterday night. My doctor gave me 24 hours of bed rest, which means that I won’t be able to come to the office today. I’ve assigned my assistant to take over till I’m back. Thank you, Sir.

16. I’ve been diagnosed with pneumonia, I have difficulty in breathing and I have to do a series of X-rays to know the extent it has reached, the doctor said it would take me 3 days. I have disclosed this to the team. Thanks for your understanding.

17. Dear Sir, I know you’re aware of my state of health, I did everything in my power to get well over the weekend but it seems I need to be off duty for the next three days so that others won’t contract this disease. Thank you so much for your consideration.

18. Whenever I remember the number of stairs I climb before getting to my office and the pain it causes because of the condition of my lower limb, I always feel discouraged and bittered. Please, fulfill the promise of moving my office downstairs in the next 3 days. Till then, I will be working from home. Thank you.

19. Dear Madam, I will be out of work for the next 2 days due to the excruciating back pain. I’ve been having it for days now, it’s distracting my concentration from work, I want to visit the hospital, log complaints, and probably receive treatment.

20. Dear Sir, since I’m unwell due to _, I will be at the office for a week. I will email you just before I resume again. Apologies for the inconvenience

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Creative Reasons To Call Off Work

21. Dear Boss, because I haven’t recovered from the sudden death of my dad, I won’t be resuming work until the next 3 days. I don’t want anything to come between me and my performance in the office. I will return to work as soon as I heal.

22. My Boss, I still can’t wrap my head around this one-sided headache that I’ve had for the past 5 weeks. I will be rushing down to see the doctor for a real examination and after enough treatment, I might not resume work until next week. Thanks for your understanding, Ma.

23. Good day Boss, for the past 1 week, my roof has been leaking anytime it’s raining, 3 days ago, I also noticed that my drainage had not been working well. This morning, the landlady sent repairers over, please permit me to take the day off and monitor them. I will be glad to work from home today.

24. This growth on my left leg is getting bigger and more painful. Tomorrow, I will be absent from office for the surgical operation which will take place the following day. Please, grant me this leave, Sir. Thank you.

25. I had a sudden asthma attack. I promise to resume work as soon as I recover by God’s grace. Please, put someone in charge of the team’s coordination to prevent every unforeseen circumstance. Thank you so much.

26. I’m so sad to bring it to your notice that I received an urgent and distressing call now concerning my uncle who requires my presence. Right now, I need to be excused from work, I will keep you posted on when I will resume without any iota of delay. Thanks for your motherly understanding, Ma.

27. Dear Madam, I am in the worst state physically. I have related to Jude to attend to my share of work until I resume. Dear Madam, on my way to work this morning, a little boy ran into my car and was brutally wounded, he’s being rushed to the hospital as I speak. Permit me to take a day off work to stay with him till I’m able to contact his family. Thank you, Ma.

28. Hi Boss, I hope this message comes in at the right time, I am not typing in the right state of mind, I’m emotionally down and need healing, please, allow me to go see a psychologist before everything goes out of hand and affects my productivity in the office.

29. I never knew that this situation of cashless policy would affect me so badly as this, presently, I can’t do any transaction including transportation because of it. I’m presently in the queue at the bank to get any amount at least to bring me to work, please, forgive my lateness. I hope to resume soon.

30. This diarrhea has gotten out of hand, I need to visit the clinic, contact me there if there’s any emergency that only my intervention can handle. Please, pardon my sudden exit from work. I will explain better when I’m back. Thank you.

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Creative Excuses To Get Out Of Work

31. On getting to the airport today, I discovered that my trip had been canceled for a reason beyond my comprehension. Permit me to stay off duty today, so as not to be low in productivity. Thanks for your understanding, Sir.

32. I had a very hectic trip back to the office today after meeting with our investors. I need to rest my head as soon as possible to resume work tomorrow. I hope to explain better by then. Till then, other team members will handle the office tasks. Thank you.

33. I had a bitter experience on my way back home from work yesterday night, I was robbed of my bag that contains my two phones, ATM cards, ID cards, and other very important belongings. I will be going to the police station to log the complaint tomorrow and do some personal research. Please, grant me a day off.

34. Over the night, the thieves broke into our house. I haven’t yet recovered from the shock of the incident. Permit me to take two days off to heal fast emotionally and mentally so as not to affect my effectiveness at work.

35. Allow me to take a day off next week to celebrate my husband’s promotion at work and our 10th anniversary of being a couple. During this period, I can work from home as effectively as I am onsite. Thank you, for your living consideration, Boss.

36. My sister was put to bed during the week and there was no one to take care of her, she’s about to suffer Post-partum Depression, so please, excuse me for the next 2 days to be with her and get her help to care for her.

37. I’m in a very unpalatable situation presently, the commercial vehicle that was bringing me to work just had a ghastly accident, and right now, we’re rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention. For now, you can reach me through text messages.

38. I am presently held up on the highways, my car developed a terrible fault. I’m presently making calls to sort out this very frustrating situation. I might either come late or not show up at all at the office again today. Send all emergencies to me via my e-mail, I will give a quick reply. Thank you.

39. My area is becoming more dangerous by the day, on my way back from work today, I was duped. It took me to get home before I gained consciousness. I’m still very much in shock because of what had happened. I won’t be in the office tomorrow.

40. On getting home yesterday, I discovered that my house was broken into and all my appliances, laptops and TV were stolen. I may not be able to show up at work for the next two days as the trauma of what happened is still in my body and can’t concentrate on office work for now.

Good Excuses To Miss Work On Short Notice

41. Good day, Madam, I just received an unexpected call that my younger sister was involved in an accident this morning, she’s being rushed to the hospital. I need to get to her now, I won’t be coming to the office today, please, reach me through my phone. Thank you, Ma.

42. I had a fire accident in the kitchen this morning, my face is affected badly. My doctor has been summoned for my treatment, I need a week off work to recover fully. Till then, please, put someone in charge of my duties. Thanks for your understanding.

43. I was accidentally injured by the drilling machine of the company yesterday, it was a huge fall on me. I’m presently getting treated at the hospital. The doctor said I will need 3 more days of rest. I already delegated tasks to the other members of the team.

44. I received an urgent call from my baby’s school concerning his health. I need to go get him now and take him for proper medical attention. Please, allow me to stay off work today to resume tomorrow. I will keep updating you via the HR.

45. It seems my body still can’t adjust to the office restaurant menu. I keep having food poisoning anytime I consume their meal. This time around, the stomach upset is unbearable, I will be seeing the doctor now, so I need a day off from the office. Thanks for your caring heart.

46. Ma, I think I’ve taken contaminated water. The symptoms I have now point to cholera. I will be visiting my doctor to know exactly what it is and then get treated. I might be taking up to a week of sick leave. Please, grant my request.

47. My child has been admitted to the hospital. He needs me more now than ever before as God will help me. I need to shower him with all the care in the world, please, permit me to take two days off work, I will work from home.

48. Good day Sir, please, I need a day out of work in other to celebrate my uncle’s 70th birthday anniversary. This man has been standing as a father to me since I lost my dad as a teenager. I have put Olasimbo in charge of my work, I will continue without a delay as soon as I return. Thank you, Sir

49. I developed terrible bone pain when I returned from the gym yesterday. This morning, I can’t lift my leg, I feel heaviness all over my body. Please, permit me to take a day off and get treated. Thanks, boss.

50. This old age is telling a lot about me. My sight is becoming weak, I’ve invited my oculist, please, give me two days off to be well examined and treated before everything gets totally out of hand. I’ve reported this to my team coordinators.

Bulletproof Excuses To Get Out Of Work

51. I woke up this morning with a dreadful sore throat and cough that won’t stop. I would dislike a situation whereby anyone else in the office gets this from me, therefore, I won’t be coming in today. Thanks.

52. I have a horrible allergy today because of the weather change. I can’t control all the symptoms by mere self-medication. I will be seeing the doctor, please, grant me s day off. Thank you.

53. My menstrual cramps this month are unbearable, I’ve been lying on the couch since I got back from work yesterday, still can’t lift my body because of this I won’t be able to make work this afternoon. I will make it up with all the responsibilities tomorrow.

54. Waking up this morning, I met my son having a very high temperature, all symptoms tend to fever. Please, I need to take a day off today in other to take care of him. Permit me to work from home. Thank you.

55. My twins had been throwing up and running stools since yesterday night. I’ve called on the family doctor and he’s on his way already. I need to care for them the whole day. I’ve informed my departmental head of my sudden off from work. Please, bear with me.

56. I can’t make it to the office today. It seems my daughter has fallen victim to the strep throat that’s been flying around her school. Presently on our way for a check-up. My assistant will be standing in for me.

57. I’ve been trying to get an appointment with our new investors since last year but to no avail. This morning, I got a call that there’s a slot for me today, so, I will be taking the day off. You will get feedback from me as soon as I am done, sir.

58. I just fixed a last-minute appointment with my dentist for a thorough check-up, my teeth ache terribly. I apologize for notifying you late, but I can’t make work today. Thanks for your deep understanding.

59. An urgent call came in early this morning from my hospital, my doctor suddenly rescheduled my appointment for this evening. As it’s going now, I have to leave work before the normal closing time. I will make sure I wrap up things before leaving.

60. I’ve been feeling uncomfortable with food poisoning since yesterday night. I kept visiting the restroom without any relief. I will be staying home today to get treated. You can reach me via phone calls. Thank you.

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