Financially Independent Woman Quotes

120 Financially Independent Woman Quotes to Motivate Women

In our world today, being a financially independent woman does not always depend on knowing so much about it alone, but also on the determination to be one. Even though financially independent woman quotes can serve as motivation, the zeal to want to become something usually starts from within.

Independence is something a lot of women admire, but not all can acquire it due to the prices involved. Women should strive to be financially independent because that is the only way they could be of great help to their men so they won’t be a burden. Financially independent woman quotes will inspire you to be all that you can be as a woman.

Being independent financially means that you’re capable and reliable and that you have learned by experience how to work with your hand and mind to bring everything that you wanted to the table without depending on anyone either consciously or subconsciously. A lot of diligence and determination are required to achieve this beautiful end.

You will need some level of strength, resilience, commitment, and self-motivation to fuel this ambition if it must become a reality. To fire up your inspiration as a financially independent hard working woman, check out these quotes beautifully articulated just for you:

1. Spend your income carefully. Even if you’re making enough money already, do not make rash decisions when it comes to spending your income.

2. A financially independent woman is investment-conscious because she knows how tough it can be to make money as a woman. She doesn’t spend money, she invests it.

3. Learn to explore the opportunities of side incomes. Do not depend on a single source of income. Learn a skill or more. In other words, have multiple streams of income.

4. When a woman is financially independent, she has the capacity of living life on her terms. It is good to be supported by men but it is better for a woman to be a supporter.

5. A lot of freedom comes with financial independence. You can now travel around the world and go on that vacation you’ve been wanting for so long to have the best time with yourself.

6. A financially independent woman not only has the ability to change her lifestyle but that of her family too. The husband of a rich woman is ever proud.

7. She unconsciously raises a daughter who recognizes her place in the future, and takes her as a role model too.

8. Teach a woman about how money works and she’ll change the world. Women are innovative beings and are full of creative ideas that can change the face of our world.

9. I’m a role model to other women as I’m a financially independent woman. Other women can take my lead as I am a trailblazer.

10. You command more respect when you’re a financially independent woman, no doubt. Make yourself proud by being intentional about your finances.

11. Save up and invest in the future. Not investing in your future is like not planning for it, to avoid that, do the needful.

12. Take risks and learn from your mistakes. Life itself is all about taking risks and is full of risks. If you dream it, you can dare it. If you can dare it, you can get it. Maintain a winner’s mindset.

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13. Understand the importance of planning for your retirement. Do not let your retirement catch you by surprise, start planning now. Wisdom is planning and planning is wisdom.

14. Know where every penny goes. Make an account for every money that comes in and out, and balance your accounts too. This will help you to know the needless expenses.

15. Never be afraid to make investments. When you make investments, you’re making profits too. The beauty of a woman glows when she becomes an intentional investor.

16. Always curate your budget. Have a list of things that’ll require money whether for each week or each month. Don’t spend without prior planning.

17. Financial independence boosts your self-worth and confidence among your peers. Be resolute about commanding respect.

18. Financial independence brings you happiness. You no longer feel broke and it feels like a heavy burden has been lifted off your chest or shoulders. What a beautiful feeling you don’t want to miss!

19. The sense of fulfillment that comes with being a financially independent woman is second to none in this world. There is fulfillment in being a blessing rather than a burden.

20. As a financially independent woman, you can help take the pressure off your spouse. You command better respect and honor when you become a co-bread winner.

Independent Hard Working Woman Quotes

To be independent requires hard work and in fact, independence is hard work itself. Standing alone is not attainable by the indolent. The resolve to be given to a good work ethic is the beginning of independence. You should peep into independent hard working quotes to help you attain independence.

No woman is truly independent until she has financial freedom or is in control of her finances. Usually, an independent hard working woman is financially driven because she’s much aware of the importance, advantages, and comfort that come with being one. This is why financially independent woman quotes are vital for your motivation.

21. Money does not freak an independent hard working woman. You can’t impress a hard-working woman with money because she works for hers and also speaks the language of money.

22. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon, yet she found herself on a long and tough road, and the tougher the road became, the more of herself she found.

23. She never only dreamt about success, she worked hard for it too, because dreams don’t automatically translate into reality. Birthing your dreams will require diligence.

24. An independent hard-working woman is much more attractive than a woman who awaits a man’s validation. Your beauty and value are treasured when you project sufficiency.

25. She wraps herself with her confidence. Her confidence is her strength, one that keeps her moving every single time without boredom.

26. I never gave or took any excuse, I allowed my success to speak for me because you only seem weak and lazy by making excuses.

27. If you educate/train a man, you educate just one person, but if you educate/train a woman, you educate an entire generation.

28. Women are strong beings and can take care of themselves using their intelligence and bravery. Never underestimate the indefatigable power of women.

29. I’m not afraid of the waves and tides of life, and I’m learning day after day how to sail my ship because I’m a sailor and I need to get to my destination at all costs.

30. It’s better to try and fail than fail by not trying at all. You tend to regret it when you look back and remember it, but sadly, you won’t be able to turn back the hands of time.

31. By herself, she made an empire. Do not blame her when she’s overprotective of it, because she worked hard for it.

32. I wasn’t raised to become a victim of circumstance, and never will I be, there’s no point in calling for sympathy, it only makes one look weak.

33. Keep on striving for your dreams! Do not give up. Whatever is worth dreaming about is worth striving for.

34. Be that woman who falls and got back up. The point is not in how many times you fall, but in how many times you chose to rise again and approach things with better intelligence.

35. An independent hard working woman must be willing to help another woman achieve the same success or more. The real fulfillment is in helping others be as successful as you are or more.

36. It might take a while, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Trust your instincts and your abilities too and you will be happy.

37. You have what it takes to be an independent hard working woman, don’t let anybody talk you out of that. Keep believing in yourself even if no one else does.

38. Know that there’s always a reason to keep going. Don’t stop! Just keep moving till you get your final aspirations and have your dreams realized.

39. The ultimate goal for an independent hard working woman is success. It’s either success or nothing, so make every second count.

40. Starting late is better than not starting at all, and once you begin, always find a reason to continue.

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Single Independent Woman Quotes

A single independent woman has a mind of her own and controls it. She is beautiful, strong, and amazing, and always has her special way of doing things.

Some independent hard-working women are single yet independent and are doing well for themselves. In fact, some of them serve as role models for women in society globally. You don’t have to be married before you start living out your dreams. Here are some single independent woman quotes for brave women just like you:

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41. I’m learning to love myself more than anyone ever can. I have come to realize that no one can love me as much as I do. Let the lucky man meet me loving myself.

42. It’s better to work for what you deserve than settle for less. True freedom begins when you start working for what you deserve.

43. There are some women who would rather follow men than follow their dreams, but I choose to follow my dreams, any day, any time, whether easy or hard.

44. It takes a strong woman to be single and independent in today’s world, despite the criticism and all, you really are a strong woman.

45. You’re single because you’re yet to find a man who understands you for who you are. Keep working for yourself and on yourself until his recognition is activated.

46. Girl! You’re a  whole, all by yourself. You do not need any external love to make you feel whole.

47. You’re single because you’re yet to come across a man who won’t be intimidated by your success.

48. I love to have full control over my affairs. I won’t let anyone take control of it, I can not afford that.

49. I definitely have no interest in a man who sees me as his competitor, because those kinds of men will hinder my progress and success. Therefore, I stay off from such.

50. She kept trying to find happiness in other people but realized it had to come from within her, hence, she focused on herself.

51. I enjoy being a single independent woman, and to be honest, I’ve never been afraid on my own.

52. I enjoy my company better than any man. I find solitude in my company, and no man can ever fill that space.

53. I chose to be a single independent woman, and it’s not because I had no choice but because I find joy in being one.

54. To never need a man is an important thing a woman has to learn. It may be difficult to learn but it is profitable.

55. You’re amazing, and you know it! You’re stronger than you can ever imagine. Nations are on your inside, you can be all that you wanted.

56. Learn to embrace your strengths and weaknesses, it counter-weighs what others think of you.

57. Single independent women are attractive too! Because they are not dependent on anyone for anything.

58. You deserve all the good things of life, even if it means giving it to yourself. Enjoy your company as a single and do not plan to rush out.

59. Place your needs over your wants, it’ll help you make rational decisions along the line.

60. Believing in yourself is necessary to achieving your goals. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? You are the first and most genuine believer in your dreams.

Caption For Single Girl

Being a single girl isn’t as bad as people make it seem. To be honest, sometimes being a single girl has tons of advantages over being in a relationship. You’ll be able to tell with the captions for the single girl below.

The fact that you’re a single girl does not mean that you can’t be an independent hard working woman, read the captions below to help you get a clearer vision of it.

61. Not everyone will stay forever, so learn to be alone. In your life, certain people will come and leave, but the people who’ll stay regardless would still stay.

62. The fact that I’m single doesn’t mean I know nothing about love. I’m not clueless about love and I can speak the love language too.

63. Prove to people that you can survive without them. They are not oxygen masks that you can’t do without, and nor are they the air that you breathe.

64. Girl! Don’t put your life on hold waiting around for love. Your love will certainly find you because there’s a man for every woman.

65. I have a heart of gold, so I can’t afford anyone to rough handle that up for me. My heart is the most important organ in my body.

66. It takes a lot of bravery to be alone. To drive away from the negative and bad energy.

67. I’m single because I’m too fabulous to settle for the less. None has met my standards yet. Some days, the right man will find me.

68. I was compelled to lock up the doors of my heart. The hurt was becoming more than I could bear.

69. Embrace the gorgeousness of your single journey. Take your time and don’t give in to pressure from whosoever.

70. I’d rather fill my stomach with food than fill my heart with empty promises from anyone.

71. I know one day, I’ll find the one who deserves my beautiful heart which is why I keep keeping it with jealousy.

72. Keep on loving yourself. Nobody can do as much as you can. Love yourself long enough before another lover comes in.

73. Focus on finding yourself first. Finding yourself first is more important than finding a partner. Do not lose yourself while trying to find answers.

74. If you’re not happy with yourself while single, you won’t be happy while in a relationship/marriage. Know how to be self-happy.

75. I’m too beautiful to be lied to and played with, therefore I’d rather stay single for as long as it takes me.

76. I’m always there when I need myself. I’m my number one cheerleader. I’m enjoying my world.

77. Self-love is the best love and nothing can ever beat that. There is health in self-love.

78. Being single means that there’s a bigger event yet to unfold in your life. Take time to explore it.

79. I chose to stay single because I’m tired of giving my all and getting disappointed. Tired of putting in all efforts and getting nothing in return.

80. I’ll stay single till I find someone whose energy matches mine, and until then, I’ll happily stay single.

Hardworking Women Quotes

There are lots of women who work twice as hard to make ends meet and become better people. To celebrate these categories of women, below are some soul-lifting hard-working women quotes.

81. A hard-working woman is one who rises despite all odds. She rises again regardless of how many falls she had.

82. Nothing is more powerful than a woman with lots of determination. A woman with lots of determination is unstoppable because no matter what obstacles block her path, she will overcome them, for she’s ready to win at all costs.

83. A hard-working woman gives her all to achieve success. Her time, effort, and all because she knows how important success is.

84. You need to learn to move out of your comfort zones. If you don’t, you won’t get to the land of various opportunities, and once an opportunity is lost, it can never be regained.

85. Be that change you desire so much. Become that change you speak of and shine bright like a star.

86. Always aim high, work hard and pray. Hard work is essential, but prayer is key. Both work hand in hand to achieve success.

87. Nothing is impossible, except if you don’t try. Do not entertain the thought that you can’t do it. Eradicate the thoughts that it is impossible.

88. If you can dream it, you can definitely achieve it. You already have an idea, so get to work and make it come true.

89. Do not limit your dreams, dream high and dream big. Dream big that it starts to become unreasonable to others, and make sure you pull through.

90. The sky is your starting point, be unstoppable. Do not make the sky your limit. Spread your wings and fly beyond the limitations placed on you by society.

91. Your hard work can create change. The more work you put in, the better your chances of creating that change you want.

92. Don’t just wait around for opportunities to come, go and get them! Opportunities won’t come to you while sitting in your home doing nothing, you need to be on the lookout for them.

93. Mistakes should make you better and not bitter. You owe nobody perfection, and to make mistakes is to be human.

94. When your dreams start to scare you, go all out. The excitement and fun that come after are rewarding.

95. Don’t be in doubt, just do it! Nothing ever gets clear from the start. It will get clearer with the more steps you put in.

96. I know it can be terrific, but embrace it. Stress and every other thing can be tiring, but they are things to overcome in your success journey.

97. Success is earned through lots of hard work. With excess prayer as its support.

98. Be beautiful and with brains. Do not be beautiful without brains, it can be very disappointing and shocking.

99. Utilize your God-given talents. You’re a pretty work of art. Realize your beauty, because the earlier, the better.

100. Do not listen to anyone who says you can’t do it. Over time, you’ll come across several people who’ll want to put you down with word of the mouth. Place a barrier between their badmouths and you, and get to work.

Behind Every Successful Woman Quotes

Every successful woman has a success story they’d like to share with other people, to either learn from it or get motivation from it, and some tag this as behind every successful woman’s quotes.

An independent hard working woman without a doubt wants other women to learn from her and become better themselves. Below are powerful quotes on every successful woman quotes. Behind every successful woman is a spirit of diligence.

101. Behind every successful woman lies an untold story. A story of lots of hurts and struggles.

102. Success should be defined by your terms. It’s your success after all.

103. Do not think you’re not ready for something because that’s how you grow.

104. Your kind of choices reflects your kind of person. The choices you make define who you are. Learn to make the right choices.

105. Fall in love with what you do. It makes things easier when you’re in love with your line of work rather than just doing it for the sake of money.

106. Identify your goals from the very start. Know where you’re heading and know where you’re coming from.

107. Failure is a stepping stone to greatness, don’t fret. The fact that you failed once, twice, or even thrice. Don’t let it get to you. Learn from your failures and become better.

108. Learn to take constructive criticism. Do not take it to heart. See it as something for growth.

109. Women can be great leaders too. There’s no questioning that.

110. Surround yourself with people of like minds. Ideas flow naturally that way, and when a problem occurs, you get to think outside of the box.

111. One woman’s success story can help uplift another woman. Tell your stories no matter how ugly. After all, you are now successful.

112. Always make a difference, wherever you go, wherever you are. This makes your star shine!

113. Do what you have to do when you have to do it. Time waits for no one.

114. Trust yourself. It’s the first step to becoming great. If you don’t trust yourself, no one else will.

115. Be time conscious because time is money. Work harder, invest more in yourself and you are sure to be very happy.

116. You’ll always find a solution if you try hard enough. Nothing is impossible if you really mean to get it.

117. Be aware that failure is inevitable. Don’t be scared of failure. Failure is a school you may have to attend to learn success.

118. She became successful because she overcame her fears. You can overcome yours too.

119. Place your focus on what you can control. Drooling over something that’s out of your control won’t get you anywhere.

120. Do not forget your creator in everything you do. He’s the controller of all things. The most powerful. If you call on Him, He’ll be with you every step of the way.

Women are wonderful beings, and it takes a lot of effort to be an independent hard working woman, it takes a great deal of hard work too. Therefore, appreciate every woman in your life today, right now, because what will the world be without women?

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