Flirty Response To I Miss You

100 Flirty Response To I Miss You Text Messages

Now, you’ve received an affectionate message from someone you love, telling you that they miss you. The feeling could be exciting, and you might want to go a little naughty and flirty with your response. It will definitely make them go wild and even miss you the more, but the problem is, how do you do this subtly without sounding out of point?

Are you looking for the right flirty response to I miss you that you can send to your loved one to effectively communicate how you are feeling and still make them miss you more?

This article on flirty response to I miss you will definitely be of help in crafting the right message to respond to your loved ones and expressing how much you miss them too. Just take a look!

Flirty Response To I Miss You

How do you respond to a text I miss you?

1. Darling, I wish I could say I miss you too. But unfortunately, I don’t miss you! I can’t wait to have you back at home. You are everything to me!

2. I was so excited when I saw your text honey. I’m glad we are feeling the same way. I miss you too, just wondering what you’d say if I asked you to come over right now.

3. It seems you are always the first when it comes to missing each other, probably because I’m also always the first when it comes to hugging each other.

4. I’m glad you missed me, that means I wouldn’t have to struggle to have you all to myself when we finally see. Missing you is an understatement, my Love.

5. Miss you too, sweetness! Would you mind coming over now? Nobody is here except me.

6. I just wish you were here next to me at this moment. I miss you so much, and I can’t stop thinking about you throughout the day.

7. I see you are really thinking about me. I wonder who is more obsessed between us. I love you so much. And I miss you badly.

8. It’s funny how we are missing each other this badly. Could you believe I also dreamed about you last night? And I’ve been struggling to get you off my mind lately. Can’t wait to see you, Honey.

9. I miss you too, babe. It’s so bad I’m not good at expressing how I feel. I can’t find the right word to express how much I miss you too.

10. Hey! That’s great to hear that you are missing me. Have you got any plans for this weekend? Because I don’t.

Flirty Response To Wish You Were Here

Flirty Response To Wish You Were Here
Flirty Response To Wish You Were Here

Sometimes we might be far away from our loved ones, and they will be missing us badly. This might prompt them to send a message telling us they miss us, and then we might feel like sending a flirty response to I miss you messages they just sent.

They might become so emotional and would love us to be there with them, thereby sending a message ending with I wish you were here, it still means that they are really missing you and long to be with you. Sending them a flirty response to their “I wish you were here” text would be a great way to show them you also miss them, and would even make them start looking forward to seeing you the more.

Do you need the hottest flirty response to I wish you were here message that you can use to reply to your loved one? The next few lines feature the best flirty responses to help you with that. Check them out.

11. You know, I was wondering if you could come over. I am just about to watch a movie I think you’ll really love to watch. What do you think?

12. Wow, I miss you too, darling. How about we hook up and go watch a movie tonight? That would be great, yeah?

13. Hey, I miss you too! Why not come over? I have all of your favorites. Chapman, pizza, and of course, ME!

14. It feels weird as I’m seeing your message right now. I’ve been lost in thought while staring at your pictures here. We definitely miss each other.

15. I actually can’t stop thinking about you too. I miss everything about you, and I can’t want to have you again. I love you.

16. I miss you badly dear. I’ve got a suggestion. Can we both call in sick tomorrow, and spend the whole day together at my place? That sounds great, yeah?

17. Darling, I miss you too. I would have come down to meet you at your workplace. I’m not just sure I’ll be able to keep my hands to myself.

18. I miss you too, dear. Have you got any lunch plans today? I thought I could stop by and we go out for lunch together.

19. Every message I’ve gotten from you is always a gift to me. I miss you too, my darling. And I love you so much.

20. This message has been triggering different feelings in me. And they are really funny feelings you’ll love to have a taste of. I miss you too, Baby.

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Savage Replies To Flirty Texts

21. I actually thought I was missing you until I saw your call. I think I know what is wrong now, I miss the sound of my ringtone.

22. Oh!! It’s nice to know that I’ve got a number of people missing me.

23. It’s interesting to know you like my name. Thanks! I got it for my birthday.

24. Alright, whatever you are thinking that made you send this text, I just hope you are over them right now.

25. Thanks for texting, I wish I could help you, but sorry, I’ve got a boyfriend.

Flirty Response To I Want You

26. Oh…I had a long day already, but I don’t know, would you mind blowing off some steam tonight?

27. This is the sweetest message I’ve got today, and I wouldn’t mind getting the sweetest sound from you tonight.

28. I have been waiting all day to see you. Would you mind if we hang out later tonight?

29. You want me? That sounds great! Would you mind coming over? I’ve got all the room for you to stay…in my arms.

30. Oh, perfect! C’mon, let’s go have some fun tonight. I can’t wait for you to take me to cloud nine, baby.

31. I so much loved it when my roommate is not around, because I never need to worry about wearing clothes. I’ll be glad to host you tonight.

32. I was dreaming about you all day, and your call just came in. It’s so interesting to know that we wanted each other.

33. I just listened to a song and it perfectly describes how sweet our relationship is. I want you more, Bestie.

34. I was thinking of waiting till tomorrow before I text you, but I just realized how hard it is for us both to stay away from each other. I miss you badly, Baby.

35. You want me? Perfect! Why not let’s go straight to the point then? 7 pm tonight, you in?

36. I can’t even remember the last time we wanted each other this badly. It’s a great thing, and it calls for celebration.

37. Okay, be honest, how many times have you imagined yourself around me before sending this text? I just want to be sure you missed me enough.

38. It sounds interesting to hear that you want me. I’ve been waiting for this. So tell me, what does your week look like? Any room for me?

39. You said you want me, so tell me, what exactly do you want in me? What part of me do you want? I patiently await your reply, thanks!

40. Oh baby! I don’t know know if you’ll have the chance to come over tonight, but I’m very sure you’ll love the smell of my room tonight.

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How To Respond To I Miss You Text

What to respond to do you miss me?

41. The truth is I badly miss you too and I can’t even concentrate at work today. I can’t wait to see you again.

42. You are always on my mind, Darling. I just hope this long separation between us will be over as soon as possible so that I can hug you tight again.

43. Missing you on my part is understanding. My heart skips for you every second. I miss you so much, my love. I really want you by my side.

44. The thing is, I’m not sure how much I miss you because it is just too much. I can’t think even stay a moment without thinking about you. You are always on my mind.

45. I know right, and I really miss you much more, Honey. We should catch up with each other and have a nice time out some of these days.

46. I can’t help smiling when I saw your text. I just hope you know that missing you is my new business now. I just can’t have enough of you.

47. You’ll never know how much I miss you. I wish I could express it in words but I can’t find the right words. And if I could explain, I’ll say I am the heart and you are the beats.

48. I miss you too, darling. You being away from me is like my life being away from me. I’ve been addicted to you ever since the day I set my eyes on you. You control the beat of my heart.

49. I’d miss you a little too, darling. I little too often, and a little too much. I can’t wait to have you back in my life.

50. I know you miss me, but I’ll like you to know that I miss you more. If you think missing me is very hard, try missing “you” too to see how hard it is for me right now.

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How To Respond To I Miss You Text From Ex

51. Miss me? That sounds great. I hope you are learning how to get used to it. Because I’m gone and gone forever.

52. Thanks for your text, I’ll deliver your message to my new boyfriend. Just to show him how miserable he would be if he ever loses me.

53. Hi, I got a text saying you miss me. I want to believe that was an old text you meant to be sent a few months ago before we broke up.

54. Oh! I miss you too, dude. And I’m glad to tell you I feel so great ever since you left. It’s good to miss you.

55. It’s great to know that you miss me. That shows how true my words could be. Remember I told you that you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone!

56. Can we meet later tonight? So that you’ll educate us on how it feels to lose someone like me. You, me, and my new boyfriend. You in?

57. Thanks for missing me. Unfortunately, I used to feel like I missed you too, but I just found the right fit to occupy the space I once forced you in.

58. It’s so weird to hear this from you. Anyways, thank you for missing me. I hope you enjoy your new miserable state.

59. I wish I could miss you too. However, I stopped lying a while ago. Can you tell me how it feels? Because I moved on long ago.

60. I appreciate your text, but hey, dude! I thought you moved on. We are done, remember?

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How To Respond When Someone Says I Miss You

61. The depth of my love for you is indescribable. How much I miss you have no limit. I miss you so much, and I love you so dearly.

62. I miss you too, baby. I really envy those who get the chance to see you every day. They never know the privilege they have.

63. Now I see why I’m feeling like someone has caged me. Don’t tell me I’ve been on your mind all day! Trust me, I can’t get you off my mind too.

64. I miss you too, baby. I’ll catch up with you soon after work, so you wouldn’t have to miss me anymore, darling.

65. It’s really painful staying away from you. I’m counting down to the day until I will be with you again. I miss you so much, my charming princess.

66. I am missing you too right now. I really can’t wait to leave here and come home to see you. I can’t even focus on anything else.

67. I can’t believe you miss me this much. Because I don’t miss you that often. I only miss you when I’m breathing!

68. Every part of me misses you too, my queen, and you are in my dirty mind. I don’t know how to get out of this.

69. I just realized that a piece of my heart is missing when you are not around. I badly miss you too, my prince charming.

70. Hey babe! I miss you too. Let’s meet up then. I long to spend some pleasurable time with you alone.

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How To Respond To I Miss Talking To You

71. I do not only miss talking to you too. I miss smiling with you and holding your hands while walking in the park.

72. I miss talking to you too. Your words are always comforting and exciting. I hope we’ll get the chance to hang out someday, and have a nice time together.

73. I miss everything about you, darling. I just can’t wait to see you again and share some beautiful memories with you.

74. It’s been a while since we had long heart-to-heart discussions. We should fix a time to connect with each other soon. I miss you so much.

75. I’m sorry we had to stay apart for this long. I miss you so much, darling. I can’t wait to come back home and have the most interesting discussions with you, my Love.

How To Respond To I Miss You From Boyfriend

76. Every part of me misses you too. Here I am sending you the sweetest kiss and the warmest hug. I’ll catch up with you soon, my Love.

77. I so much wish you were here so we wouldn’t have to miss each other this badly, my love. I miss you too every second of every day, Dear.

78. I really can’t focus on anything here. My heart is fixed on you, and I can’t stop myself from thinking about you. I miss you too, Darling.

79. This distance between us is really not helping. I miss you every day and night, and I really don’t know what to do again. Can we fix a time to hang out together soon?

80. I know you’ll be missing me so badly. And I would like you to know that I love you so much, and I miss you too. Do take care of yourself till we see you again, my Love.

Funny Response To I Miss You Text

81. Oh babe! I miss you too. I just wish you could come around right now, but I really love you and I don’t want to get us into trouble.

82. Close your eyes, baby, take a deep breath open your arms, and you’ll feel me hugging you tightly. I miss you too, my sweetness.

83. I miss you too, baby. Would you mind getting yourself off my head at least for now? Because I can’t concentrate on anything else but you.

84. The sound of that is so relieving. At least I know I’m not the only one in this ‘mess’. Because I really can’t think straight again. I miss you so badly.

85. Could you please come home now, I just want you to explain to me what I can do to stop missing you this much. I think I miss you more, Babe.

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Cute Response To Do You Miss Me

86. You asked if I miss you. Well, I wish I could, but unfortunately, I can’t miss you. Because I already have you so close to my heart. And I’m not ready to let go of you anytime soon.

87. I almost missed you, but thank God I got a picture of you on my phone. The smile has been keeping me going.

88. I do not miss you, babe, I miss the love of my life. And I just realized you are the love of my life. So, I miss you so much, my Love.

89. Missing you is an understatement, I miss you too much and I can’t stop thinking about you. Can’t wait to have you back to me.

90. Well, I don’t think I miss you, babe. I only miss being able to hug the one I love the most. And it happened to be you.

How To Say I Miss You Too

91. You have been the only treasure in my life. Not having you around me is so distracting. I miss you too my love. And I love you much.

92. Every second without you feels like a year. I put my life on hold because it has no meaning until you feature in it. Can’t wait to see you again, my darling. I miss you too.

93. I miss everything about you. No matter how annoying you could be, I just realized that it’s far better than not having you around at all. I miss you too, babe.

94. I miss every moment we’ve spent together. I wish I could stop you from going away from me. I so much love you, darling. And I’m sure I miss you more.

95. Sincerely, I feel so miserable without you too. And I can’t wait to have you with me again. Have a great day till I’m back dear.

96. You are the best thing that has happened to me. I find it difficult to live a day without talking to you. Not having you around is so painful. I miss you too, my sweetness.

97. You are my best friend and love. I miss everything about you. I hope we’ll get the chance to hook up with each other soon. I love you, darling.

98. I’ve been trying to keep myself sane by just staring at your picture. You will never know how badly I am missing you right now. Can’t wait to see you too, babe.

99. I’m so glad we are finally back together, but I don’t think you could have ever missed me as much as I missed you. I love you so much, darling.

100. Now that I’m so fond of you, it’s so hard to spend a day without thinking about you. I miss you too, my darling. I hope to see you soon.

I hope you now discovered how to send the best flirty response to I miss you from someone you really love, and probably how to respond to I miss you text from ex savagely. Remember, the right response per time to I miss you texts is a great way to intelligently set your desired tone for the conversation. As your response can easily be used to subtly communicate your mind and what you desire.

Feel free to share this article with someone you feel might find this helpful. Have you got any comments? I would love to hear from you.

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