Signs He Wants to Wife You

31 Clear Signs He Wants to Wife You and be with You for the Rest of His Life

Since the time two opposite gender start a romantic relationship, women have been doubting if their relationship partner really wants to get married to them. Does he want to wife me? What are the signs he wants to wife me? These are some of the questions that are always running through women’s minds. In this post, you will get to know the signs he wants to wife you.

Guys come up with different touchy stories these days about marriage. As a lady, you should be able to read these signs smartly. Knowing these signs will assist you in not wasting your time. You really need to know the signs he wants to wife you. Read these signs carefully to know his intentions towards you.

While you are in a relationship, it’s important to be sensitive and pay attention to the vital signs and important signals a guy sends to you. These will tell a lot if he wants to get married to you or not. Deception can be caught if you are not emotionally carried away in your relationship. A deceiver can be caught red-handed, you can avoid being deceived if you follow these signs unveiled in this article.

6 Clear Signs He Wants to Marry You

6 Clear Signs He Wants to Marry You
6 Clear Signs He Wants to Marry You

Have you been together for so long? Are you still doubting your partner if he wants to marry you? Well, you need to read the signs that are listed in this post in order to know his intention. Saying ‘I love you’ to your partner isn’t enough. Are you clear about his intentions? No! These are some clear signs he wants to marry you:

#1. He Frequently Uses “We” More Than “Me”

A man who is willing to marry you will include you in his future plans which will reflect in his speech. The mind can only be seen through the mouth. Take note of the pronouns he uses when discussing his future.

Someone who is willing to spend the rest of his life with you will include you in his future plan. If he uses more of “me” frequently, it shows he didn’t have the intention to marry you. If he uses more of “we” frequently, it’s a clear sign he wants to marry you. Also notice when a guy talks about marriage too soon. It’s a clear sign he wants to marry you.

#2. He Feels Comfortable Discussing His Future With You

A man who wants to marry to marry you will not be hiding things from you. Men have one unique characteristic; they don’t just tell their future plans to anybody, they discuss it with ladies they consider personal to them.

If he’s always eager to tell you about his future, it’s a clear sign he wants to marry you. A man who jokes with you about his future plans is going to marry you. He may also talk about marriage and babies too. Beware when he talks about the present more than the future.

#3. He’s Eager To Introduce You To His Family Members

A romantic relationship is always an open relationship but not all the time. A man who is always eager to introduce you to his family members has some future plans with you. If he’s not going to marry you, he wouldn’t introduce you to his family members.

A man who is willing to marry you will be eager to let you meet the people you’ll be joining later in the future i.e. his family. If a guy introduces you to no one but makes you a privy entity in his life, that’s a clear sign he does not have any plan for you.

#4. He Talks About Marriage

In the first place, every relationship should be marriage-driven. If there is no marriage in the picture, there is no need to start one. A relationship is a means to an end and the end of it all is marriage.

Notice when he talks about marriage and babies. He may joke with you at times about marriage and babies. It’s a clear sign he’s going to marry you. Don’t throw up yourself out totally to a guy who doesn’t talk about getting married to you. Not only that he talks about it but also he’s taking relevant and active steps on it.

#5. He Really Enjoys Your Company

A clear sign he wants to marry you is if he always wants to be with you all the time. If he enjoys being with you and staying by your side always, it’s a clear sign he wants to marry you.

When your company is not desirable to him, he may just be putting up with you for a while until he probably finds another woman. A man who wants to spend the rest of his life with you must enjoy your company without struggles.

#6. He’s Always Available to Render Help to You

If he’s always willing to help you in times of difficulty, it’s a clear sign he wants to marry you. What makes a guy decide to marry you cost a lot. A man who wants to be with you will respect your time and make sure he renders help to you when you’re in a time of difficulty.

A marital relationship is for the mutual benefit of both parties. You are in it to be of help to each other.

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Early Signs He Wants to Marry You

You can know the direction a relationship is headed from the onset. The first thing to pay attention to is not the emotional part of the game but the reality part. Don’t ignore any sign, pay attention to everything and you will really be happy.

If you are in a relationship and you are not clear about his intention, you’ve come to the right place. This content will reveal to you some early signs he wants to marry you. In this context, I have listed some of the signs to prove that he wants to marry you. They are listed below:

#7. He Asks About Your Future Plans

If your partner frequently asks you about your future career, where you like to travel to, and talks about babies, it’s a clear sign he wants to marry you. He may joke with you about marriage too soon.

#8. He Talks About Babies and Marriage More Often

Does your partner like playing with toddlers? Does he joke about babies frequently with you? This is an indicator he would like to have a family with you.

#9. He Involves You in Almost All the Decisions of His Life

If his intention is to live the rest of his life with you, he wouldn’t hide anything from you. He will discuss confidential matters with you. He will seek your opinion when needed. He may also include you in future decisions like house, and career.

What makes a man decide to marry you takes a lot. If he notices you are someone he can talk with confidentially and securely, he will ask for your opinion when making decisions.

#10. He Didn’t Hide You from His Friends

He takes you everywhere and shows you to his close friends. He will want you to familiarize yourself with the people he’s moving with.

#11. He Talks About Marriage Too Soon

If your partner discusses with you about settling down and marriage every time, he wants to marry you. It’s also a weird sign he is going to propose soon. If he made mention of doing things with you every day, or if he wants to arrange a surprise party for you, that’s a sign of a proposal coming.

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What Will Make A Man Want to Marry You

It will go a long way before a man will decide to marry you. What will make a man want to marry you? They are:

#12. Be There for Him

Show him that you will help him in pursuing his dreams. A man likes to be assisted in one way or the other. If you contribute to him actively, such a man will never want to let you go. Nobody in his right mind would let a beneficial relationship go. When you add value to your man, you become his priceless jewel.

#13. Don’t Act Cold Towards Your Partner

If he does or says something that hurts you, don’t drag it with him. It shows you are a good person to marry. Dragging with him will make him feel you are a nightmare to marry.

Learn to express yourself more than the way of argument. Don’t always try to win an argument, project submission, and a sense of respect for him, no man likes a competitor.

#14. Encourage Him to Improve Daily

Men are truly strong but don’t assume they are personally strong themselves. You should deploy every form of encouragement to your guy. A man likes a woman that will push him toward achieving his dreams. Encourage him to do better every day.

#15. Prove to Him That You Are Committed

Stay with him and encourage him mentally, financially, and physically towards development. A relationship is about mutual commitment and contributions. Stand with him when it matters most.

#16. Be Secretive

Before a man decides to make you his wife, he must be able to keep things with you confidentially. Let him find you reliable and trustworthy. Don’t let out his secret to anyone.

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Signs He Wants To Marry You In A Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship can be sometimes difficult to keep. You may be wondering if your long-distance partner is serious about the relationship. On this page, you read the signs he wants to marry you in a long-distance relationship.

#17. His Goals Compliment With Yours

You can tell that your long-distance partner is serious about the relationship if their goals tally with yours. It shows they want to grow with you.

#18. They Reveal Their Secrets To You

People don’t just share their secrets with just anyone. Someone who is serious about a relationship will open up to you. It takes a lot of trusts to tell someone anything personal about yourself. If your long-distance partner opens up to you, it shows they are serious about the relationship.

#19. Strong Commitment

When the other partner is trying to make the relationship work and the relationship is working well, it’s a sign of a strong commitment. When two people are apart, it may be difficult to cope with each other’s behavior but a strong partner will try to study each other’s behavior and make the relationship work.

#20. Their Close Friends Know About You

In a normal relationship, you may not know your partner’s close friends but if your partner tries their best to let you know their close friends in a long-distance relationship, it’s a clear indicator that he wants to marry you. It’s one thing to be private about your relationship, but it’s a whole different thing to keep it a secret.

#21. They Respect You and Your Decisions

No relationship lasts longer if there is no respect between the two partners. Showing love to your partner is not enough.

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Signs He Will Propose in the Future

Love is a beautiful thing. You may be doubting if your partner is going to propose in the future if you’ve been in the relationship for a very long time. When a guy talks about marriage too soon, it’s one of the clear signs he will propose in the future. Well, below are some other signs he will propose in the future.

#22. He Starts Spending More Time With You

He may be used to talking to you on phone but if he starts spending more time with you, it’s a strong sign he is going to propose. He will want to spend more time with you so he will make some changes in preparation for spending the rest of his life with you.

#23. Your Birthday Or Special Occasion Is Close

Notice if he is acting weird some days/months before your birthday. That’s some signs of a proposal coming. He may decide to propose to you on your birthday or special day.

#24. He’s Always Around Your Jewellery Box

This is a clear sign proposal is coming. He may be finding sneaky ways to know about your ring size. Notice this if he’s always with your jewelry box.

#25. He Plans a Vacation or Romantic Outing

He may decide to propose to you on vacation or romantic congregation in the public. If he tells you that the two of you should go on a vacation, that’s a sign he’s going to propose on vacation.

#26. He Moves More Close to Your Families and Friends

If he’s moving closer to your close friends and families, he may be planning a surprise proposal with them. They will talk about the venue, date and any other necessary things.

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Signs He Wants To Marry You Psychologically

Men hardly talk about related topics. They won’t tell you they want to marry you but you can check the following contents to be sure of his intention. It consists of numerous signs he wants to marry you psychologically.

#27. He Supports You In Difficult Periods

If your partner stays with you when things get difficult and supports you, he’s serious about marrying you. He will not run away from you when you need him the most.

#28. He Didn’t Keep Anything From You

If a guy didn’t keep his secrets and personal things from you, he may be thinking of marrying you. Men don’t just share their personal affairs with anybody. He doesn’t hide his past experience, secrets, and future plans from you because he sees you as someone he would love to marry.

#29. He Likes Spending More Time With You

If a guy wants to be with you, he would find all means to be around you. He may take you on a vacation in order to spend plenty of time with you. Planning a vacation is also a sign he is going to propose on vacation.

#30. He Is Comfortable Discussing Marriage Topics With You

When a guy talks about marriage and babies, he is making his intention clear. Has he ever discussed with you about the city to live in, the number of children, and his future ambitions? It shows he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

#31. He’s Making Plans For Marriage

When a guy talks about marriage too soon, it means a proposal is on the way. He will move closer to your families and friends to plan the proposal. He will make findings of your finger size. He will also try to know your dream wedding.

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