Meaningful Good Night Messages

Beautiful and Meaningful Good Night Messages For Your Lover and Friends

Can a night be meaningful or meaningless? Both are possibilities! Whatever you experience at the close of the day or late at night has a way of influencing your night whether it will be good or bad. However, you can make your night very meaningful through a meaningful good night messages.

One of the greatest gifts you owe your friends and loved ones is to give them a meaningful life. You’re a blessing when you make their lives beautiful and meaningful. Striving to bring beauty and meaning into your friend’s life should be your greatest aspiration.

Regardless of what you have gone through during the day, you can surely have a meaningful night and in extension give a loved one the same experience. On this page, you’ll find meaningful good night messages to make your night a beautiful one.

What will your friends and loved ones remember you for? This question must be answered! Adding daily values to your close associate should be taken as paramount to you. Here you have meaningful good night messages to give somebody an exciting night!

Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

Good Night Messages for Girlfriend
Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

Everyone loves to be in a relationship with the one their heart beats for. The position of a lady in a guy’s life is irreplaceable. A guy can be so much in love with his girlfriend that he doesn’t know how to express it to her. I’m aware that you know that your girlfriend loves to get a gesture from you at night. This makes good night messages for your girlfriend essential for you.

You can always have the heart of your girlfriend beat for you by sending a meaningful good night messages to her every night. This doesn’t take much of your time and resources, just your commitment and you are fine! Below is some romantic good night message for a girlfriend to make her sleep well.

1. Oh baby, knowing that you are eagerly waiting for me to usher you to bed this night has been inciting a smile within me. It’s such a service I love to render for you. I know your day was OK. I can see a smile on your face. Sleep well, my Love

2. Honey, You happen to be a woman my heart pants for and longs for. The only girl that has the best space in my heart. You’re my desire forever. Good night, Darling.

3. My baby, you’re so special to my heart. Not having you run through my mind for a second is not possible. You’re always in my blood, Baby Girl.

4. You have so much won my heart that there is no space for no one else but you. Your love is stronger than wine in my heart. Sleep in the wine of my love.

5. I could not have possibly understood love if you have not shown it to me this way. Thank you for being a perfect depiction of Love. Have a lovely night’s rest!

6. You’re the best portrait of love I saw. I will recommend every lady around me to be mentored by you on how to love their guys. Just to let you know you’re the best. Have a smiling sleep, Oh Baby.

7. It’s not doubtable that no one could treat a King better than the way you’re doing to me. You do it better. Keep loving me, Darling. Love you.

8. Hey Baby, I behold your manner of life afar off and I screamed ‘what a blessed blessing you have been to me!’. I can’t trade you for anything. I love you Honey, blissful night for you.

9. Looking at the level of peace and tranquility you have brought into my life makes me scream for Joy. I rejoice over you exceedingly, Darling.

10. May you have sweet dreams tonight and it shall translate into reality the next day. Every great dream you have had shall not die as mere dreams but shall become a physical reality. Dream more, my Queen.

Most Romantic Good Night Message for Her

11. The thought of having to stay off you for this night has been making me miss you before the night ever comes. But I’m excited again because tomorrow’s light is about to be here to say good morning again, my Love.

12. The rate at which I’m missing you is making me suspecting this night to be too long. Anyways, I cannot have enough of you, my Queen. I wait eagerly to wake you from the bed.

13. Your love is always strong and intoxicating like new wine not yet mixed. Getting drunk in your love has been my sweetest pleasure. I love you like no other.

14. The sound of your affection wakes me up from bed most times always looking for a way to find expression. This is the reason why I’m still awake to say good night honey I love you.

15. The affection we share is so magnetic always attempting to pull me close to you even in the darkest hours. I love you endlessly without boredom. Wonderful night, the Love of my life

16. Sometimes, I get so surprised and I ask a probing question, ‘ how did I get so privileged to have a pretty Queen like you?’. The only response I could get is that I’m highly favored! Good night to you my Dearest Favor.

17. Sometimes, I feel I should give you several names which I cannot phantom. But guess the kind of names that comes to my head! Goodness, Beauty, Gold, Treasure, Peace, and many more. You’re more than all these, my Only Desire.

18. You’re indeed my dreams come through. I’m so amazed at how easily I could get the kind of girl my heart has always longed for. Thank you for making my dreams a reality

19. Among all the pretty Queen in the world, you excel them all in beauty, virtues, courtesy, and character. You’re nothing less than the best. I remain your heart pants. Love you forever!

20. How else could I have let you know that you’re one in a billion. Your kind doesn’t exist. You’re the only one designed to function this way. I’m in love with even to your bed. Good night, Honey I Love You forever!

Good Night Message to a Friend

Friends are the capital currency for life. You’re as blessed as the quality of friends you keep. No one is truly blessed until he’s truly blessed with good friends. Starting a friendship is not difficult as maintaining it. Good night message to a friend is a good way to make your friend feel special and connect with you.

Your friend is the one of your lover to which you must express a good night message for my love to. Good night message for my love is not only limited to romantic relationships but also friends and family. Here are some good night message for my lovely friend to inspire your friends to bed and sleep well.

21. Hey great friend, I know your day has been very productive knowing that you’re the very productive person I have ever known. I wish you a very comforting night’s rest.

22. The day is over, it’s time to resort to bed for refreshment. I know you’ve done your best today. You have the opportunity of tomorrow to do better. Good night!

23. The activities of the day can be very tiresome. Friend, if you are tired, do not quit, rest, and fired up again.

24. As the days approach an end, cast off your anxieties and troubles away and rest like you have no worries at all. Have a good night’s rest.

25. You are the most amazing person I have ever known. The aura around you is so inspiring. I appreciate your friendship with me. Good night a great friend.

26. Knowing you have brought a lot of fruitfulness into my life. Being your friend is very amazing. I enjoy your company like no other. I bid you a wonderful night’s rest.

27. Wishing a companion I hold dear to my heart a good night’s rest is a pleasure I have longed for. The night has presented me with such an opportunity. Have a peaceful night’s rest.

28. I hope tonight finds you a wonderful rest, my dear friend. Wishing you a comfortable night’s rest that promises sound sleep.

29. Good night to a special friend so close to my heart. May the beautiful dreams you will have tonight be translated into reality the next day. Beautiful rest I wish you!

30. Good night to my Lovely and homely friend. May you sleep like a baby in the arms of the great one. Have a wonderful dream.

Sweet Good Night SMS for Him

31. May you feel saved and secured this night as you resort to bed. No evil will hunt your soul and you shall escape the arrows that fly in the night. Good night!

32. Dear adorable friend. Be convinced that you have a special space in my heart. You remain a preferred great friend. Good night!

33. How could the journey of this life have been without your active partnership. I appreciate your input in this journey, great friend.

34. I call you a great friend because you’re indeed a great friend. Greater will you be all the days of your life. Have a dream of greatness!

35. A good friend deserves good things in this life and good dreams. May you enjoy good dreams and good things of life as you cross into the next day. Sleep deeply!

36. You make everything nice and sweet for me. Your presence has made the project of my life keep running. Thank you, my guy, good night!

37. Your assignment in my life cannot be ignored. Your input is very significant, I cannot deny it. You’re my friend for life. Have a good night’s rest!

38. Thank you for always being true to me. You have not despised your duty in my life even when it’s not comfortable for you. Your commitment is noticeable. Good night!

39. The function of life has forcefully created some miles between us. But what’s obvious is that we are always in each other’s minds. Whether far or near, we’re together. Good night!

40. I’m grateful for your life and the genuineness of your person. You’re too much, I must admit. I desire outstanding success and irresistible breakthroughs. Good night, Friend.

Good Night Prayer Text Message for My Love

Sending prayer text messages to your lover is how to help them end their days well both to assure them of security and perfect rest in their sleep. None guarantees safety other than God Himself. You can only connect to him through Prayer.

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Below are some good night prayer text messages to express your love to your lover and bring him/her under God’s security.

41. How lucky I am to have a blessed person like you in my life. May the Lord bless you as you lay down to rest tonight in the name of Jesus. I love you!

42. Sweetheart, you’re one in a million. You’re irreplaceable. I appreciate you for the manner of love and peace you have brought into my life. May God be with you. I love you, Darling!

43. The stars are out tonight to show the beauty of nature. They are almost competing with the beauty of our love. Nothing can compete with the love between us. May the Lord make you shine like stars. Amen. Good night!

44. You’re the only butterfly that flies in my stomach making me rejoice all through the day. Joy is your portion. Go sleep well, my Love.

45. The only thing good about today is you. Thank you for keeping company with me during the day. May the Lord fill your night with sweet dreams, my Love.

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46. I was there with you to serve as your pillow where you rest your cheeks all night. Just assume I’m always with you, and so is the Lord. Good night!

47. The only way I could be present with you this night is by text. I’m sure my text will serve the same purpose that my presence will serve. I love you wholeheartedly. Good night, my Dear!

48. Since I have met you, there could have been no better way I could sleep well other than having you at heart always. You’re the most interesting thing about my night. Wonderful night’s rest for you, my Honey!

49. Knowing that you’re the one I will live the rest of my life with gives me peace and rest I cannot phantom. Have a full night’s rest, my Precious Peace!

50. Having to dream again in the night now seems unnecessary since my dreams have come through in you. Having you around is the fulfillment of my dreams. Sleep well, Honey!

51. All I have to do tonight is to sleep on time and make hours pass quickly so that I can have you around tomorrow. Sleep well and wake up on time, Dear.

52. There has never been a love so sweet as the one I have with you. Our love can only blossom like beautiful lily of the valley. I love you always, Darling!

53. I pray that the mighty hand of God rest upon you and give you perfect peace in your body. May you sleep in the love of God. I love you, Honey, Good night!

54. May the angels of the Lord overshadow you and give you peace that passes all knowledge. Sleep tight and have a wonderful night’s rest.

55. I pray that your dreams shall be filled with the hope of a better future. God will make your paths clear to you through the vision of the night.

56. May all your worries and everything that gives you concern die with this night. You shall wake up with new strength and energy tomorrow morning. I love you dear, good night!

57. You shall not fall victim to every arrow that flies around to hunt the souls of men. The Lord Himself shall keep you with His eyes. Amen.

58. May every new morning bring freshness to our love-life. As the day goes by, our love shall get stronger. Deeper shall we grow in love? My heart beats for you, my sweetheart. Good night!

59. May you never be found deficient in every necessary thing it takes to lead a satisfying life. You shall be blessed with limitless resources. Have a wonderful night’s rest!

60. May the Lord keep you and give you peace. May He strengthen you to love me more than before. May He fulfill our dreams and highest desires. Amen. I love you forever, Dear!

61. Here is my good  night wishes for you that you will sleep well like new born baby, may you have pleasant dreams like heavens. Have a wonderful rest!

62. May you find rest in your soul as you lay to bed this night. Have a wonderful night!

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With these meaningful good night messages, you’ve already given somebody’s night a beautiful color. 

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