Thank You for Your Prayers and Thoughts

110+Thank You for Your Prayers and Thoughts Quotes and Messages

The thoughts of people around you are so important. What people think about is often expressed in their words and actions. There are people you think they’re friends with but yet think ill of you. Good friends are very scarce. If you have one in your life, you must be committed to a daily appreciation of them to keep the relationship flowing.

Not everyone wishes you well in life. If you have anyone who wishes you well and communicates it verbally, it’s then important to tell them, thank you for your prayers and thoughts. This will make them maintain their goodwill towards you forever.

Having good friends shouldn’t be taken for granted. Good and sincere friends aren’t easy to come by. And you’ll admit with me that you cannot journey through life successfully without having good friends in your life. If you’re blessed to have good friends, it’s important to appreciate them with these quotes and messages!

There’s nothing that keeps people around your life doing you good services or praying for you like showing a genuine appreciation for them. Below are words of appreciation to say thank you to those who prayed for you at one time or the other.

Thank You All for Your Prayers

1. I sincerely cannot appreciate you enough for the rain of prayers and blessings you showered upon me. Your prayers have strengthened me. Great will be your blessings!

2. At the hours of my life when I needed spiritual energy and stamina to forge ahead in life, you were there to help me. Thank you for all your wonderful words of prayer.

3. It’s so comforting knowing that intercession is going on my behalf constantly through you, friends, and loved ones. May the Lord also pray for you and answer all your prayers and supplication. Amen.

4. You supported me financially and morally but much more importantly by praying for me. I’m overwhelmed by the expression of your thoughts and affection towards me. Thank you all for your prayers, I’m grateful!

5. Your counseling and comforting words were more than money could buy. I won’t trade this precious gift of friends for anything. Thank you for your moral support, I’m thankful.

6. Your prayers are going a long way in my life, I covet your prayers earnestly every day of my life. I appreciate you all for your prayers. Thank you for all your prayers support and love.

7. You’ve been remembering me and my family in prayers, we recognize your spiritual investment into our lives. We’re grateful for the thoughtful prayers you offered unto us every day.

8. It’s obvious that your prayers have opened the storehouse of heaven over us. The Lord has been hearing your prayers over us. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

9. I’m thankful for all the prayers you’ve offered on my behalf and I want to request that you continue putting me in your prayers. This is marvelous in my sight.

10. The wind blew but the Lord has silenced every storm through your continued prayers and supplications in the spirit. Thank you so much everyone for your thoughtful prayers for me.

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How to Thank Someone for Praying for You

Express your gratitude to everyone who prayed for you this way through these thank you for your prayers and thoughts!

11. I want to give thanks to all my friends who stood by me strongly when I needed them the most. Thank you for not leaving me alone, your prayers keep me standing.

12. The largeness of your heart towards me was made visible during this crisis moment. For all the prayers that you were offering for me day and night, I’m thankful.

13. I acknowledge your genuine intercession for me, I could feel it strongly. Your prayers have kept me this far, keep doing me this good service. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

14. Your prayers have convinced me that there is nothing beyond the power of prayers, your prayers were effective in my life. Thank you so much!

15. Not only that you prayed for me but also that you sent me strengthening words. Your words have empowered me and have made me stronger than I came into this situation.

16. I didn’t know that prayer truly works better than drugs until you start praying for me. Thank you so much for always praying for me.

17. I’m living a testimony that prayers work wonders in every respect. Thank you for standing with me in continued prayers until I was out of this situation.

18. This situation would have claimed my life if not that you standing by me to say no. Your saving grace through your intense prayers has made me whole today.

19. I will not for any reason trade you, friends for anything. You’re wonderful to me. God bless you for all your prayers! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

20. May the peace of God also abide with you and your family. God bless you for standing to be a great priest over me.

Thank You for Your Prayers Messages

Thank You for Your Prayers Messages
Thank You for Your Prayers Messages

21. This message is intended to let you know how grateful I am to you for your affectionate prayers for me when it’s most needed. May the Lord appreciate you on my behalf. Amen.

22. The same way you’ve been with me when no one else could stand for me, may God not leave you alone in the name of Jesus. Amen.

23. Being surrounded by this great circle of friends has been a blessing I cannot deny in any way. You’ve been a good ally so far, God bless you.

24. Having an intercessor like you in my life is a gift from heaven that I cannot gainsay. Your contribution means a lot to me.

25. You’ve been greatly used by God for me to journey me through this trying time. May you not also be stranded of divine help in the name of Jesus.

26. No other friends could have been there for me if not for you. Thank you for not only being friends but also being a watcher over me. Thank you so much!

27. I was told how you were running prayers for me nights upon nights seeking the face of the Lord on my behalf. I can’t pay for this. Thank you so much!

28. It takes sacrifice to pray for one another. Thank you for paying this huge sacrifice for me through your unceasing prayers. May the grace of God be with you.

29. If you were not sympathetic and empathetic, you couldn’t have gone this far for me in prayers and fasting. I appreciate you for such a level of self-denial!

30. The greatest gift of love anyone will ever give is the gift of prayers. You’ve given me this special gift and I must confess, I feel special.

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Gratitude Thank You for Your Prayers

31. My gratitude to you is endless and I can’t appreciate you all enough for showering me with prayers. All I want to let you is that I’m thankful. Thank you all for your support and prayers.

32. Prayers are a service of love, if you have not loved me, how will you pray for me? I’m not only saying thank you for loving me but also for praying for me.

33. Your prayers were helpful for me I must confess. You made the going very smooth for me. Thank you so much! The Lord makes you great! Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers.

34. All I needed during this time was prayers and you were there to offer them. When a need arises in your life, may you not lack a helping hand to offer it for you.

35. Having a passionate friend to stand for me in the spirit is not a cheap thing. Thank you for standing for me.

36. Praying for me is like putting your life in the line for me. I understand the depth of your sacrifices over me. I’ll always appreciate you, timeless numbers.

37. What a great company of friends I have got in my life. Everything you guys did for me was acknowledged. Thank you for those moments of prayer.

38. Sometimes, I feel down in my spirit but suddenly I will feel a surge of power to stand up and keep daring the impossible again. I could trace this to no other place but your prayers. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.

39. Seeing the exploit wrought through your prayers, I will no longer take the power of prayers for granted. Prayer is really powerful. Thank you for praying for me.

40. I will let everyone know that I have got a great number of friends in my life. You guys are great. God bless you massively. Amen.

Thank You for All Your Prayers Support And Love

41. I want to say thank you sincerely for the love shown to me at this crucial time. I do not take you for granted for all you do for me.

42. You’ve supported me in prayers more than anyone else could do for me. I will not forget you so soon. Thank you for your spiritual support. Thank you for all your prayers support and love.

43. Your prayers have brought the favor of the Lord upon my life. May the favor of the Lord not cease in your life as well.

44. The Lord Himself shall repay you for all your love and support you’ve given me time immemorial. May His blessings never cease in your life.

45. He who waters shall also he watered again. May the Lord water your life with the dew of heaven in Jesus’ name. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

46. Your spiritual contribution to my life is intense. Who can deny your input all the way? I’m grateful for your manner of person.

47. You didn’t not only love me but you also supported me. Not only that you supported me but also that you prayed for me. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers over me.

48. I don’t feel entitled to your prayers most times because I don’t have the impeccable character to deserve it. But despite this, you still showed me, love. Thank you so much!

49. I won’t recover easily from the blessings your prayers have invoked upon me. You helped me a lot. The Lord also shall help you when the needs arise.

50. Have I told you before that you’re very indispensable? Truly, you are! Two people in my life are as great as you are. God bless you for being great!

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Thank You Lord for the Gift of Friends

51. Dear Lord, you’ve given me precious gifts of friends both far and near. It’s on this note I’m thankful to you for giving such a people.

52. You’ve given men as gifts to serve as ladders to convey their fellow men into destiny. I thank you because I have been given such a gift. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of friends.

53. If there were no sincere men in life during such a challenging time, how could I have scaled through? Thank you dear Lord for giving me this quality of people like my dear friends.

54. At a time I was perplexed yet you sent men to me to strengthen my feeble knees. Thank you for sending me, such men.

55. For everyone that you have used to help me in one way or the other, may you also bless all of them in return.

56. The same way you’ve answered my friend’s prayers over me so will you answer their secret cries in the name of Jesus.

57. The manners of friends I have been given by God don’t exist anywhere in the world. I feel so special being blessed with these qualities of people in my life.

58. Lord, I pray that you give them a specific miracle for being a blessing to me. Strengthen them and lift their heads. Amen.

59. Lord, I pray for all my friends that they’ll never lack anything good in their lives. Let their heads be lifted above their enemies.

60. Their prayers have brought ease upon me, baptizing their lives with ease as well in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for all my friends.

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Thank You for All Your Well Wishes and Prayers

61. You’ve all assisted me and I can’t possibly recount your kind deeds to me. I want to say thank you for all your prayers.

62. The way you’ve shown me love and kindness can be likened to none. You’re such a wonderful soul.

63. Everything you’ve done for me shows nothing but a demonstration of your kindness towards me. I do not take all these for granted.

64. My life is this awesome all because you’ve been here around me. Thank you for making my life great with your kindness. You’re such a blessing to me.

65. Your friendship with me is indeed peculiar. I do not take you for granted. Thank you so much for proving yourself to be true friends in every sense.

66. For all of you who have shown me kindness in one way or the other through your prayers and wishes, may the good Lord bless you all.

67. Every good wish and word of prayer is received with gratitude and thanksgiving. Thank you so much!

68. I acknowledge your offering of well wishes and prayers with gratitude. This is truly overwhelming and appreciated. Thank you much.

69. None of your prayers has gone wasted, everything is heard by God. May all your request be heard by God.

70. I declare that you’re blessed and lifted in all your ways and your deeds. God bless you greatly!

Thank You for Your Thoughts and Prayers Quotes

71. I know a day is coming when I will have the opportunity to repay you for all your good work in my life. Thank you so much for believing in me.

72. Whatever you sow, that’s what you’ll reap. I recognize your investment in my life and not for one day will I be forgetful.

73. Life is full of stories, there is no way I could my stories without featuring you. You count so much in my life. Thank you!

74. Thank you for being part of the stories of my life. You are a major character that makes the stories so sweet.

75. Words cannot be good enough to communicate the weight of my gratitude to you. I’m grateful to you.

76. I feel overwhelmed right away because I do not know how to appreciate your kindness to me. You’re just too good!

77. We need so many people like you in this world. People of this beautiful heart are required to make the world a better place.

78. Your influence in my life cannot be so soon forgotten. Thank you so much, my great friend.

79. Your life is a blessing and the blessing of the Lord shall not cease in your life. Amen.

80. From the inward part of my belly, I want to say thank you. The same way you’ve been generous so will the Lord be generous unto you.

Thanking Friends for Prayers

81. To this great friend, I want to let you know that I appreciate you so much. You made life easy and productive, God bless you for me.

82. I thank you for your patience and love for me. You are a great person in my life.

83. I can’t think of what I would have become now without your participation in my life. God bless you.

84. I’m taking this time to appreciate you, you’re worth appreciating and celebrating.

85. I must find time to stop all I’m doing and just say thank you to you for your kind deeds to me.

86. Saying thank you to you does well to me than it does to you. You deserve all my appreciation. Thank you, great friend.

87. If you want me to do something for you, you can make your request. I will do anything for you to show you that I love you.

88. I cannot fully pay you for the kind words in my life. You’re such a great human among the rest.

89. You’ve been with me from a little age till this time. Thanks for your uncommon commitment to the course of my life.

90. You’re such a friend who brings me laughter and joy I cannot fully express. May the Lord make you laugh too.

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Thank You for All Your Prayers Support and Love Quotes

91. Throughout my life, I will continue to thank God for placing good people like you into my life. I thank God for your life.

92. You’re so special, unique, and different. I treasure you greatly as my friend.

93. Thank you for inducing a smile on my face all the time. You shall not have any reason to sorrow as well.

94. For loving me each day and bringing beauty into my life, I want to say thank you. The Lord bless you!

95. Life can truly be challenging but a friend like you has made it easy for me to scale through.

96. I can see your level of investment in me. You’re truly committed to me. Thank you so much!

97. Your friendship with me has made me understand the value of true friendship. Thank you so much for all that you did for me.

98. I’m confident in my future because you’re on the journey with me. Keep staying put. I do appreciate you.

99. Many people have come into my life and have walked away but you’ve always stood by me walking through different times and seasons.

100. I’m blessed by the way you surround my life. The Lord will surround you with His goodness from above.

101. I consider myself favored because I have people like you flocking my life. May the goodness of this life surround you too. Amen.

Thank You for Your Prayers and Thoughts Quotes

102. You’re so special, unique, and different. I treasure you greatly and I will always do.

103. Thank you for always being there for me to make a priority in your prayers, The Lord bless you for me.

104. I want to sincerely appreciate you for making me a priority in your prayer time, God bless you for always making mention of me in your prayer.

105. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts about me, you are deeply appreciated. Thank you for your thoughtful prayers over my life.

106. May the goodness of God overtake you and give you great peace of mind, the Lord bless you for always standing by me in prayers.

107. I cannot appreciate you enough for all your kindness towards me, may you also experience divine kindness.

108. May you also become a priority for the kindness of the Lord in your life. God bless you for always being a blessing.

109. May God bless your beautiful souls and give you great peace like never before. I appreciate you so much.

110. You have been such a blessing to me, the blessings of the Lord shall not cease in your life. Thank you for your positive thoughts towards me.

111. May you experience positive things for always thinking well of me. God bless you for me.

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