Prayer Before Meals for Kids

51 Simple Prayer Before Meals for Kids | Getting Children Familiar with a Life of Prayer

If there is any reason why I found you on this page, then it must have been that you’re a good and intentional parent or a teacher who cares about every detail in the life of their kids. You couldn’t have been on a search for prayer before meals for kids if you are not the kind of parent or teacher I described above. Kudos to you, great parents, and teachers. You’ll live to see all your kids do well in sound health, wealth, and long life.

You see, someone might think some areas of life are too insignificant to be committed to God in prayers. Some might tag you religious if you’re caught praying over food. The truth is that God wants you to talk to him about everything. He’s never tired of hearing your prayers even in little matters such as simple prayers before meals for kids.

If you commit your kids into the hand of the living God who cares more about them than you do, you’re sure to have them secured under His watch and you’ll be at rest. A good parent is a praying parent. Your children should be taught Prayer before meals while you also pray for them.

Just the same way we need protection in every other area of our lives, so we also need protection while we eat. For a good parent/teacher like you, I have helped you to put together highly effective prayers before meals for kids so that you can educate your children so. Pray it for them and teach them also so that your children can be familiar with the life of prayers and the ways of God from their tender ages.

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Prayer Before Meal for Kids

You can lift any of these prayers and educate your kids to pray so before their meals. God keeps watching over anyone who prays to Him.

1. Dear God and Father in Heaven, thank you because you’re the creator of all. Thank you for the provision to partake of this meal. We ask that you will make this meal serve the purpose of why it is being taken. Let it work for the nourishment of our body so that we can be strong to do everything that is expected of us in Jesus’ name. Amen.

2. Our father who is heaven, hallowed be your name. Thank you for the privilege to partake of this table today. Thank you for the provision and the hands that made the food. It’s in your good pleasure that we walk in health and vitality. We ask that this food will work for the betterment of our health and refreshments of our body. We pray through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

3. Great God, we thank you for your mercy that has kept us thus far. Thank you for giving us sound health to enable us to take our meal today. Thank you for the provision of this meal through our parents. As we take in this meal, it shall not work against us but shall provide good health unto our body in Jesus’ name.

4. Dear Creator of all, we thank you for the gift of life and the provision of our daily needs. We acknowledge that everything we have got is a gift from you. Thank you for the provision for the needs of our belly at this time. We eat this food with thanksgiving in the name of Jesus. Thank you, dear father, in Jesus’ name we eat. Amen.

5. Dear father in heaven, the generosity of your heart is worth giving thanks for. You’re indeed a faithful father who genuinely cares about His creation. We give you praise for what you have done for us. As we take the food you have provided for us today, may this food work together for the good of our body in the name of Jesus. Amen.

6. Good Lord in heaven, who your word says you are is who you truly are. Your word says you are a loving father who provides for His creation. Your daily provisions of our daily needs have proven you so. Thank you for providing for us again. As we eat with thanksgiving, this food shall not work against our body but shall work for its good in name of Jesus. Thank you, father, we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

7. God of heaven, we thank you for another day in the land of the living. Your mercy has kept us safe and sound. For your faithfulness in our daily supplies, we’re grateful. Thank you for everything you have given to us and for how you have been a father to our parents. Father, as we eat this food you have presented before us, it shall not become a problem in our bodies but a supplier of vital nutrients in Jesus’ name. Amen.

8. Our father in heaven, who cares about us and is always providing for us even when our parents cannot catch up. We say thank you for all you have been to us especially for being a great father. You have done it again by providing our meal today. With gratitude, we eat this food and it shall promote a better functionality of our bodies in the name of Jesus. Amen.

9. In all things give thanks, says your word. We’re here this moment again to say thank you so much for all that you have done for us, especially by providing our daily necessities again today. Thank you, faithful God. As we eat the provisions of your hands today, may you fill our mouth with thanksgiving and our body with health in the name of Jesus. Amen.

10. Dear God in heaven, it’s always in your good pleasure to provide for our parents who have been up and doing to bring provision for the needs in our lives. Father, may you continue to provide for our parents in your mercy. May they never lack what it will take them to keep catering for us in Jesus’ name. Amen. Thank you for hearing our prayers. We pray in Jesus’ name.

Mealtime Prayers for Toddler

Does it not sound funny that a toddler that’s probably at the age of 2 or 3 should pray? It sounds funny truly! A child at this age doesn’t know much about the internet nor can even read clearly. But a parent or a teacher can easily do this for him/her. Mealtime prayer for toddlers should be taught by parents or teachers.

Whatever you want your children to understand as a way of life should be communicated to them while they are toddlers. If you want them to grow up praying, then you need to make it a duty to pray before them and teach them to do so.

11. Dear father, we thank you for providing for us today. Thank you for this food. As we eat this food today, let it refresh our bodies in the name of Jesus.

12. Lord Jesus, we thank you for the mercy of divine provisions for us and our parents. Thank you for your sound health to eat this food. May this food make us more healthy in Jesus’ name. Amen.

13. Merciful God, thank you for the food we’re about to eat. Thank you for providing for our parents that provided for this. Your provision shall not cease in our lives through the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

14. Our God and our father, truly you are faithful. You have promised to provide for our needs through your loving heart and caring hands. May you continue to provide for us in the name of Jesus. Amen.

15. Good God in heaven, thank you for today. The provision of this food has reminded us that we can trust you with our lives. Thank you for always being there for us. As we eat, our strength shall be renewed in the name of Jesus. Amen.

16. Great God, this is another opportunity to say thank you father for caring about us and our parents. we say thank you because you have provided for us again. Fill our hearts with songs of praise as we take our meal in the name of Jesus.

17. We ask for your provision over our parents who have been caring about us, thank you for taking care of them. May you keep providing for them in the name of Jesus. Amen.

18. Let your name be glorified in our lives and the lives of our parents in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers.

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Lunchtime Prayer for Primary School

This lunchtime prayer for a primary school will be prayed by pupils but the teachers will need to enforce it and make them pray it before their meals. Children should be taught to recognize God in all they do. Giving thanks to Him for the provisions of the food and the parents who provided it for them is very essential.

When you give thanks to God for what He has done, you commit Him to do more for you. Prayer before meals helps them express thanksgiving to God their provider which also makes God committed to continually providing for them.

18. Thank you dear God for making us see this afternoon, thank you for your mercy that has been providing for us. As we take our launch, we ask that the food will strengthen our bodies and make us fit for the activity of the day in the name of Jesus. Amen.

19. We recognize your faithfulness over our lives, our parents, and our teachers who have been nurturing us and grooming us to be better children. We pray that you will equally take care of them in the name of Jesus. Amen.

20. The launch we’re about to take all comes from you. No one else could have provided for us if not for you. We receive this with utmost thanksgiving as a gift of mercy from you. May your mercy continue to flow in our lives in the name of Jesus. Amen.

21. Your blessings have been evident in our lives beyond what we can deny. You have been a committed father in the daily provision of our necessities. May you give us the grace to remain grateful to you as we receive this meal with thanksgiving and joy.

22. Thank you for the food and the hands that prepared it. May you bless everyone both those who prepared the food and those who will eat it in the name of Jesus. Amen.

23. Your daily commitment to providing for our needs is nothing but proof of your steadfastness. We know you’re trustworthy in all your ways. May you help us grow in our faith and ability to trust you more in the name of Jesus. Amen.

24. Dear Father, we pray as this food gets into our body, it shall not malfunction but shall work by your plans for our body. Nothing shall work against us in the name of Jesus. Amen.

25. The message of faithfulness you’re passing across to us through the daily provisions and protections that we are enjoying, may you give us the grace to get the message and apply accordingly.

26. Father, we thank you for the lives of our parents and teachers who have been caring about us every day. Do good unto them, bless the works of their hands, and provide for everything they will ever need to perform their roles over our lives.

27. Father we ask that you’ll fill our hearts with joy and gladness so that we can walk in sound health and sound mind. May the food we’re about to take improve the performance of our brains and the health of our body. Amen.

28. Keep us safe from every form of harm that this food can cause. We shall not eat of it to break down in our health but shall improve in our health in the name of Jesus.

Short Prayers After Launch

As you have begun eating with thanksgiving so it is profitable to end in thanksgiving just as you will see in short prayers after launch. The same way you teach prayer before meals are the same way you should educate them on prayers after meals for kids.

29. Thank you for the provision of this food this afternoon, we thank you for the hands that provided it and everyone who has eaten of it. We pray that we shall all get better in mind and health through your mercy.

30. We receive grace and mercy to remain grateful to you for your good works in our lives, parents, teachers, and friends. We shall not be an ingrate in the name of Jesus.

31. Generous father, we know you love us and you have been showing us your love over time. May your love remain steadfast over our lives in the name of Jesus. Amen.

32. Give us the grace to know you more and move closer to you than ever before. May our love for you grow deeper and stronger in the name of Jesus.

Common Table Prayer

When the food is set, every part of the body rejoices because it is about to be refreshed. As the table is set, it’s important to acknowledge God the provider of it, and seek His mercy for the consumption of the food so that it won’t be for your hurt but for your nourishment. Common table prayer is important.

Children also must be taught to say common table prayer before meals. With such, God is pleased. When you give thanks to God and acknowledge His goodness, you give Him pleasure and make Him do more for you.

33. Generous father and God, we deeply say thank you for your benevolence and riches towards us and ours. You’re good in all your ways.

34. Thank you for your grace that has put food on our table. As we take this gift of mercy from you, may this not be the end, we shall continue to live and enjoy more of your mercy in the name of Jesus.

35. Grateful are we for your love, care, and provisions over our lives and loved ones. This food you have provided again shall not work against us but shall work for the soundness of our health in the name of Jesus.

36. May your grace and mercy be with us so that we can walk in sound health and unlimited prosperity in the name of Jesus. Amen.

37. You have made us all for your pleasure which is the purpose of creating us. The purpose of creating us shall be fulfilled in the name of Jesus. Amen.

38. As you have shown care towards us always providing for us, give us a large and grateful heart to show care and love towards other people around us in the name of Jesus.

39. Help us to be kind and generous towards the needy and poor with our resources and food. Give us understanding that will help us to invest in the needy, provide food for the hungry and clothe the naked in the name of Jesus.

40. We receive a compassionate heart to be merciful even as you are merciful to us. The same way you have freely given us all things is the same way we shall freely give all things to everyone that needs our help. Thank you dear God for answering our prayers. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer to Say at the Dinner Table

Prayer to say at the dinner table should begin with thanksgiving and a heart of gratitude where we express ourselves to God for the provision of food. The Lord is always and ever willing to keep doing more as we maintain the art of gratitude towards Him. You can always engage in these prayers below before taking your dinner.

41. Dear God and father of love, we’re grateful for the gift of life that you have given to us. We recognize your good deeds in our lives and family.

42. Thank you for this wonderful meal you have provided for us and our loved ones, this food shall glorify your name in our bodies in the name of Jesus.

43. Thank you for the flavor, vitamins, and minerals in this meal. We believe it shall be health to our flesh and energy to our body in the name of Jesus. Amen.

44. We pray that you will provide for as many people who are hungry around the world. Feed the hungry, provide for the needy and provide shelter for the homeless.

45. Bless the works of our hands so that we shall have sufficiency to provide for our families and also extend the hand of goodness to those who need helps in the name of Jesus.

46. We thank you for your presence as we set the table tonight. Let this food be a blessing to us so that we can be strong enough to serve you in health and wealth in the name of Jesus.

47. Thank you for today, thank you for protection, the warmth of the sun, the success of our businesses, and the hope for the future. Thank you for the ability to work and eat from it. Be praised forevermore dear God and father.

48. We’re grateful because we’re able to taste and enjoy the provisions you have brought our way. This food shall bring all its nourishment to us and our bodies shall be maximally benefited by it. Amen.

Fun Prayer before Meal

49. Dear father, thank you for the provision of this sumptuous meal with a captivating aroma. Let your angels eat of its fragrance. Don’t leave us to eat and die alone but come and partake of this table with us so that we can live together.

50. The food I’m about to take contains fat, let not this fat make my body grow unnecessary fatness. Grant me strength so that I do not fall into the captivity of cholesterol and fatty acid. Thank you for giving answers to our prayers.

51. Let this food function for my vitality as I take it into my body. Thank you for hearing my prayers dear Lord. Amen.

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You have just gone through prayers for kids. I believe you have found it so interesting to educate your children/wards and get acquainted with God-life.

You will be kind to share with family friends and loved ones. Leave a comment!

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  1. A simple piece of writing that is devoid of pretentions. It’s comes off easy on the mind.

    God is always speaking to us but daily activities have deafened our ears to him. He was wants us to reach him and he wants to reach us so that we may know him.

    Training children to pray is a way of pointing them to God. They should not just be taught to pray as an act of religion which does not one any good but as act of conviction that if they pray, he hears. And this conviction comes from a personal experience of him.

  2. Tagging praying before eating or teaching our young ones how to pray as unnecessary or as not important is a very careless attitude that every and any Christian must desist from…
    This is an eye-opener I must say. As humans, we must live a PRAYERFUL life.

  3. I see the importance of praying before meals (meal = which I likened to studying the Word of God here).
    PRAYER (Air we breathe)+ WORD OF GOD (food we eat) =HEALTHY GROWTH (SPIRITUAL)
    Simply, Prayer is the key that unlocks growth and strength.

    Children should be equipped with the knowledge of prayer before meal. The importance, I’m short of words to describe it

  4. Eyes opener, non of any area of our lives are insignificant to commit into God’s hand, I keep thinking again and again about this.

  5. It’s very correct that children need to learn to pray. This article is beneficial and I think it depends on the parents/teachers to choose which is best for their children.

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