Meaningful Prayer Before Meeting

101 Powerful and Meaningful Prayer Before Meeting Begins

One of the things that must not be joked with is the place of God in a man’s life. God must come first in everything that you do. If you want the Lord to be part of everything that you do, you must of necessity make him the number one in everything concerning you. If you don’t make him the first, He does not want to be involved at all. Offering meaningful prayer before meeting shows that you recognize the place of God in your organization.

If you begin anything with God, you’re sure to get God’s outcome from it. The best decision you’ll ever make is to begin your organizational meeting with prayer. When you give God His place, everything falls into place for you. God remains the most potent factor in all things regarding humanity.

Every prayer offered in faith is a meaningful one. It’s meaningful in the sense that it will produce results and bring about a change in your organization. When you pray, do it in faith because this is the only way you can enjoy God’s backing and attract answers to all your prayers.

God is always able to keep everything that is committed in His hands safe and secured. Commit every detail of the meeting to God through prayer and He will be there to ensure the success of the meeting. Do you really want to pray? Plunge your faith with the following prayers below!

Meaningful Prayer Before The Meeting

1. Dear Lord, I want to thank you for the grace and mercy that have allowed me to see the light of this day. Let your name be praised forevermore in my life and our organization.

2. I want to thank you for giving me soundness of mind and health to be able to stay up for this meeting. I’m eternally grateful for your kindness towards me. May your name continue to be praised forevermore!

3. I ask you dear Lord as I go into this meeting, I pray that you will give me the wisdom to be able to communicate my opinion correctly such that it will be acceptable to all.

4. Give me the grace to be a good listener before I talk. Help me to talk wisdom that no one can gainsay my presentation.

5. Help me dear Lord to listen before speaking. My mouth shall be filled with knowledge that others can learn from. Make me an outlet for your wisdom.

6. Make this meeting a great one for me and our organization as a whole. Help us to discuss very important things that will lead to the progress of our organization.

7. I know I will be interacting with different sets of people, help me to understand each individual and relate with them according to wisdom.

8. Help me to know the value of every member of our team so that everyone can be properly treated just as you would do to them.

9. Make me a good example of wisdom and virtue as I present my opinion about matters arising. Fill my mouth with outstanding wisdom to educate others on what to do.

10. Teach me what to say and how to say it when there is a demand to air my opinion. I am open to your counsel for my life. Amen.

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Prayer Before Meeting At Work

11. Dear Lord, as we go into this meeting, I submit myself before you for wisdom and the right counsel. Let the spirit of wisdom and counsel accompany me to this meeting.

12. You God are filled with light and counsel. Fill my soul with your light and let your wisdom flow through me as I go into this meeting.

13. As this meeting starts, help me put others first and understand their concerns and opinions before I make a conclusion about their opinion.

14. Let your light fill my soul and let your spirit guide my mouth. Grant my request, dear Lord so that all glory can be ascribed to your holy name.

15. Let everyone be filled with wisdom to communicate things that are beneficial to the growth of our organization as we proceed into the meeting today.

16. I ask for the grace to project your Excellency and Intelligence before all people in this meeting.

17. Let this meeting go the right way and let it bring glory and honor to your name.

18. Give us ideas and strategies that will move us forward in this organization as we go into the meeting today.

19. I commit the spirit and soul of my staff into your hands, giving them uncommon wisdom and inspiration to discuss relevant things.

20. Make us grow in love and understanding of walking with one another in this organization.

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Short Opening Prayer Before The Meeting

21. Lord, we look to you today for guidance in the procedure of our meetings, guidance into your will, and the right discussion. Amen.

22. Shine your light upon every participant and let them make a relevant contribution to this meeting.

23. Grant us the understanding that will help harness one another correctly so that every potential can be well used.

24. We stand against every dispute and spirit of argument. Let the spirit of harmony overtake every member of our team.

25. Show us mercy and let your mercy prevail over every spirit of disunity that may want to infiltrate the meeting.

26. Let your blessing rest upon our team and make our efforts fruitful like never before.

27. Guide our mouths and teach us how to talk cautiously and with profound wisdom. Amen.

28. Expand our vision and help our organization advance further in the implementation of our value system.

29. Make us enjoy ease and progress in the progression of our meetings.

30. Let your name be magnified among us today as we proceed into the meeting of the day.

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Opening Prayer For Online Meeting

31. Great God, we thank you for the opportunity to meet here virtually today. We bless your name forever more.

32. We have come together into this meeting today as one unit, and we ask that you move us further through the things we’ll discuss in this meeting.

33. Strengthen the bond between us as an organization as we proceed into the meeting of the day.

34. We ask for a smooth flow in the course of this meeting, let there be no interruptions of any sort. Amen.

35. Influence us with your Spirit so that we can discuss relevant things regarding our industry today and therefore move forward.

36. Unite our minds so that we all can mind the same thing and thereby stay on the same page with one another.

37. Fill our minds with the right thoughts that will propel our industry forward and give us the wisdom to communicate those thoughts.

38. Bless the works of our hands that have brought us together on this platform for discussion. Let your blessing flow on us without limit.

39. We ask that we’ll enjoy the ease in every respect so that the meeting can come to a great conclusion within a short period of time of staying together.

40. Take us further in your plans and your purpose for us concerning this industry. Amen.

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Opening Prayer For Business Meeting

41. Dear Lord, thank you for entrusting this company into our hands to be the managers, we bless your name forever for this privilege.

42. As we put our heads together today to discuss business, may you guide all discussions into a success that will be evident in our industry.

43. Give us sound wisdom to manage this business correctly as wise stewards. Amen.

44. We commit our customers into your hands, teach us how to deal with them in all wisdom and understanding that will keep them coming to us.

45. We put you as first today in all we do and what we will yet do, be in charge of everything, dear Lord.

46. We pray for everyone working with us that you’ll give them the right spirit to mind the right thing in their various functions.

47. We depend on you for wisdom for the advancement of this business, let your wisdom flow in us and through us.

48. As we discuss in this meeting today, teach us what we don’t know. Guide us into your truth and lead us into precision.

49. We ask that you fill our hearts with unity and dissolve every form of discord from us by your power.

50. Glorify your name in our midst today during and after this meeting in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Short Opening Prayer For Virtual Meeting

51. Dear God and Father, we recognize you as the principal sponsor of our lives who has granted us the grace to be here today.

52. Thank you for the mercy that all of us have enjoyed which has made us to be here in sound health and mind today. We praise your name forevermore.

53. As we converge virtually in this meeting today, let your name be glorified among us

54. We ask for speed in all our discussions, and grant us speed so that we can thoroughly achieve the purpose of this meeting.

55. We put before you everything that we’re going to be discussing or saying, let them be found relevant to the company.

56. We eradicate every spirit of dispute or argument that can defeat the purpose of this meeting.

57. Let the spirit of love and unity rule among us so that we can put aside our misunderstandings and walk together for the progress of your industry.

58. You have promised us in your words that you’ll be with our hearts and our mouth to teach us what to say at each point of need. Let us enjoy the manifestation of this promise. Amen.

59. We ask that we submit to your divine guidance towards moving our industry forward, and give us the right inspiration to do things correctly in the name of Jesus.

60. Take your place among us and let your name alone be glorified in our midst, Amen.

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Prayer Before Meeting In School

Offer the following meaningful prayer before meeting in school and watch the hands of the Lord do amazing with you.

61. Lord God, you’re the fountain of wisdom and knowledge, thank you for the opportunity to be in school today.

62. As we have come to school to learn what we don’t know, may you give us wisdom and understanding that comes from you.

63. I ask on behalf of our teachers and instructors to be armed with everything they’ll need to deploy their duties with wisdom and great understanding

64. I pray for every student who desires to excel in their studies that you’ll grant them excellent spirit in the name of Jesus.

65. I pray for every security personnel that you’ll grant them knowledge and grace to do well in their respective duties today.

66. I ask that your hands be strong on me so that I can swiftly assimilate whatsoever I am being taught in the name of Jesus.

67. Let me see your strong hands in my studies and let me excel exceedingly in the name of Jesus.

68. Possess me with the usual excellent spirit to perform exceedingly in my studies.

69. I pray for all our parents who have been there for us catering to our needs that you’ll keep blessing the works of their hands.

70. Grant me the speed of comprehension and assimilation as I go into the class today. Amen.

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Leadership Prayers For Meetings

71. Lord the great leader of all leaders, I thank you today for the privilege to share in your office to lead people rightly. Thank you for this rare privilege.

72. I come to submit to you today as the ultimate leader of humanity, lead us so that we can lead people correctly.

73. Give me the grace to share in your wisdom by which you are leading the whole earth on the right path. Let the same wisdom flow through me today.

74. I receive strength, stamina, and maturity to lead this house into fruitfulness in the name of Jesus.

75. Let your hands rest upon me so that I may know how to deal with individuals in their various ways in the name of Jesus.

76. This is another meeting organized to set things aright and push our organization forward, may this meeting lead to the end that our organization is made great.

77. Let your wisdom be available to us, and open us to what to do so that we can move to the next phase of our assignment.

78. Breath on us and strengthen us, give every worker in this industry the same spirit to see and do the same thing.

79. I thank you for the past meetings because you’ve always made it a success in every respect, let this meeting be another successful one.

80. May your hands rest on me and give me peace on every side. Thank you Father for this successful meeting. Amen.

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Short Prayer Before Meeting

81. Lord we are here to celebrate you for the gift of life that you have granted us over the years. We appreciate you greatly.

82. Let your peace dwell among us as we proceed into this meeting.

83. Give us sound wisdom concerning the matters at hand so that we can discuss our ways forward.

84. Breath your Spirit upon us and give us the grace to do rightly.

85. Unify every member of this team to be on the same page so that w can align in our actions.

86. Let this meeting be to our benefit and the benefit of our great organization.

87. Show us the way, teach us the way to go as we proceed into this meeting.

88. We acknowledge your presence among us, let your knowledge overtake our soul in the name of Jesus.

89. Put the right thoughts in our hearts and minds and let your peace be our leader in the name of Jesus.

90. We look up to you for precision, give us the grace to dwell on the relevant discussion in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Before Meeting Virtually

91. Lord you’re everywhere, we want to celebrate you for giving us the privilege to meet at the online space. Thank you always.

92. We have set to have a meeting virtually today, let everything go as planned, and make enjoy the flow of the wisdom of your presence.

93. Let nothing go out of order, let everyone synchronize so that we can move with speed in a short time.

94. We ask you in advance that you’ll bless this meeting and let the byproduct glorify you in the name of Jesus.

95. We do not want to have this meeting in vain so that our industry can move further into a better state. Let this desire be realized.

96. We ask that the peace of God shall be seen and felt in this meeting. Let everything happen according to your counsel.

97. We commit the air space in your hands, let there be easy flow. We ask that there shall be no interruption of any sort. Amen.

98. Your voice has the power to direct and lead us on the right path, make us hear your voice, and give us the grace to follow accordingly.

99. Enlighten our minds and make us enjoy your pure wisdom like never before. Amen.

100. We stand against every pollutant or idea that can inhibit the growth of your great organization. Amen.

101. Thank you for answering our prayers dear Lord, we give you Thanks in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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