God Please Help Me Through This Difficult Time

God Please Help Me Through This Difficult Time Quotes | 135 Prayers for Troubled Times

Divine help is always available to anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord. If you raise your hands to God for lifting, He will be there to offer you one. Lifting becomes inevitable when the name of the Lord is sincerely called.

Saying God help me through this difficult time puts you in the position where you will enjoy divine help all the days of your life

No man calls for difficult days but inevitably they come and sometimes linger longer than we planned for. The soul of a man going through such a season is prone to weariness and therefore requires divine assistance to go through such a season.

If you find yourself undergoing trying situations that are beyond your power, God please help me through this difficult time prayers are structured for you. Pray them with all your heart and in faith then you will have amazing hands of the Lord bearing you through.

God, Please Help Me Out Of This Situation

Are you currently feeling overwhelmed by a situation in your life? Are you out of faith or hope that you’ll surmount these challenges? If you are, it’s normal to feel that way. But if you can raise prayers unto God for help, He will surely help you. Engage with the prayers below and you’ll have divine aid activated on your behalf.

1. Dear Lord and God, I want to say thank you for the opportunity to call upon your name. I’m persuaded if I call upon your name, you’ll answer me. I appreciate this assurance

2. Here am I before your glorious throne to register my state of helplessness with you, please Lord, help me out of this situation.

3. There is no other friend like you lowly Jesus, I know you’re always ready to help anyone who calls upon your name. I call upon you today to ask for your help, please help me out of this situation dear Lord.

4. I’m persuaded that the strength to journey through this season is in you, please dear Lord, pour out this strength upon me in the name of Jesus.

5. With you is grace and might to help and save those who call upon your great name. Father, please save me with your mighty hands in the name of Jesus.

6. Dear Holy Spirit, it’s your duty to stand by anyone who calls upon your name. I ask for your standby in my life, stand by me with your mercy.

7. Your word has promised that when I go through the fire, you’ll be with me, when I go through flood it shall not overshadow me. Let not the flame of these challenges kindle upon me in Jesus’ name.

8. This challenge hasn’t come to destroy me but rather to make me a better person. I ask for strength to come out better in this situation in the name of Jesus.

9. I ask for strength to maintain unwavering faith in you so that I can overcome every battle that confronts me day-to-day. Amen.

10. I ask for a focused heart that sticks with you until this calamity is overpassed. I received your enabling grace to be steadfast in looking up to you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

God Give Me Strength Prayers

God gives strength to the weak and strengthens those that have no might. If anyone comes to acknowledge his weaknesses before the Lord and cries to Him, with such, God will not turn away.

11. I have come to the recognition of my helplessness in such a time as this dear Lord, strengthen me by your grace and multitude of your mercy in the name of Jesus.

12. I open my entire heart to you dear Lord pleading for your great mercy, let your mercy find me at this critical time, and take me to the next level in my life.

13. In your presence is full of presence that makes a man invigorated to face anything that life throws at him, strengthen me by the power of your presence dear Lord.

14. You’re my backbone and salvation and very present help in time of need. Let me not be ashamed of my hope in you, dear Lord.

15. You’re my shield and strong tower and hiding place. I have come to you to see a refuge before you. Shield me under the shadow of your wings in the name of Jesus.

16. Let your strength flow from the throne of God and furnish me with the ability to overcome every battle that faces me every day.

17. You’re the present help in the time of trouble, help me so that I proclaim your praise to the end of the earth.

18. Let those who say there’s no help for me in you be ashamed. Make your face shine upon me, dear Lord.

19. This is a great trial for me, help me to go through it with a triumphant mentality until I have come out victoriously in the name of Jesus.

20. Let this season be a season of the great revelation of the power of your salvation to me so that I can teach others your way out of challenges they might be going through.

Short Prayer for Strength and Courage in Difficult Times

When difficult times come, no man has what it takes to go through it all alone. You need the assistance of the Lord to surmount these times and come out with a victory that no man can offer. How you gain access to this invisible strength is in prayer.

21. When I call unto your name, I’m assured of an answer from you. I have come before you this day to seek you and sap the spiritual energy I require for this difficult time. Grant me, dear Lord.

22. I declare today that I’m strengthened by your spirit in my inner man, I have what it takes to suppress challenges facing me.

23. Your word has ordered me to rejoice forevermore in such a time as this, give me the grace to keep your word in such a time as this in the name of Jesus.

24. I declare that the devil cannot weigh me down no matter what he throws at me, I have divine energy to be the overcomer I’m ordained to be.

25. Breathe your life into me so that I may have the courage and strength to face trying situations and come out victoriously in the name of Jesus.

26. I declare with my mouth that I’m empowered by the Lord to do the impossible and conquer the incredible in the name of Jesus.

27. Your strength is at work in me, therefore I can do all things through you who is my light and strength.

28. You’re the spirit of just men and the victorious saint, let the same spirit that enabled them to conquer also strengthen me to conquer in the name of Jesus.

29. It’s your spirit that quickens, the flesh doesn’t profit anything. Quicken me by your spirit and keep me focused on you.

30. I thank you because you’re always there to help me and give answers to my prayers. Let your name be praised forevermore in the name of your son Jesus.

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God Help Me Through this Storm

God Help Me Through this Storm
God Help Me Through this Storm

The storm hasn’t come to blow you off, it has only been occasioned to blow you up. When storms of life come staring at you, do not be perplexed, respond to them in prayers and praise and you will see the salvation of the Lord.

31. This storm has come and I believe it has not come to destroy me. Dear Lord, whatever might have been the reason why you allowed this storm, let me not miss out on it. Amen.

32. I pray that this wind shall turn to my salvation and cause me to come better and stronger in the name of Jesus. Amen.

33. You’ve promised never to leave me nor forsake me in a time like this, let me feel you close to me than I have experienced before in my life.

34. Let your presence overshadow me and shield me from the effects of this storm blowing around my life.

35. I declare that I have seen the end of this storm and it doesn’t hurt me. I win, I reign and I overcame in the name of Jesus.

36. Intervene on my behalf and cause me to enjoy divine intervention like never before especially in this time of great needs.

37. You’re a God who keeps to the promises of your word. I, therefore, take my solace in your word, let not me not be ashamed in the name of Jesus.

38. Do a wonder in my life through this trying time and let everyone around have a cause to celebrate the majesty of the Lord in my life in the name of Jesus.

39. Dear Lord, everything seems cloudy and I can’t see what lies ahead of me. Show me your glory and what you’ve prepared for me in such a time as this in Jesus’s name.

40. I do not have a special reserve of strength anywhere, no one can safely deliver me from this hour. Help me Lord for you’re my only strength and stay. Amen.

Powerful Prayers for Troubled Times

It’s no news to have some troublous time on this earth. Jesus already notified us that, in the world, we’ll have tribulation. Knowing that every human will be faced with one trouble or the other, He has also guaranteed us our victory at the end of it all. This should be your solace in a trying time. Engage with these powerful prayers for a difficult time, and see yourself emerge victoriously.

41. My father and my God, I hope in you in this crucial time when I need your help. Help me dear Lord in this perplexing time.

42. After a night comes the morning, Lord help me go through this difficult time and let me see the power of your glorious grace in the name of Jesus.

43. I depend on you in this troublous season, I know you’ll not let me down. Let your grace help me and let this troubled time lose relevance. Amen.

44. In every way the enemy has been harassing me in this time, deliver me and let the enemy of my soul be ashamed. Amen.

45. You’re the Lord of the host, you took Israelites out of Egypt through your mighty hands. Let your mighty hands see me through this difficult time.

46. There’s nothing impossible for you, dear Lord and God, use your great power to deliver me and your name shall be glorified. Amen

47. I’m troubled and in a confused state, lift me and grant me victory on all sides.

48. This season will not last, I trust in you to get me through this season. As you have delivered the saints of old, also deliver me in your great power.

49. Your word has declared that those who look unto you shall not be ashamed. I have been waiting on you all the days of my life, let me not wait in vain my dear Lord.

50. If there’s any mistake that I have committed that has brought this issue upon me, grant me forgiveness by your mercy. Amen.

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Prayer For Spiritual Strength

51. I come before you Lord for the acknowledgment of my weaknesses, strengthen me dear Lord, and let your power energize me. Amen.

52. Truly, you give strength to the weak and you energize those without might. Let your power flow into me for a life of triumph. Amen.

53. It takes spiritual energy to conquer impossible and invisible battles, I submit myself to the invigoration of the Holy Spirit, strength me, dear good Lord.

54. When you empower a worm, it can crush a mountain. I’m without might and spiritual strength to journey through life, empower me in the name of Jesus.

55. Let everything in me that is sapping my spiritual energy be thrashed down and let them be set ablaze in the name of Jesus.

56. Give the fire of the Spirit within me and let me not be found cold or without fire to fight through these troubled times.

57. Your strength can make an ordinary man become a supernatural man. Supply your strength unto me and turn me into another man.

58. You’re the God of all grace full of power and might, fill me with the power of your grace, and let your name be glorified through my life.

59. As I see you fill me with the energy of the Spirit, I will not only overcome these challenges but also teach others how to overcome their peculiar challenges.

60. Help me Lord to behold you daily and wait on you until I have turned the armies of aliens to flight. Thank you because you already answered my prayers. Amen.

Prayer for Family Strength During Hard Times

61. Lord, I appreciate you for the gift of family, thank you for showering your love on them from the time past till now. May your name be praised forevermore. Amen

62. You’re the founder and the builder of the family, we lay the foundation of this family on you, be our strength, and stay in this time of need, dear Lord.

63. Your word says, “whatsoever is committed unto you is safe and secured”. I commit every family member into your hands and keep all of them safe by your power.

64. Lord, I know you’re all-knowing but I want to let you know that my family is currently overwhelmed by the situations of life. See us through dear Lord.

65. I pray that you’ll shield my family members from the attacks of the wicked ones, no one shall be lost to this crisis. Amen.

66. Every spirit of discouragement that has taken over the soul of anyone in our family, Father, let them be flushed out by the power in your name.

67. Our times are in your hands dear Lord, save us Lord because we depend on you for our safety. Let your grace and mercy be made available unto us in the name of Jesus.

68. You know our weaknesses and our strength, you know our plights and our fears. Save us from all our fears and let not this raging storm carry us away.

69. I ask for courage in unity and faith to fight together as one family until we have seen the end of this storm in the name of Jesus. Amen.

70. Help us all to keep our gaze the source of our strength and salvation, make us stay focused on you and not raging storms blowing vehemently around us. Amen.

71. If there is anyone who is currently found weak among my family members, minister strength and encouragement unto them and give them the fortitude to stand until this trying moment has overpassed.

72. Every force that weakens Faith in this trying moment, let those forces lose their hold on my family in the name of Jesus.

73. Give us an assurance of divine presence that you’re with us to save and deliver us from these trying times.

74. Give us specific directions in all that we do, teach us the way to go, lighten our eyes so that we may see the direction to take, and journey to the end of this storm. Amen.

75. We receive strength to carry on until we have overcome. We receive whatever it’ll take to come out better than we came into this crisis. Amen.

76. I stand over every member of our family that only your counsel is allowed to stand. No counsel of the wicked one shall prevail against us in the name of Jesus. Amen.

77. As the storm rages, let no one is lost to the storm, dear Lord. Keep us all safe and shielded under the shadow of your wings. Amen.

78. We’re yours oh Lord, take care of us and let us not be ashamed of our trust in you. We shall receive victory as the end of our faith. Amen.

79. Let your light shine upon everything that represents darkness in our home. No darkness shall have room for operation in the name of Jesus. Amen.

80. I appreciate you because I know these prayers are answered speedily and your strength is released upon us. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

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Prayer to Trust God in Difficult Times

If one must overcome difficult times, faith is needed and required. Without faith, it’s impossible to overcome. What gives us victory over our circumstances is our faith.

Therefore, faith must be strengthened and energized to be able to deliver our expectations. Engage with the following prayers to get your faith strengthened.

81. I know you are alive dear Lord and God and I know if I can put my trust in you, you’ll give me give victory as your manner is. I come to you today for faith fortification, Lord strengthens my Faith.

82. I ask you Lord to open my eyes to what you have made available for me so that my faith can come alive to access victory in this situation. Amen.

83. Make me see what your servant Abraham saw that made him strong in faith. Show me what makes faith strong in the name of Jesus.

84. Fear hinders faith. In every way, fear has overshadowed my heart and it’s making my faith leak out, Father, let those places be blocked in Jesus’ name.

85. Lord, everything that makes me afraid, take care of them and let them not have dominion over my soul in the name of Jesus.

86. Whichever way the circumstances have made me look in another direction for help, Lord Jesus, forgive me and call my attention back to you. Amen.

87. Hearing you breeds faith, Oh Lord open my ears to hear your voice so that my faith can be quickened alive in the name of Jesus.

88. Give me specific words for my life and teach me what to do in this crucial time I have found myself.

89. You’re my source of joy and salvation. Let nothing be strong enough to affect the flow of joy in my life. Amen.

90. Pull me out of the pit of doubt and fear ravaging my soul. Let not iniquity overshadow me. Let my bones and everything weak in me hear the sound of joy and salvation from you so they could come alive again.

91. Guide me into your truth and lead me in the plain path so that my enemies will not rejoice over me. Amen.

92. Help me to think like you and see everything from your perspective so that I could have the right attitude about all things around my life.

93. I decree that I’m strong in faith, I’m not weak or helpless. I’m fully fortified and aided by the hands of the Lord in Jesus’ name. Amen.

94. In every way I’m void of hope in my soul, let my hope come alive again dear good Lord. I thank you because you’ve heard my prayers. Amen.

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God, Please Help Me Through This Difficult Time Quotes

Prayer is essential for a mortal man, no one can outgrow the need for prayers. Prayer is not ordained just for emergencies, it is what should be done every time.

When the time of need comes, the best thing to do is pray without ceasing. If you can believe the Lord and raise your cries to Him, He will always be there to help through any moment of difficulty. Pray the list of prayers below and watch God do wonders in your life.

95. Dear Father in heaven, I come to you today looking for the multitude of your mercy over my life. Thank you for what you have done for me in the time past. May your name be praised forevermore. Amen.

96. Dear Father, I’m confident and persuaded in you that if I ask you anything, you’re always there to answer me and even speedily. Here have I come before your throne, heed my voice according to the multitude of your mercy. Amen.

97. Dear Father in Heaven, I’m confident in you that you’ll grant me the strength that I require to go through this difficult time. I receive divine strength from you in the name of Jesus.

98. I come before your merciful throne where burdens are lifted and borne. As I have come before your throne today, let me find grace to help in the time of this great need.

99. I stretch my hands to you dear great God, hold my hands and walk me through these challenging situations I’m surrounded by, through your great mercy.

100. This time is pretty tough for me, I admit that I can’t scale through this time without your special enablement. Journey me through this season and grant me a safe landing. Amen.

101. I ask that you will keep me strengthened and fortified by your strength in my inner man. Let not the circumstances of life overshadow me in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

102. In every way that anxiety of life has dominated over my soul, let your light flush them off and strengthen my faith back alive again as before.

103. Everything that represents weaknesses and unbelief in my heart, let your light visit them and evict them from the corner of my heart.

104. In every way that I have doubted your word and I have not been living in faith as required of me, forgive me and give me the hope of glory in the name of Jesus.

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God Help Me to Be Strong Quotes

Do you want to stay inspired during hard times? Plunge into these quotes for meditation!

105. Every season is not the same, there is time and season to everything under the sun. Whatever season you find yourself in, handle it well.

106. There is time to be tried, there is time to be victorious. If you handle your trying time well, you’ll come out so victorious.

107. It’s not about what you’re going through but much more about what’s going through you.

108. No matter what you’re going through, stay positive and inwardly persuaded that you’ll see the end of the fight.

109. He who fights looking on God for help will in no doubt return with the harvest of victory at the end of the tunnel.

110. Victory is ascertained where hope is planted in the Lord. Put your hope in the Lord, He will not let you down.

111. Whenever you’re afraid, put your trust in the Lord. Faith is the only antidote to fear.

112. If you can trust in the Lord, you can have Him perform wonders unimaginable in your life.

113. Whoever trusts in the Lord will have the Lord fight His battle without fail.

114. The Lord is very near to everyone who calls upon His name. Keep calling Him, He will heed your voice.

115. If you are afraid, it’s allowed to be. But never allow yourself to remain afraid for too long because it cripples courage.

116. Be courageous in all that you do, victory is for the courageous. Therefore, fight to maintain your courage when fear fights you.

117. Sometimes, it’s not easy trusting the Lord. Dare to trust the Lord when it’s difficult the most.

118. Spend sometimes praying vehemently when the going gets tough. Prayers open you up to divine help.

119. The right attitude precedes winning. If you can keep the right attitude, your victory is not negotiable.

God Help Me Status

120. Father, please help me through this moment of my life and let your name be praised in my life.

121. No one looks up to you and ends up in shame. Keep my hope alive so that I can see the end of these challenges.

122. I hold unto you who is my strong tower and refuge in this time when I don’t know where to turn. Show me the way to go, my dear Lord.

123. You’re my hiding place and the strong tower to which I can continually resort to. Let me not be found stranded of divine help in this season.

124. I trust you, dear great God, let me be helped by your hands and promote your name through my life in the name of Jesus.

Please God Help Me Scriptures

125. “For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed” (Isaiah 50:7).

126. -“The LORD hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee Send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion” ( Psalms 20:1-2)

127. “But be not thou far from me, O LORD: O my strength, haste thee to help me” (Psalms 22: 19).

128. “Hear, O LORD, and have mercy upon me: LORD, be thou my helper” ( Psalms 30:10).

129. “Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy” ( Psalms 33:18).

130. “Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man” (Psalms 108:12).

131. “Help me, O LORD my God: O save me according to thy mercy” (Psalms 109:26).

132. “Let thine hand help me; for I have chosen thy precepts” (Psalms 119:173).

133. “My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth” (Psalms 121:2).

134. “My soul waits thou only upon God, from Him cometh my salvation” (Psalms 62:1).

135. My soul waits though only upon God; for my expectation is from Him (Psalms 62:5).

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