Thank You for Your Time and Consideration

62 Thank You for Your Time and Consideration in this Matter

Time is so precious, it is the commodity everybody has to convert to the success they desire to see. The proof that everything will go well with a particular person is that the person uses his time very well. Knowing how precious time is, everyone who sacrifices their time to attend to your matters ought to be thanked for their kindness towards you.

People only give time to whatever they consider valuable or important, no one spends his/her time on anything they consider not worthy. For anyone to have gone out of their way and exhausted their time on you, you should not take such for granted. Such people be told “thank you for your time and consideration”

One thing that makes you eligible for the help of men all the time is the spirit of gratitude. Anyone who cultivates this spirit will undoubtedly have men flock around him/her to give a helping hand when there is a necessity. It’s important to learn to say thank you for every little act of kindness shown to you.,

Thank You for Considering Me for the Position

1. Meeting you has changed my life completely. You are very kind and considerate. I am deeply grateful to you for considering me for this position.

2. It gladdens my heart to be considered for this elevated office. I am very grateful to you for all you do for me. May God always come through for you.

3. I have met a lot of people in my life. None of them has considered me for this great privilege. This position means a lot to me. Thank you for this.

4. May God bless the day that I met you. You have always made things easier and better for me. I appreciate you for considering me for this great platform.

5. I do not take this consideration for granted at all. You have made me a better person and you have continued to help me rise to higher levels of significance.

6. Of all the people available, you choose me. I never thought this day would come so fast. Thank you for this rare privileged position.

7. I want to thank you, especially for your consideration. I did not see this coming but here we are right now. Thank you very much.

8. You have given me the helping hand I need to rewrite my story. I came to this point because of the people who believed in me.

9. My gratitude goes to you for all you do for me. I am thankful that you have considered me for this prestigious position. You will not be disappointed.

10. My life is better after meeting you. You have always made me feel like there is no limit to my greatness. I appreciate you for this position.

Thank You For Considering My Request

12. This request has been my desire for a very long time. You have given it the attention it deserves. Thank you for considering it now.

13. I was not certain it would get the needed attention but I was sincerely wrong. Now I see better because you did not refuse my request. Thank you so much.

14. Before now I use to wonder how I will get someone to consider my request for this project. You can see how happy I am. Thank you for considering this.

15. With this request, people will have access to the basic things in this community. God bless you for all you do for this community.

16. My request could have been ignored but rather, you have considered it. This is never taken for granted. I am happy and grateful for this privilege. Thank you!

17. Nothing can stop me from giving my best to this assignment. The request is going to make the assignment very productive. Thank you for considering this request as a matter of urgency.

18. Thank you for your consideration of the mail sent to you. This request is very important and you are giving it the attention that it needs. I appreciate this kind gesture.

19. With this request, more people will be changed inside-out for the growth and productivity of individuals and their various life assignments. Thank you so much for giving me the privilege to rise higher in my career.

20. Life is such a gift that must be handled with care which is why with the request, we will help others live purposefully. Thank you for considering this.

21. Every day is another day for work and consistency. This request will help my team build a culture that values and rewards the right actions in our society. Thank you for considering this request at this critical time.

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Thank You for Your Time and Consideration of my Application

22. Building a project from scratch is a lot of work. It would require a lot of support to bring plans into reality. Thanks for considering my application precious to you, your kindness has made my day.

23. I’m optimistic that you will give me all your support to make this dream a reality. This application means a lot to me and it will help me serve my community very well.

24. You could have refused to look into my application but you did not. You have considered my application and for this, I say thank you.

25. Before now, I use to wonder how and who will at least consider going through my application. You have made my dream a reality. Thank you, I will repay this!

26. Now that you have considered my application, I am looking into the future with a lot of optimism. Thank you for all you have done.

27. Time and opportunity have brought me this far. Thank you for the acceptance and consideration of my application.

28. There are many people on earth but none considered my application until I met you. Thank you for your time and consideration of my application. You are amazing!

29. I still don’t know what I did right to earn your trust and friendship. I am grateful to you that you have considered my application.

30. Your time is very significant. In all you have to do daily, you created time to go through my application. Thank you for this kind gesture.

31. I’m standing here today because you are the help I long waited for. Thank you so much for your time. You have considered my application and that has changed my life for good.

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Thank You For Your Consideration In This Matter

32. My gratitude to you knows no end for what you have done to help me navigate this season of my life. You are my hero!

33. Situations can make life difficult to live. People like you make challenges easy to defeat. Your consideration in this matter is good. I’m grateful to you.

34. Every time I look at you I see the one who would never let me fall in life. In this matter at hand, your consideration is the best. I appreciate you for being considerate!

35. All of the times you have made efforts to help in this matter made things better for me. I just can’t thank you enough. You are the best!

36. Everyone should have at least one person like you in their lives. You are a rare gem and a refined mind that thinks correctly. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness.

37. This is me saying a big thank you to you for your consideration in this matter at hand. What would I have done without you? You have made my life better and more beautiful!

38. It would be unwise for me not to appreciate you for what you have done for me. This matter could have been truly worst but you have helped me.

39. You are the most important person in my life. Your considerations always make things work better in and around my life. Thank you now and always.

40. I have not given up because of your consistent help. You are the physical representation of the help of God in my life. Thank you for all you do.

41. Thank you! I feel blessed to have you every time you lend a helping hand. Your recent consideration of this ongoing matter is the best.

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Thank You For Your Consideration And Forthcoming Response

42. Your forthcoming response will change the state of things drastically. I can’t wait to have your feedback. It will help me move forward in my pursuit.

43. I have walked this far with the strong intention of going further. My life has been a steady journey of progress with you in it. Thank you as I expect your response to my request in a short while.

44. Thank you for considering my idea in the first place. You have proven that anyone regardless of their background can be heard. I wait patiently for your response.

45. There is so much we will be doing together after this first project. We have great things to work on in the nearest future. Thank you and I expect your response soon.

46. I want to thank you for giving me an audience and taking note of my ideas. I wait patiently for your feedback. This means a lot to me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

47. Everyone needs to be heard as long as they have something worthwhile to share. You have considered my proposal which is worth thanking you for. Thank you!

48. Thank you for considering my application and I expect your good response soon. You are an amazing person and you are the best at what you do.

49. We all need to have people who can help us rise above limitations. Thank you for considering my idea and promising to do something about it quickly.

50. So much to do but the time is running out already. You will get back to me shortly and I believe you. Thank you for your kind heart.

51. Many people can help but they choose to be selfish. You can help and you have made yourself available to help others. Thank you for considering helping me. I wait patiently for your response.

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Thank You For Considering Me For The Position However

52. What a day to be alive and see this happening. Thank you for considering me for this enormous position. I appreciate you for this.

53. I might be the least qualified for this position but you saw beyond my limitations. Thank you for making me believe in myself.

54. I have always wanted something bigger than what I was used to but this is bigger than what I was expecting. I will not refuse it. Thank you for this position.

55. It is always a privilege to serve when promoted. Thank you for promoting me to a position that will require greater service.

56. You are a kingmaker. Thank you for considering me to a point of giving me this powerful position. This has made me think more highly of my assignment.

57. I might not fit in perfectly yet for this position but I will not say no to it. I have not come this far to refuse big opportunities. Thank you!

58. If God brought me here, He will take me further. Thanks a million for this recent consideration. I will not disappoint you.

59. Looking back to where I am coming from makes me wonder if this opportunity is mine or not. No matter what, I will not neglect this new position. I appreciate you so much for this and more.

60. I now have the privilege of working in a position that is higher than what I was used to. It might look challenging but it is possible. Thank you for this great position.

61. I’m very thankful to you for this big position. You showed me that hard work pays great dividends. I will give my best to this new task.

62. Today is one of the best days of my life. You have made me so happy and I am very thankful to you. I appreciate you for considering me for a new position.

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