Wedding Anniversary Thanksgiving To God

60 Wedding Anniversary Thanksgiving To God with Prayers and Blessings

Expressing your wedding anniversary thanksgiving to God is one of the activities that must feature as you celebrate your wedding anniversary. Remember, it takes God’s grace to experience a blissful and lasting marriage. Therefore, you must always remember the one who has made it possible by offering the fruit of your lips and appreciating his goodness.

Showing gratitude to God is a great way to maintain his presence in your marriage and provoke more of his blessings. The next few lines feature some amazing words to show your gratitude to God and appreciate him for helping you through the blissful and exciting journey.

When you shower your union with thanksgiving and words of prayer, the blessings of heaven will flow into it and you will surely enjoy your marriage more than ever before.

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Wedding Anniversary Thanking God Anniversary Messages

1. The Lord is good and gracious to us, He has preserved us from destruction and saved us from doom. We are grateful for this blessing of a happy married life.

2. It is by God’s grace that we have come this far. Thank you dear Lord for the wisdom to build a happy home. We bless your name forever.

3. We thank God for this wedding anniversary. Despite the shaky beginning, God’s mercy sustained us. His mercy indeed endures forever.

4. The grace of God has been sustaining our marriage. Without him, we wouldn’t have come this far. Thank you our dear Lord and father for your unending grace.

5. The Lord has helped us, He has gifted us the most exciting and peaceful marriage. This is such a huge blessing. Thank you, our dear Lord.

6. As we celebrate our wedding anniversary, we praise you our God for your unending support. Thank you for being our present help in times of trouble. We are grateful, Lord.

7. Gracious God, we want to thank you. Thank you for granting us the desires of our hearts in our marriage. Thank you for granting us peace and joy. We bless your holy name.

8. Our bond has grown stronger, our hearts have grown closer, and our lives have become better. We thank you dear Lord for these blessings. Happy marriage anniversary to us.

9. Father we are grateful for being our in all in this marriage. Thank you for teaching us your ways, thank you for helping us to grow, and thank you for giving us all that we need.

10. We give glory to God for the idea of marriage came from Him, we appreciate Him for all the good and beautiful plans He has for marriage. We bless your holy name, Lord for bringing us to the center of your will, and enjoy your beautiful plans for marriage. We are grateful.

Wedding Anniversary Thanksgiving Quotes

11. It’s a great joy to be celebrating our Fiftieth wedding anniversary together. I thank the Lord who has given us this gift of long life and happy marriage. May His name be praised.

12. Our marriage has been full of both exciting and gloomy journeys but is never void of God’s love. We give glory to God for keeping us in his love.

13. It’s our wedding anniversary again and we want to thank the Lord. His provision has always been available for us, and we can’t deny His daily blessings. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

14. We have sailed this far in the ocean of love because God has been there with us. Thank you dear lord and savior for your presence.

15. For the years we’ve spent together, all we can say is; the Lord has blessed us as a couple. We appreciate God’s blessings and we will keep testifying to his goodness. Hallelujah.

16. Father we thank you for teaching us how to love each other. We will always be grateful for your care for us. Thank you, our dear Lord.

17. If you have not built the home with us, all our efforts would have been in vain. We thank you dear Lord for the grace we enjoyed. Happy anniversary to us.

18. The Lord has been our shield and helper. He has taken us through this journey and made us enjoy a peaceful and victorious marital life. Thank you, our dear God.

19. We give thanks to God who has caused us to triumph and win the battle of life. Thank you dear Lord for making our marriage a happy one.

20. We have enjoyed six good years of a beautiful and happy married life. It’s been God all the way, and we give Him thanks for that.

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Wedding Anniversary Thanks To God

21. Dear Lord, we thank you for this blessing of selfless and happy marriage. We hope you give us the strength and guidance to continue on this exciting journey. Amen.

22. We thank the Lord for the love He has put between us. We give Him praise for making this marital journey easy for us. We appreciate you, our God.

23. Happy wedding anniversary to us. We give thanks to God for His providence. May the good Lord continue to wrap us in His love.

24. We give thanks to God for our wedding anniversary, for by His grace we are not consumed. Thank you our God for being our surest support.

25. Through the stormy seas, the Lord has carried us in His arms. He has kept us safe from danger and satisfied our thirsty souls. Our marriage has been blissful, all thanks to our dear God.

26. The Lord has helped us build this beautiful family. Even when it seems impossible, He saw us through. We give thanks to God for this grace.

27. Thanks to our God for causing us to rejoice. Our love story has been a unique one. We give God the praise for giving us victory at last. Blessed be his holy name.

28. Thank you our dear Lord and savior for guiding us through the scariest path. The Lord is good to us, and we bless His mighty name. Happy marriage anniversary to us.

29. Lord we thank you that you’ve been here for us and with us. Thank you for your love and faithfulness over our lives. We bless your holy name.

30. Thank you Lord for your favor and grace. Thank you for helping us know you better. We appreciate you for the beautiful home you have blessed us with.

Thank You For Blessing Our Marriage

31. Dear Lord, we want to appreciate you for your uncountable blessings on us. Thank you for blessing our marriage. May your name alone be exalted in our lives.

32. For all the daily blessings you load us with, words would not be enough to praise you. Thank you father for being so good to us. Blessed be your holy name.

33. We appreciate the Lord for not leaving us. His blessings have been massive and his grace is overflowing. Thank you dear lord for this excess love.

34. For the past ten years, we have experienced God’s blessings in every area of our lives. Lord, we thank you for blessing our marriage.

35. God’s blessings have been evident in our lives. We have enjoyed so many benefits from Him. Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with a glorious marriage. Hallelujah.

36. Glory to God for our wedding anniversary, it has been by God’s grace and mercy that we are still standing. Thank you, dear Lord.

37. Father, we thank you for the blessings we enjoy in our marriage. Thank you for making us fruitful and multiply according to your words. We praise your Holy name.

38. We praise the Lord for the peaceful and joyful marriage you have given us. We praise your name forever. May your name be lighted forever in our home.

39. Thank you Jesus for you have been the foundation of our marriage. Thank you for making us enjoy all marital blessings. Blessed be your holy name.

40. The most gracious Father we adore your name. Thank you for fulfilling your promises of blessings upon our marriage. We have experienced your divine presence in our home. Thank you, Lord.

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Thank You Message To God For Our Wedding Anniversary

41. Dear Lord, we want to appreciate your goodness in our lives, as an individual and as a couple. Your grace has brought us this far. Thank you, Lord.

42. Several years have passed, and we are still standing strong for the Lord has been on our side. We thank God for this grace. Glory to God.

43. We give glory to God for we have seen his goodness. Thank you, Lord, for your unquantifiable blessing upon our lives. Blessed be your Holy name.

44. Lord, we are forever grateful for the gift of our marriage. Thank you for always meeting our needs and granting our heart desires. May your name be glorified.

45. As we celebrate this great milestone in our marriage, Lord we thank you for your guidance and protection over us. Thank you for you have always been our El-Shaddai.

Thanking God For Wedding Anniversary Quotes

46. For all the years we have been married, you have watched over us and blessed us with good gifts. Thank you, dear Lord, for your goodness.

47. As we celebrate our wedding anniversary today, we counted our blessings and we are in awe. Lord we thank you for your blessings are innumerable in our lives. We are very grateful.

48. Our marriage has been such a blessing! In just a few years, we have celebrated countless successes and accomplishments together. This has been the Lord’s doing. We give glory to God.

49. As we celebrate our wedding anniversary, we appreciate the Lord who has made it possible for us. Thank you dear Lord for your mercy, love, and precious gift in our lives.

50. Ever since we exchanged our marital vows, we have always enjoyed your goodness. Your peace has reigned in our home and we have never had a better yesterday. Thank you for this beautiful marriage you have given us.

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Wedding Anniversary Blessings And Prayers

Below are blessing for wedding anniversary:

51. Through thick and thin, we have stayed together. Despite the rough and tough journey, our love has waxed stronger. Here’s to forever, my love. Happy anniversary to us.

52. May our love grow stronger, may our joy last longer, and may our love story continue to be sweet and interesting. Happy anniversary to us.

53. I pray that our marriage is blessed. Nothing shall come in between us. We will grow old together in love. Happy anniversary to us, baby.

54. We have been together for a few years and it has been a sweet experience. May our love story not go sour. I love and cherish you, darling.

55. Thank you for going on this journey with me. You have made it worthwhile. Happy anniversary to us, my love. This is just the beginning of sweet memories.

56. I cherish every moment I’ve spent with you in this marriage. Let’s take it down to forever, baby. Our love is forever.

57. I am glad about everything that has happened to me in this marriage, I have grown with you, I am fond of you, and I am addicted to us. May blessings not cease from our marriage. Happy anniversary to us.

58. Our love story is the most interesting one I’ve seen, I am glad it’s happening to me. May our love keep growing stronger and richer. It’s our anniversary!

59. I can’t believe it’s 10 years already. You have made the journey an amazing one. I’m glad I said yes to you. May the joy of the Lord not cease from our marriage.

60. Getting married to you is the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. In it, I found love, peace, and the sweetest pampering. Happy anniversary to us darling.


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