Thank You Prayer For Friends And Family

100 Thank You Prayer For Friends And Family

Life is sweet with family and friends. It’s a great advantage to have one full of them. The journey of life is sweet when you’re surrounded by companions such as family and friends.

One of the ways you can keep family and friends committed to you for a long time to support you and serve you better in the matter of life is by showing appreciation to them for any form of good they do to you at all. Thank you prayer for friends and family is essential in keeping them close to you.

Everyone loves to stay and hang around an environment where they’re appreciated and prayed for. If you want to keep people flooding your life, you’ve got to cultivate the habit of intentional celebration of them.

Saying thank you prayer for friends and family constantly opens the blessings of God upon them and thereby you can keep enjoying their services better than ever. How do you thank a friend for prayer? I know you are surrounded by the company of families and friends and you will love to pray for them. Engage with these prayers and watch God bless them.

Prayer Of Appreciation To Someone

How do you thank someone and appreciate them? Do you have someone so kind and good to you and you’ll like to appreciate such a one? Here are special words of appreciation to say thank you to him/her. Appreciation makes things appreciate and put them in better shape.

1. For the manner and the quality of person that you are, I want to say a big thank you for always being a helping hand to me. I’m grateful to you for the quality of service you are rendering to me.

2. It might be insignificant but I must say I’m grateful to you for the help you rendered to me when I need you the most. You’re such a great friend and ally I cannot do without.

3. Your friendship with me has been a great asset in life. I’m grateful for having you in my life. Thank you for your contribution all the time.

4. Here am I with a heart of gratitude to let you know how good you have been to me in every way. You’re such a generous friend! May you enjoy the goodness of the Lord all the days of your life.

5. Thinking of the depth of your investment in me, I will admit that I can’t appreciate you deep enough. I want to register my appreciation with you. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me.

6. Your presence in my life has indicated happiness and inexpressible joy. You’re a companion to be kept forever. Thank you, I’m grateful for your kind deeds.

7. May I let you know how invaluable your contribution to my life has been over time? You’re indeed invaluable and indispensable.

8. You made the journey of my life sweet despite the roughness. I’m deeply grateful to you for always being by me all the way.

9. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to scale through life and come this far. You made life great for me, thank you so much, great friend.

10. You’ve been a great help to me beyond what I could imagine. This is nothing but a heart of kindness and genuine service to me. I take this with so much joy. I’m grateful!

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Thank You For Prayer For Family

Family is an indispensable part of a community, you need them to survive and make headways in life. The family stand by you both in time of challenges and also in the time of celebration. Family is beautiful, if you have one, pray for them and do appreciate them constantly. Below are the lists of thank you prayers for friends and family.

11. I want to say thank you for standing by me all the time especially when there is a need in my life. May the great God bless you.

12. Being part of this family has been nothing but a great blessing. I’m proud to be part of this enviable family. Thank you for being unique!

13. The nobility of this great family has rubbed off on me which has made me who I am today. I’m deeply grateful for the privilege of membership.

14. God has used you obviously to make my ceremony an enviable one. May the Lord enrich you all both now and in the days to come

15. When I look at what you’ve done for me, I’m speechless apparently. Thank you so much for your love and kindness towards me.

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How to Thank Someone for Praying for You

How to Thank Someone for Praying for You
How to Thank Someone for Praying for You

16. Your level of empathy and sympathy that you have shown to me has made me indebted to you for life. May God make everything fall in pleasant places for you.

17. Your service of love is appreciated and highly treasured. This is not in any way taken for granted. The Lord Himself will grant you help also in your time of need.

18. How you came through for me is nothing but the baggage of surprise. Your kindness is astounding. I’m glad I came from such a family.

19. What a great family have I been born with! I’m always proud to be a member of this house. I want to appreciate you all for being friends and confidants when it matters most. God bless you!

20. Your words of advice have made me who I am today. Thank you for your counsel and timely instructions. You shall not lack direction also. Amen.

Thanksgiving Friend Prayer

21. To my friends at home and abroad, I deeply recognize your service of love and commitment to my life. I pray that God is with you wherever you are!

22. You have made me see the true value of good friends like you, this is great and I’m deeply grateful for you. God bless you greatly!

23. Your investment in this friendship is noteworthy. Thank you for believing in me and putting this much into me.

24. I appreciate you and I can’t make it louder than this. You’ve been a blessing to me, I say thank you so much.

25. Your life shall be filled with ease and peace from above. Nothing shall make you sad in this life. I love you so much, thank you for the blessed relationship I have with you.

Thank You All for Your Prayers

26. During my challenging time, I felt so troubled and perplexed but you came through for me and strengthen me. You shall not be found deficient of divine help also.

27. I do not believe this kind of person exists in this world, you are so unique. I’m grateful, the Lord shall give you support too in the time of need.

28. You’ve been a blessing to me all the while and I’m thankful to you for all you’ve done for me. You shall not be found helpless in the name of Jesus.

29. You’ve done a lot for me and I cannot easily forget all you’ve done for me. May men serve your interest and grant you a helping hand.

30. Your manner of love and kindness to me has been very profound. This is nothing but an expression of love for me and my family. It’s my prayer that the mercy of the Lord shall not depart from you.

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Prayer of Thanks for Blessings

When someone blesses you, it’s good you say thank you and also pray for them. This keeps them excited and always willing to want to help you other times. How do you say thank you for a blessing? Below are prayers of thanks for the blessing.

31. You’ve been a blessing to me and I cannot but say thank you for what you all do for me. You’re such a blessing. The Lord bless you greatly in multiple folds.

32. The same way you’ve been kind to me, so will someone you don’t know shall also favor you beyond your expectations. Thank you!

33. I’m amazed at the largeness of heart you demonstrated towards me. Thank you so much for your kindness!

34. May God rewards all the labor of love you have demonstrated towards me in the name of Jesus.

35. Your love and contribution towards me are undeniable, I couldn’t have come this far at this pace without you helping me. The blessings of the Lord are upon you both now and forever.

Short Thank You Prayer

36. Just the same way you have always supported me financially so will the Lord bless you without fail. Amen.

37. An individual like you are rare to come by. I appreciate the privilege of meeting you in life and being helped by you. You shall also enjoy the privilege of being helped by the Lord.

38. You’re a gift to me and the world at large. I deeply appreciate you for the good heart that you have towards me. Thank you so much.

39. I have seen you covered up for me in a time when I was almost covered with shame. May the everlasting arm also cover you and you shall not see shame in your life in the name of Jesus. Amen.

40. In every sense, you’ve been a source of joy to me, your joy shall not be lost as well. I call you blessed and you shall not be ashamed in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Short Prayer Of Gratitude

41. What you did for me the other day has opened the door of an endless joy unto me. Things of joy shall not be found wanting in your life.

42. I appreciate the Lord for your life and for giving you this kind of golden heart. You have brought hope alive in me that anything is possible.

43. The Lord shall make everything work in your favor and make you a source of joy to the generation to come.

44. Everything you lay your hands upon shall prosper and you shall never go down in any area of your life. Thank you for your service of love.

45. I couldn’t have been able to figure out how I could get these things done. God bless you for enlightening me on what to do.

46. On your behalf I bless the name of the Lord, may His blessings be evident in everything that you do all the days of your life.

47. Obviously, you’ve been a blessing to your generation. You shall not lose relevance in the name of Jesus.

48. May the Lord reward all the good works that you did to everybody around you. Thank you, I’m grateful!

49. This is what you should expect in your life; goodness, mercy, and favor of the Lord. I appreciate you.

50. You shall not be disadvantaged in life. The pleasure of the Lord shall be executed in your life. You’re blessed and not ashamed, thank you.

Thanksgiving Prayer For Family And Friends

51. For my family and friends, I want to appreciate the goodness of the Lord for what He has done for them. Dear Lord, may your name be praised forevermore.

52. Thank you Lord for giving me this kind of family and friends surrounding my life. Dear God, I’m grateful.

53. I thank you for the way you’ve been keeping and protecting everyone in my circle. May your name be praised forevermore.

54. Nothing makes life easy and worth living like being surrounded by a host of family members who truly care about you. For this great opportunity, Father, I’m grateful!

55. Having a good family is a great gift that should not be taken with levity. I appreciate this precious gift of family you’ve given unto me.

56. I have enjoyed the benefits of good friends so far. Oh Lord, I’m grateful for this good friend.

57. I thank you Lord for my friends and family, may you Lord bless and increase them on every side.

58. Nothing gives one rest like that you’re surrounded by people who genuinely care for you and would do anything to make you fine. I’m thankful to you God for such a precious gift to me.

59. I’m blessed indeed to have this great company of family and friends flocking around my life. I ask that you increase us in number and riches. Amen.

60. I do not know how to appreciate the kindness of every family member and a great friend in my life. I want to say thank you to everyone for their love for me.

Prayer of Thanks for Friends And Family

61. If not for the Lord who has been our help and shield, where would this great family have been? Thank you for being the builder of this family!

62. We know you as our savior and shield, we give you glory and honor over everyone within our home. We’re grateful to you Lord forever and ever.

63. I will talk of your faithfulness forever and ever to the end of the earth. I thank you, Lord, on behalf of my family and friends.

64. I will appreciate you every day of my life dear Lord, you’re good and kind in all you do. Thank you for your blessings upon us all.

65. What a blessing to belong to a home whose texture is heavenly. Thank you for giving me such a gift dear Lord and savior.

66. Let this family flourish by your power, let my friends prosper in all that they do, and let your name be gloriously praised through us all.

67. We’re the works of your hands and the sheep of your pasture. You’ve made our lives so beautiful and we cannot but praise you forevermore.

68. Let your mercy be on the great flow over my friends and family wherever they are, let them not be lost in the adventure of life. Amen.

69. We’re yours oh Lord and we have submitted the steering of our lives under your care. Drive us safely home.

70. I’m glad and excited for everything that you represent to us, making your name greatly praised by my family members.

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Thank God for my Family

71. I thank you Lord for this beautiful family I have been privileged to be born into. This can only be you who has done me this good.

72. Thank you Lord for my family, I appreciate you for all you did for us, what you are doing for us and what you’ll yet to do. Your name is exalted forevermore.

73. I couldn’t have been given a more precious gift from heaven than the gift of this family. Let your name be forever praised. Amen.

74. We’re creatures of mercy in your hands, do not leave us nor forsake us. Make us enjoy the multitude of your mercy in the name of Jesus.

75. Our days on earth are in your hands dear great God, guide us and keep us like apples of your eyes. Amen.

76. Keep us from the evil that hunts the soul of men all over the world and keep us safe as we move up and down the earth.

77. You have opened many doors of greatness and comfort unto us, we appreciate you for this. Please, keep doing the same wonders in our lives forevermore.

78. Looking at everything you’ve done for me and my family, I cannot thank you enough for your investment in us. Keep up your great work, dear Lord.

79. Dear Lord, we’re blessed to have you as the driver of our family. Thank you for not leaving us unto the will of our enemies.

80. I declare that we’ll live the rest of our lives in the praise and the glory of your name. Thank you, good Lord, for my family.

Thank You for Your Prayer

81. For everyone who has kept a spiritual watch over me praying for me both in my presence or absence, may God bless you too. Thank you for your prayer!

82. Every word of prayers that you have uttered to the ears of God over me shall be answered. Your prayers shall not go in vain. Thank you for your prayers!

83. I consider your prayers for me as a precious gift of love from you to me. This is not taken for granted in any way. Thank you for your prayers.

84. It’s amazing having my life surrounded by intercessors who are dedicated to praying for me. May all your prayers also be heard. Amen.

85. I will not stop thanking all of you for making mention of me in your prayers. May the Lord also not forget you.

86. Your prayers and offering concerning me before God are appreciated. Thank you for all your prayers!

87. May the Lord see you through in all your endeavors and magnify His name in your life. His glory shall be evident in your life.

88. You’re a beautiful soul to be emulated for the genuine love you have towards people. Thank you for always praying for me.

89. May the goodness of the Lord never depart from you on any day of your life. You’re blessed and lifted in the name of Jesus. Amen.

90. I do not know how to articulate my thank you for your prayers message to you but I can trust the Lord to reward your labor of love.

Thanksgiving Blessing For Friends And Family

91. May the blessings of heaven and the earth be upon you and all that you do. May God’s name be praised in your life now and forevermore.

92. God’s grace and goodness shall not depart from your life, you shall be amazingly prosperous in the name of Jesus.

93. I want to say thank you for being a blessing to me all my life. I’m grateful to you for this precious gift of mercy you’ve been to me.

94. I can’t give you anything in return to appreciate you for being a huge blessing to me but I want to say God bless you for being such a huge blessing to me.

95. Please always know that I deeply appreciate you and I’m grateful for all that you’ve represented to me so far. May you enjoy divine backing in all areas of your life.

96. Looking at the length you went in rendering me services, you must have been God-sent to be this committed to me. Thank you, God bless you.

97. I rejoice exceedingly over you for your kind heart and the love unconditional being expressed to me. The blessings of the Lord will be permanent in your abode. Amen.

98. Everything you lay your hands upon shall turn to gold, nothing will die in your hands. I deeply appreciate you.

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Thank You for All Your Prayers

99. My sincere gratitude goes to the Lord who has given me a precious gift such as you. And I also want to express my deep gratitude to you. You’re blessed in all that you do.

100. I recognize and appreciate everything you’ve done for me. The blessings of the Lord will not cease in your life.


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