Signs God Wants You to Be With Someone

12 Crystal-Clear Signs God Wants You to Be With Someone in Marriage or Relationship

Every area of your life attracts the attention and interest of God. God is a loving father who loves to see every area of your life functioning well according to His plans. “…That ye may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God” (Colossians 4:12).

God wants you to do well in marriage and that’s why you will get signs God wants you to be with someone from Him. As you give heed to His direction, you will never miss it. The Lord has made adequate provisions for you which I’m about to open your eyes to. May your eyes be enlightened as we move further.

It’s always God’s pleasure to give you the needed guidance into His will for you in marriage. Someone asking, Can God lead you to your spouse? YES, God can, and in fact, He will. Knowing how He leads you is very vital if you must not miss His plans for your life.

The importance of divine guidance in marriage cannot be underestimated because only God gives the best. it takes the author of a thing to provide the best fashion for it. You cannot see beyond your nose per time, you require the assistance of the one who knows the end before the beginning begins. You will save your stress and heartache when you make Him the author of your decision in marriage.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). This should be the posture of every believer before God. Finding a life partner is best done by trusting the Lord to provide you with one, not by searching around. In trusting the Lord is rest, in searching around is stress. Look above for a wife or husband, do not spin around to get one for yourself.

“Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers, But a prudent wife is from the LORD” (Proverbs 19:14). Your parent may be able to afford you everything you could ever desire, but when it comes to the choice of whom to marry, the Lord is the chief specialist. Run to Him, He has the best for you.

Are you in the search of clear signs to know the will of God and you don’t know what they are? You’re welcome on my page and you are the reason I’m anointed to put these thoughts together. Read with an open mind! I can assure you, you will be too convinced to be confused regarding who you are meant to marry. Let’s take the ride together.

7 Elements of a Successful Marriage Decision

Elements of a Successful Marriage Decision
Elements of a Successful Marriage Decision

Foundation is vital when building a formidable edifice is concerned. If the foundation is faulty, the longevity of a structure is not guaranteed. Before you start looking for signs to know the will of God in marriage, settle the basis I’m about to discuss with you.

1. Know your God: Trusting God for a life partner begins with establishing a relationship with Him. You will find it difficult to recognize the mind of God for you concerning marriage if you have not known Him intimately. It may be too late to establish a relationship with God on the verge of need if you have not done so before the need arises.

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How to wait for the right man from God is to have been a waiter in His presence before the need for a marriage partner arises. The relationship must be developed first before a request can be made of Him.

Relationship before Request. A crisis relationship with God cannot assure you of a definite future. You should maintain a living relationship with Him whether you are in need or not. If there is any time you must build a relationship with God, the time is now. Do It Now!

2. Know your Purpose: God will not give you a partner before you know your purpose. It is wrong asking the Lord for a partner if you do not have an idea of where you are headed in life. Your purpose talks about where you are headed in life, partner talks about who is going with you. If you do not know where you are going, there is no point in requesting a partner to go with you.

Your first search in life is to find out your path, then you can seek your partner. As you develop intimacy with the Lord, He will reveal Himself to you and reveal yourself to you. Do not make a marital decision until you have known who you are and where you are headed in life. I hope I’m loud enough about that. Alright, I believe you got it! Continue reading, you won’t miss it!

3. Be Willing to Submit Your Preferences to the Will of God: If you must involve the Lord in anything, you need to know that you cannot dictate for Him, you have to submit your will to Him. In our relationship with the Lord, God is the boss, we’re the servants. He is the leader, we’re the followers. We don’t dictate for Him, He does for us. We don’t know as much as we ought to, He knows all things.

We will get the best of Him when we project a genuine submission before Him. It’s better to go to the Lord and ask, ‘Lord, what do you want for me?’ rather than go to Him and say, ‘Lord, this is what I want. You don’t get the best from the Lord carving an idol for yourself. Many of us spend our prayer times asking for what we will never need.

Submission precedes getting a clear direction from God. Willingness to follow the Lord comes before getting a leading from the Lord. You will not be led until you project a willingness to follow. Be ready to accept the will of God before you ask for His will. The will of God sometimes does not look like what you are looking for, if you are not submissive, you will not follow.

4. Be Secured in God: Many people cannot entrust their lives to the hand of the Lord because they don’t trust Him strongly enough to give them the best. And because they do not trust Him wholly with their hearts, they go about making provisions for themselves.

Some are afraid that the Lord might give them less than they are expecting. Some might be asking, what if I ask the Lord for a spouse and He brings somebody I don’t like? These are agitations that come from insecurity in the Lord.

If you are secure in the Lord, you should have known that God is true to His words and He cannot lie. “God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he has spoken, and shall he not make it good?” (Numbers 23:19).

This implies that, if God makes a verbal commitment toward anything, His capacity and integrity will perform it. If He says He will do a thing, He will bring it to pass.

He already says in His words, “He would do exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or think in accordance to His power” (Ephesians 3:20). This means that God will not do less than your expectations, He can only do more for you. God doesn’t give less, He gives more. If you ask Him for a piece of bread, He will not give you a stone. He’s such a dependable father!

If you know this truth and believe it actively, then, you should be secure in God that He will always give you the best that is better than you have requested or imagined. Sometimes, what He brings your way may not look like what you are asking or expecting, but trust me, it is far better than what you asked for as long as He is the one who brought it. As you progress in following Him, you will soon understand.

God sometimes gives you the best but in disguise, if you are too carnal in your analysis based on physical observation, you will miss God. If you are walking with God, you cannot judge by hearing your ears and sight of your eyes. The walk with God has to be by faith. He will always give you the best but you will need faith to explore it.

Everything He does may not make absolute sense to you at the beginning, but the progression and the end of the journey will make you see sense in what He does. Be secure in Him enough to follow Him even when it doesn’t resonate with your senses.

5. Keep it Simple: Don’t expect a divine leading to appear dramatic, expect it to be as natural as possible. It doesn’t have to be dramatic to be supernatural. God’s leading is not rocket science, don’t complicate matters.

When you want the Lord to lead you in your marital decision, do not expect the Lord to lead you through another method other than the way He has been leading you afore time. Naturally, God leads a believer through several ways such as inner witnesses, vision, dreams, trance, revelation, inner voice, divine coincidence, or orchestration.

When I met my wife-to-be, God organized a coincidence, and that was it. I did not have to see a vision or dream to know she is the one. Pay attention here, when you meet the right person you just know.

You don’t have to see him/her in a night dream or vision for her to feature in your future. It is not about whom you saw when you sleep, it’s about who is sent to you and who fits into the essence of your existence on earth.

Do not complicate matters for yourself, knowing the will of God in marriage is not difficult. If you have been finding it difficult, your mindset has made it so. If you can change your mindset, you will change your experience.

If God has been leading you on a daily occasion through inner witnesses, for instance, do not expect Him to lead you through dreams and visions when it comes to a marital decision. You don’t need a special leading to know the will of God in marriage. The same way He has been leading you before is the same way he will lead into marriage.

A Christian who has been walking with the Lord doesn’t need to pray for one year to find a spouse. It looks complicated because you think it should be so. It’s the lack of a prevenient relationship with the Lord that makes people have to pray for three years to identify their partners. Finding your spouse is not difficult.

6. Develop a Right Mindset: Convince Yourself that Getting it Right is not Difficult. Your mentality determines your reality, and what you believe will be received. You cannot have it easy when you have conceived difficulties in your mind. A man who believes everything must be hard will call everything that looks easy fake.

Don’t approach the marital decision with the fear that you might miss it. If you think you will miss it, you will ultimately do. Do not allow fear in your mind, don’t entertain anxieties, trust the Lord and you will not miss it.

Stop saying, ‘marital decision is critical, the marital decision is delicate, the marital decision is difficult’ Utterances like these will plant a negative seed on your mind which will grow to become a tree from which fruit you’ll feed. If you notice that you’re already nursing strange thoughts in your mind concerning marriage, undo it by confession of faith until those thoughts are rooted out from your mind.

Signs God is Leading You to the One You Are Meant to be With

How God leads you to your spouse is not rocket science or a hard-to-crack nut if you have been maintaining a valid and functional relationship with Him before the needs arise. Knowing the will of God in marriage won’t be difficult if there has been a prevenient leading of God in your life.

Among several billions of people in the world is just a singular person for you. Making decisions is difficult when you have multiple options. Multiplication of choices has led to a lingering question in people’s hearts, how do I know she is the one? or how do I know he is the one?

God doesn’t speak in an ambiguous language you cannot understand nor will He talk to you with a baritone voice from heaven as many would expect Him such as ‘this is your wife, this is my wife’. It may come this way if He chooses but it doesn’t have to come that way.

Note that, something doesn’t have to be dramatic for it to be God. God is not complicating, don’t compound issues for yourself. Many people while waiting for their ‘missing ribs’ as they would often call it are expecting to see a drama in a night vision before they can know who they are meant to be. Looking for signs God wants you to be someone can be misunderstood if not properly discussed.

Supernatural doesn’t mean dramatic, it doesn’t have to be dramatic to be called a supernatural leading. Signs God is leading you to the one who can be a guide to you. Signs are points or indicators to show you a direction you should follow, if you see any of these pointers, you can make your decision in synchrony with them.

God is interested in giving you a sign, a token of proof so that you can be convinced and stay guided. “Ask a sign for yourself from the LORD your God; ask it either in the depth or in the height above. Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel” (Isaiah 7:11).

Below are early soulmate signs to know that God wants you to be with someone.

7. Joy and Peace: “For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace… ” (Isaiah 55:12). God leads by peace, where God’s peace is, God is, wherever He is not, His peace is withdrawn.

If you are in the will of God for you in marriage, the Holy Spirit will establish incomprehensible peace and joy unspeakable in your heart beyond what you can explain by physical evidence. Things may not look appealing on the external but peace and joy will be the umpire.

Physical conditions may be saying stop, and inward peace is saying go ahead. We are led by the peace within us, not the external observations of things. I hope you got it? I believe you do!

Check how joyful or peaceful you’re with the person that you have found or that has found you. If you have an internal conflict about the person, check it very well before you settle for such a person. When you meet the right person you just know by the peace in your heart. This is of one the kingdom spouse signs.

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Be genuine when you are checking your peace. Ensure you do not falsely create peace for yourself all because you’re carnally attracted to the person because of the things you have observed and liked about the person and neither should you allow the external observation of things you don’t like about the person to disrupt your peace.

Be as genuine as possible. What you see externally can disrupt your internal peace if you allow it and what you see externally can help you create a false peace if you allow it. Do not marry by observation, marry by revelation. The kingdom of God doesn’t come by observation, says the scripture.

In this generation, people falsely develop peace and a voice of the Lord out of it because of the presence of material things or physical glamours they can see with their physical eyes. On the other, people can begin to lose their peace because of the absence of material things and physical glamours. Sincerity will help you on this matter.

8. Alignment of Purpose: The first marriage God established was strictly intended to be a company with man and achieve the end for which God created him. In marriage there is pleasure, but the purpose of marriage is higher than pleasure. Permit me to fondly say, ‘the purpose of marriage is purpose’

God doesn’t have careless or useless creatures, if a thing exists at all on the earth, it exists for a purpose. Every man is uniquely configured to fill a space on earth and fulfill an intention. God’s dealing with you will be in the light of what He made you for.

The reason He wants to bless you, give you peace, and a man/woman to marry is because he has given you a purpose. Your partner is given to you to complement your purpose. Complementing each other in purpose doesn’t necessarily mean you will have passion for the same thing the same way, and to the same degree, it just means that you can complement each other.

This is how to tell if God wants you to be with someone. When God wants you to be with someone, He gives you a partner that complements your purpose.

Marriage should not happen where there is a conflict of purpose or there is no point of alignment. Divorce is inevitable when both partners are headed in a different direction. If you find out that your supposed spouse is always kicking against your area of passion or calling and you find it difficult to create an alignment, stay off such a relationship.

When God wants you to be with someone, there will always be a point of alignment. This is how to know if God wants you to be with someone.

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How To Know If God Is Leading You Into A Relationship

Can you truly know if God is leading you into a relationship? Yes, you can! Check out the following to find out if you are being led!

9. Unusual Contentment: Everything may not be ready physically but you will find yourself being content in the person you’re meant to be with. internal satisfaction without explanation is a clear sign that God sent someone to you. The person may not have it altogether yet you are just at peace.

When you find yourself being fulfilled in being with the person, that’s a green light. There are an eternal excitement and contentment that comes with finding the right person. Unconditional love is natural when you have found the right person

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10. Mental Resemblance: Marriage is not a facial thing, marriage is a mindset thing. If your

mentality or way of thinking is in vast contrast, conflict will be the order of the day in that relationship. There is bound to be a variation in perspective and way of thinking, you cannot avoid such.

Our mindset and perspective about life are informed by our background, religion, education, and environmental factors. If we do not grow up in the same environment under the same condition, we are not likely to think the same way.

Time is required to renovate our minds and align them. You may not think the same way but at least, there will be like minds in you both. Mentality keeps a marriage together, if the mentality of both goes in the opposite direction, separation will happen by default, it’s just a matter of time.

If God is the one leading you to someone, He will not bring you trouble. Mental conflict is the greatest conflict. If the mental clash is higher than mental agreement and it persisted over time, you may not go ahead. Persistent mental clash is a red flag, don’t ignore it. If you are mentally clashing consistently, the crash of the union is just waiting for time to happen.

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Confirmation from God on Who to Marry

If you have subjected your marital decision to the signs above, Joy and Peace, Alignment of purpose, unusual contentment, and mental resemblance you also need to conduct a confirmatory test on your decision.

Every heavenly leading has an earthly confirmation. God is no respecter of persons yet He regards men. If you say men don’t matter, that means you don’t regard God.

The scripture teaches that “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

The confirmation from God on who to marry revolves around the authority figures over and around your Life. Everyone ought to have authority over their heads. He who listens to no one does not deserve to be married. It’s dangerous to get married to someone who is the boss of his/her life.

God’s approvals require the endorsement of men to make His plans come through. It is profitable for you to further validate your decision by the confirmatory signs below.

11. Parental Consent: God has set everyone in a family, nobody evolves from apes as they postulated. You belong somewhere and it’s from that place you should be given out in marriage. “God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity…” (Psalms 68:6).

Getting married to someone God wants you to be with requires parental consent. Parental consent is proof that God wants you to be together. I recognize the fact that parents can be biased in their judgments.

The Lord may want you to marry somebody your parent is kicking against. This could be due to tribal, religious, or mindset biases. If you are in such a case, you require patience and divine intervention to resolve such an issue. God will intervene only if patience can be exercised. Patiently waiting in faith will dissolve any challenge you may encounter around this.

12. Pastoral Consent: If you belong to a church of God or a community of saints, you must be accountable to the spiritual authority over you. Somebody who has spiritual oversight on you has a say in your marital decision. This is not to decide for you but to endorse the decision. Parental consent is one of the signs to know the right person for you.

You will find it easy if your parent or pastor are genuine people who do not allow sentiment to interfere with their sense of judgment. The fact that you don’t like somebody doesn’t mean someone else cannot marry him/her. It’s good if your pastor or parent loves who you want to end up with, but the fact that they don’t like the person doesn’t mean you cannot marry the person.

In a case, where there is a conflict of interest here, you need to calm down, exercise patience and pray to the Lord about it fervently to touch their hearts and convince them. The heart of the king is in the hand of God and He can turn it His way. Don’t be rude nor should you project desperation all because you are being opposed by the authority figure over you. Calm down, the Lord will intervene as long as He is the author of it.

Wouldn’t you let me know how I have been a blessing to you through your comments? Leave a comment behind for me. You can share these insights with family, friends, loved ones, and as well as your social media handles.

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  1. God is your Creator,He knew you before you’re born. Only Him can lead you to the right person/give you the signs cos He has your life blueprint.

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    This are Powerful words sir. thank you for sharing from your well of wisdom.

  3. This piece of work really got me thinking and I’m very sure that as I continue to ponder on what I have just read, I do not doubt that it will change my perspective positively about God’s involvement concerning marriage.

  4. A very helpful article sir. I really believe there is need to put more into preparing for marriage, to help curb the prevalent marital crises in most homes.

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