Another Year Older Birthday Quotes

102 Another Year Older Birthday Quotes, Wishes and Messages for Celebration

As long you’re born, you’re bound to grow in age at the rise and set of the sun each day. One year goes and another one comes but the age of man never remains the same. As you grow, it’s expected that everything around you grows with you. Here are another year older birthday quotes to put you in the right frame of mind for the coming years.

Old age should call for wisdom, as you grow you ought to be wiser and richer every day. When another year comes, you should always check to see improvement in every area of your life so that adjustments can be made where needs are.

The advantage of old age is advancement across all areas of life. If nothing grows with you, you’re not growing well. These quotes will help you think deeply and awaken your consciousness to the responsibilities expected of you so that your life can travel in the right direction.

When you turn another year older, you ought to give thanks to God and also reflect on the past to see what you can do better in the future. Thinking Rightly on your birthday help you do things more maturely than in former years. Anyone who always does things the same will always get the same result.

Happy Birthday Getting Older Quotes

Below are another year older birthday quotes to make you deal wisely in the affairs of life in the coming years.

1. As you turn a year older, it’s important you measure your growth by how impactful your life has been, not how long you’ve lived. The joy of life is impact and I can admit that your life has been impactful. Happy birthday!

2. Age is best counted not by numbers, but by impact. No one has truly lived without having his life touch another person’s life. Your life has been a blessing. Happy birthday!

3. The joy of getting older is to see your life becoming a source of joy and inspiration to another person. As you turn a year older, be more decisive to put a smile on someone’s face. Enjoy the celebration!

4. You must utilize your young age very well because as you advance in age, your energy dissipates and your memory declines. This is your best shot, use it well. This is your best year, happy birthday!

5. Life is better and more beautiful when it’s lived for the right reasons. Birthday becomes pleasurable when your life is lived for the right course. As you turn a year older today, may your life be lived to the fullest.

6. Old age is an advantageous age if the young ages are rightly invested. It’s beautiful getting old as long as you rightly invest your youthfulness. Enjoy your celebration, you have lived well.

7. As you turn a year older, you have every opportunity to begin afresh and do things differently. Develop a better approach to things and your life will be marvelous. I wish you a bountiful celebration!

8. Every new year begins on the first day of the year, but your new year begins on your birthday. Have a joyful experience today because such an opportunity is presented once.

9. Birthday is a natural gift to every man to give themselves a nice treat and eat a special meal. It’s your birthday, just enjoy it with friends and loved ones.

10. This is your birthday and it’s the oldest day you’ve ever witnessed and this is the youngest you’ll ever. Use your time more consciously! I celebrate you greatly!

11. Birthday celebration doesn’t make us older, it makes us newer every day. It’s a new year, take in the fresh air.

12. You know you’re advancing in an age when you consider cakes as less expensive than your health. The old doesn’t allow you to eat everything you used to. Celebrate with caution!

13. You can live as long as you want to live if you’re ready to lay down everything that wants to make you live up to that age. If you don’t allow worries, you will live as long as you wanted.

14. It’s great to be born but it’s better to know why you were born. The day you were born is great but the day you discover why is more important. Happy birthday and have a great discovery of yourself.

15. Advancing in age doesn’t result in wisdom, personal investment in oneself does. Don’t just increase in age, increase in knowledge.

16. Old age makes you feel better about yourself because it allows you to rethink and have a better way of doing things. This is your day, may you get wiser!

17. The birthday celebration is not just to be remembered but also to upgrade and update our lives. Let both be pivotal in your life.

18. Birthday is a day specially designed for you to celebrate yourself and give yourself the right treatment. Have a blast today!

19. Sometimes, as you grow in age, the fear of the future increases. But a birthday is not a day for fear but a day to celebrate yourself and look into your future with better hope. Have a hope-filled birthday celebration!

20. As you grow older, you get to start believing everything. It’ll be to your advantage to use your brain very correctly while you’re very young.

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A Year Older A Year Wiser Birthday Quotes

21. Majority of the things you have to learn to have to be learned while you’re young because what you’ve known while you’re young is what travels you till your old age.

22. The joy of old age is that you can appreciate life for the beautiful accomplishment life has granted you. Enjoy your birthday, it’s all yours!

23. You do not have to live your rejoicing to once a year, you rejoice every day. Live every day like it’s your birthday. Today is special, make it very special in every sense.

24. Old age is like you’re taking a flight, once you are in, there is nothing you can do about it. I charge you to prepare for each flight.

25. Old age may not come with so many riches but more wisdom. Older age ought to be the mother of wisdom.

26. Wrinkles of old age are a blessing because it takes so long to earn them. The gray head is the beauty of old age.

27. As you travel to the age, life gets interesting because you begin to enjoy the works of your hands. May you enjoy the works of your hands. Amen.

28. Young ages are for adventure, and old age is for rest. If you work hard when you are young, you should rest when you’re growing old. May you receive rest in all areas of life.

29. Wisdom is required to live in old age. This wisdom is best accumulated while you’re young. As you turn a year older together, may you increase in wisdom.

30. May this birthday bring you to another level of wisdom and understanding to deal very wisely in the affairs of life. I declare you blessed!

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Getting Older and Wiser Birthday Quotes

31. You’ll never be as young as you are again and you’ll never be able to correct all your mistakes again. Minimize mistakes as you advance in age. Happy birthday, grow wiser.

32. If all men have the opportunity to be young again, then everyone will correct their mistakes and play carefully to avoid recurrence.

33. Your worldview changes as you grow older. However, the way of wisdom becomes the most profitable path to trek. Trek wisely in this new year, happy birthday to you.

34. Wisdom is needed to live old age with ease and without stress. The wisdom of old age is great riches. I wish you more cash in your pocket. Happy birthday to you!

35. The secret of staying young all your life is to make a decision never to be troubled by anything. If your heart is anxiety-free, your face will ever be young. Have a worry-free birthday celebration!

36. You were the same person 25 years ago but not exactly in the same shape and figure. Look into the mirror, you’re probably not getting younger. Happy birthday!

37. No matter how fit you keep your body, you’ll never be as young as you used to be. Whatever you should do now, do it while you can. Happy birthday to you!

38. Time flies, once they’re gone, they cannot be recovered anymore. The careful use of time is the wisdom of old age. May you have sufficient wisdom to use your time correctly.

39. You’re either as old or young as your mindset. Mind updates and upgrades must be your normal way of life as your advance further. Happy birthday to you!

40. Age is nothing but an increase in numbers. If you don’t mind the numbers, it would never matter. Happy birthday to you!

One-Year Wiser Birthday Quotes

41. Whatever has happened in the time past, the truth remains that the best is yet to come. May the better things that you’ve not experienced before come to you speedily.

42. The past is good but the perfect is always in the future. No matter what you’ve acquired in your past, the future can always give you a new and better experience. Happy birthday.

43. Your birthday is as unique as yours, how impactful and meaningful your life has been determined by the beauty of your birthday.

44. You cannot do anything about the past but you can do everything about the future. Your future is as beautiful as what you’re doing now. I wish you a great birthday celebration!

45. Old age comes with so many advantages which place your life at the profiting end. May the profitability of your life increase as your age becomes plus one.

46. Old age comes with regrets about what you felt you should have done but cannot do. May your birthday be free of regret and full of joy. It’s your birthday, rejoice!

47. Old age is telling on you when you can no longer remember things as swiftly as you should. It’s my prayer for you that you’ll enjoy your old age.

48. Your life was meant to live a footprint on the soil of time. You were born an original meant to do a particular thing in your unique way. Growing up doing it.

49. May you grow wiser as you grow older. May you understand the true meaning of old age as your day advances. Happy birthday to you!

50. This is the day you’ve waited and expected. May the joy of this day last with you longer than expected! I wish you a fulfilling birthday celebration!

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Getting Old Birthday Wishes

Here are one year wiser birthday wishes to celebrate and appreciate your friends and loved ones on their special days.

51. Welcome to your best year because everything you’ve been struggling to get shall begin to fall in place for you this year.

52. May everything around your life work in perfect synchrony to favor you and make you greater than you’ve ever been. Greatness shall be all evident in your life. Amen.

53. Today, you have added another year to your years, and you shall grow wiser and stronger in all areas of your life. Nothing shall run down in your life.

54. The happiness that you’ve never enjoyed before shall be all yours in this new year you’re about to celebrate. You shall be greater than you’ve ever been all your life.

55. May you enjoy sound health and peace in your body. As you grow older, everything shall all work perfectly for your well-being. Amen.

56. My wish for you is that you’ll enjoy peace and progress more swiftly than you were in previous years. Everything that it takes to enjoy your life shall come to your table. Amen.

57. I don’t see you as one gets older, I see you as an individual getting better and stronger as you advance further in age. Happy birthday!

58. This is a new year for you. Begin it on a clean slate. You have every opportunity to do everything better than you’ve been doing them before.

59. If you can keep track of your past years, you’ll see that life has been very fair to you. I’m happy about how your life has turned out to be. Happy birthday to you!

60. Everything around your life has spelled favor and blessedness beyond human effort. May everything that makes you smile and rejoice not get spoiled.

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Another Year Older And Wiser Quotes

Here are older and wiser birthday quotes to celebrate your loved ones.

61. It’s nice to be here at your age, you’re here to be better and stronger. This year shall surely be a better one for you. Amen.

62. As you get older, I’m sure you’re getting wiser. It’s not how many years you live that matters but how many lives were touched. May your life be a tree of blessings unto all.

63. As you advance further in life, aspire to be big and very great. Life is just too short to be small. Happy birthday to you!

64. This birthday is special because you’re also very special. Your life has been impactful and has been a blessing to many.

65. Age is not about the number, age is about the mindset. If you have a mind of youth, you’ll be evergreen and ever Young! Stay younger in your mind as celebrate another year alive.

66. Every birthday is a gift just as every day. Celebrate yourself today being your birthday but don’t cease to celebrate yourself every day as well!

67. Truly, you’re getting older but it shouldn’t stop you from playing and enjoying your life. Don’t stop playing because you’re getting older. Playing keep you younger and evergreen!

68. While you are growing older, you are likely to want to stop playing. If you stop playing, you age faster.

69. When it’s your birthday, it’s a special day made for you so that you can rejoice and have a better approach to life. This is your birthday, and I rejoice with you.

70. Do not expose yourself to strenuous exercise in the name of celebration. Celebrate moderately and relax more. I wish you a wonderful birthday!

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Older Wiser Birthday Quotes

71. Your birthday has feathers, it comes and also goes away and is meant to return. You must do what counts with every part of the days of your life.

72. You can either grow better or worse as years are added up to you. This is your birthday, may pleasant things be added to you.

73. While you’re young, you have to respect everyone but now you are old, everyone has to respect you and you can no longer be corrected. Grow wiser as you move further in your age.

74. May your heart be filled with wiser decisions to do things correctly such that your old age will be without regrets. Amen.

75. At your birth, everyone rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that people will have to rejoice at your passing in your old age.

76. The world is either blessed or stressed by your presence. Be intentional about what you want to contribute to your world either blessings or stress.

77. As much as you want to have a great achievement in life, it’s also important to enjoy and celebrate your life intentionally. It’s your birthday, just celebrate!

78. Your age has nothing much to do with numbers but your mind. You’re as old or as young as you think you are. May you ever be young on your mind. Amen.

79. You can grow older and yet younger. How to achieve this is to prioritize your happiness over your achievement. Happiness makes you look so young, rejoice today!

80. If you have lived your life very correctly, you’ll never wish you were younger again. The path of wisdom is a path with no regrets. May wisdom be found accessible to you in this new year!

Another Year Wiser Quotes

Take advantage of these a-year older a year wiser quotes to communicate wisdom to the celebrant.

81. You don’t have to regret anything you have lost in your past, you are still alive and can make all the difference in the days to come. Happy birthday to you!

82. Youth are not conscious of their ages but an adult does. No one will ever be young again. It’s a celebration of sober thinking!

83. Here is another year of boundless possibility, life is not about what you should have done but about what you can do now and here! May you be empowered to do everything that is expected of you!

84. Every birthday is an opportunity to birth a new you. With your new you, your achievement can be worthwhile in the next 365 days. Make the most of the moment!

85. The most beautiful thing about getting old is that you don’t lose all the other years of yours. You get older to get fuller and better!

86. The best way to appreciate life is that things don’t remain the same as they have always been. This helps every man to do all they should do. You’ll never be young forever!

87. You’re another year older today and wiser than ever before. Time is irreversible and there are things you’ll never be privileged to do again.

88. Your life communicates so much joy because everything has got better with you. This is another year and the most beautiful one you’ve ever had. May your birthday be greater than all the past. Amen.

89. I pray that you’ll never know what old age is but the happiness old age brings to you. Your happiness shall not cease. It’s your day, celebrate!

90. The best of man is never in the past but ahead. Look into the future with undaunted hope and unflinching conviction. It’s your birthday, your coming days will be better!

Another Year Older Birthday Message

91. Happy birthday getting old looks good on you, may you be stronger and better than you’ve ever been. Your life shall take a radical shift. I love you and celebrate you!

92. Celebrating another year of life is a great and joyful thing, the same way you’ve seen this year so shall you see another coming year.

93. May you receive great gifts, and may your day be filled with happiness and the best of life come to you. Happy birthday to you!

94. Everything that you’ve been expecting shall come to you with speed. You shall not be shortchanged no matter what. You’re blessed in every way!

95. May you be surrounded by the pleasant things of this life. May you be taken to the next phase of life. Blessed are you in all that you do. Happy birthday to you!

96. Every desire of your heart shall come to speedy execution. Your life shall be lived with ease and utmost pleasure. It’s your birthday, celebrate and rejoice!

97. You shall not lack anything that makes life pleasant and beautiful. Your mouth shall be filled with precious things. I rejoice with you, it’s your birthday!

98. As one grows, the old age begins to tell and one age deteriorates. May nothing in your life deteriorate. You shall be ever fresh and evergreen!

99. This birthday shall not be the last you’ll ever celebrate. You shall be made to see a countless number of it alive and in good health. Happy birthday to you.

100. This day is meant for you and I’m prepared to celebrate you. May your heart be filled with joy and endless thanksgiving. I love you and it’s my pleasure to celebrate with you.

101. Happy birthday to you this special person, I’m happy I’m part of your life. It’s your season of rejoicing. May your joy lasts longer than ever. Enjoy!

102. Happy birthday to you, may you enjoy the ease in this new phase of life. Amen.

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