Blessing Prayer for Husband

66 Prayer Message for My Husband | Blessing Prayer for Husband Success and Breakthrough

No man can outgrow the need for prayers no matter how successful he is. God is ever interested in anyone who called upon His name. The Bible says, “ The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run unto it and they are saved”. This implies that salvation and safety are guaranteed for everyone who prays to God. Blessing prayer for husband puts him under divine security.

The blessing of the Lord is a necessity of life, life without a blessing is stressful. The scriptures say, the blessing of God makes rich without adding sorrow to it. Raining prayers of blessing over your husband help you open the windows of the heavens over him and make things go smoothly with him.

Have you been asking; How do I pray for my husband, how do you pray for the man you love, how do you pray for your man? Blessing prayer for your husband helps you cover these areas effectively and enable you to voice your desires for blessings over the man you love.

Your love affairs go to the next level when you combine emotion with prayers. Good morning blessing for your husband is very efficient in stirring the wheel of your love to the next level. Below are effective ways to pray   for your lover to make him succeed and break forth in all he does.

1. Father, I thank you for the life for the very one my heart desires all my life, thank you for bringing us together in love with you and love for each other. Receive all the grace over our lives forevermore.

2. I stand in the gap for the love of my life that you will do all things well for him. He shall be great with you and with men. You shall arise for his help in the name of Jesus.

3. Let your grace and favor be upon my lover to give him the outstanding success that is beyond his expectations, the Lord bless my husband in the name of Jesus.

4. Strengthen my lover to do the impossible. Let your hand be upon him to rise to the level of influence higher than his age. Amen.

5. Dear Lover, May the Lord bless you beyond your wishes and your great dreams. My He exceeds your imagination in the name of Jesus.

6. Every day with you has been amazing and filled with blessings. May these blessings never reduce but increase by the day. The best is still ahead of you.

7. Life can be very challenging but the Lord can see anyone who calls upon His name through. In this journey of life, you shall not be stranded of divine help. Amen.

8. I rebuke disappointment for your sake. You shall not be dejected in life; the Lord will fulfill your heart desires in the name of Jesus.

9. May the season of new things open up to you. Another calendar is opened concerning you, from this day onward, you shall have experiences. Amen

10. The works of your hands shall be blessed indeed. Prosperity shall flow in your direction. You’re marked for a supernatural breakthrough. Amen. God bless you, my husband

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God Bless my Husband Quotes

God Bless my Husband Quotes
God Bless my Husband Quotes

11. May you have reasons to testify to the goodness of the Lord all the days of your life. As God was with ancient’s prophets so will He be with you. Amen

12. According to God’s program for your life, whatever you desire shall manifest and materialize both today and forever, you’re always in my heart, Sweetie.

13. Everything that won’t let you have the best in this life shall be crumbled before you. The enemies of your soul shall submit and surrender in Jesus’ name. Amen.

14. Every power and force militating against your settlement and establishment shall be destroyed by the hand of God. Receive divine energy to win and conquer. Amen.

15. Every association joined together to frustrate your efforts shall come bending to you. The name of the Lord shall be magnified in your body in Jesus’ name. Amen.

16. May the Lord Himself show forth in every area of your life. May he manifest his royalty and excellency in your life. Amen.

17. I will never cease to give thanks for your life for what He has done with you over the years. He has helped you to advance marvelously in life. May you keep on advancing until you become your best. May God bless my husband. Amen.

18. As long as you live, your life shall be an expression of God’s grace and goodness. The aroma of divine touch shall be evident in your life to proclaim His glory in the name of Jesus. Amen.

19. The Lord shall grant you satisfaction and fulfillment in Him and the things He has committed into your hands. You shall be filled with exceedingly great rewards from the throne of glory. Amen.

20. I pray that God of all prudence, knowledge, and precision shall fill you with His fullness to lead a perfected life. The excellency of God shall be made known through your life. I love you Darling, and you remain my best. Stay blessed!

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Blessing Prayer for My Husband at Work

You can be guaranteed of anything you commit into God’s hands for safety and security. If God’s attention is not invited, He will never show interest. Blessing Prayer for your boyfriend’s safety at work will bring him under God’s watch.

God bless my husband at work prayers enforce divine security over your boyfriend/ husband. Pray these prayers heartily and watch the Lord protect him and bless the works of his hands.

21. I thank you dear father for your faithfulness to keep my man safe since he was born. You’re a faithful father who does wonders without numbers. Your name be praised forevermore. Amen.

22. You’re a good God who is committed to finishing what you have started. May you perfect that which you have started in his life in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

23. Your word says you will give your angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways so that we do not dash our feet against any stone. May you keep my king according to your living promises. Amen.

24. Dear father in heaven, keep my King under the shadow of your wings so that the calamities in the world will overpass him. Bless the works of his hands and give rest roundabout.

25. I bring my Crush under the covenant of the blood of Jesus. It shall come to pass that when the evil that flies around comes around him, it shall bypass him in the name of Jesus. My husband is marked for blessings and exempted from disasters in the name of Jesus. Amen.

26. Let the God of peace arise in his power and scatter every enemy gathered against my king in the name of Jesus. His enemies shall be put to shame. Amen.

27. Every hand put together to weaken my husband shall become weak until they no longer have the strength to perform their enterprises. The devil is frustrated over him in the name of Jesus. Amen.

28. I ask that you to give my man rest from all His struggle and shut the mouth of the lion opened against him. Every roaring voice against him is silenced. Amen.

29. Father, arise on the behalf of your son who is my king, and fight his battles for him. Do not watch the challenges of life overshadow him. Give him victory over his foes. Amen.

30. Just as you gave David your servant rest from the war of this life, so you shall give him rest from all the battle he’s currently faced with. Grant him a breakthrough. Amen.

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Prayer for My Husband’s Success

The success and safety of your husband are equally yours; this is why you will not desist from offering daily prayers of success for him. Pray this blessing prayer for your husband and great will be the success of your husband.

31. Dear father, thank you because you have promised good success for my husband. Let your good promises come to pass speedily by your mercy and favor. Amen.

32. Protect my husband’s going out and coming in, bless him, and grant him great success. Keep him from accidents either when he’s on the land, water, or air in the name of Jesus.

33. Dear God and Father, you will not allow anything to terminate his life prematurely. He shall not die young but shall fulfill His days upon the earth. Amen.

34. Grant him protection from the sickness that takes the soul of men prematurely. Let your blood immune him to diseases in the name of Jesus.

35. Save him from a fraudster that can empty a man’s fortune overnight. Dissociate him from everyone that can journey him into bankruptcy. Give him the wisdom to maintain the success he has acquired. Amen.

36. Frustrate the token of liars over him and make the counsel of the diviners false. Let not gainsayers succeed in hunting him down. Enemies shall not rid him of his success. Amen.

37. There shall be no industrial hazard befall you as you engage in your business in your industry. The Lord shall keep you from disasters in the name of Jesus. Amen.

38. Surely, he shall keep you from the pestilence that flies by the day and arrows that fly by the night. You shall see them with your eyes but they shall not come nigh you.

39. When the enemies shall come against you, the spirit of God shall raise a standard against them like a flood. When they show up in one way, they shall flee in seven ways. Amen.

40. The Lord shall lift your head above those who rise against you. Like the head of a unicorn, you shall be lifted. The Lord is your portion and he shall make your name glorious. You’re blessed, my King. I love you and better will I do. Amen.

41. The expectations of your adversaries shall be disappointed. You shall get success where you deserve failure. Amen.

42. Favor beyond your efforts shall be your portion, you shall not labor in vain, and neither will disasters rid of your accumulated success in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer Message for My Husband

A prayer message for him is a strategy to maintain the wine of your love life and keep it fresh with your man. Every day with your lover can be a new beginning. It can get new and better every day if you will make a prayer message for him in your routine.

43. Hey my love, good morning. It’s my joy to wake you from bed this beautiful morning with new strength and energy. Thank God, you made it again to the dawn of a new morning.

44. Your love intoxicates like wine. We get more drunk in this wine like never before. The wine shall not grow sour. You’re my best, I deeply love you.

45. The obstacles along your way are cleared off. Your feet shall escape the potholes set against you. Light of God shall shine before your face. Beautiful morning to you honey!

46. Sweetest of my life, may the blessings of the Lord come into the overflow in your life and bring you into the fullness of divine favor. The day is set to favor you. Step into it, my King.

47. You shall be blessed; you shall not be stressed. The Lord will replace every stress in your life with blessings. I declare blessings into your life.

48. Everything representing shame in your life shall be wiped away. The Lord will make the path of your feet glorious and beautiful. Shine forth your glory, Dearest Love.

49. Every misfortune in your life shall be turned to fortune. The Lord shall overtake you with pleasant surprise beyond your expectations in the name of Jesus. Amen.

50. May your affection for me grow like a palm tree. May it never die but get stronger. May loving me be pleasant to you, Sweetest

51. You shall not be tired of loving me. The Lord will make me a priority in your heart. We shall grow together in the bond of love that is beyond breaking. I love you, my Honey

52. My King, I shall see you smile for the rest of this day and the rest of your life. Happiness shall flow into your life like rivers that never runs dry. Amen.

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Short Prayer for Love

53. My Love, it’s my earnest prayers that the works of the mighty God shall be made visible in your life. Your glory shall be too great to be hidden. Obscurity is rebuked for your sake; you shall rise into the limelight on the wings of God’s glory. Much love to you.

54. My dearest Best, as you step out today, may you stumble into the goodness and mercy of the Lord. Mercy will arrange pleasant coincidence for you in the name of Jesus.

55. You shall escape pits and traps the enemy has laid for you. What is meant to bring evil your way shall turn out to be a lifting factor for you! Be blessed as you match out into greatness. Amen

56. Nothing shall make you sad during the day. You shall not sorrow over me and everyone connected to you. Everything that has to do with you shall bring you joy. Good news shall break out for you today. Amen.

57. As you majestically step out this morning, my Heartbeat. Remember that I love you and God loves you more. May you walk in the fullness of that love from this day and forever. Amen.

58. The forces of heaven shall come to your aid and give you the superhuman success that’s beyond human intelligence. You shall receive a miracle that shall be evident that the Lord has done it. Amen.

59. I pray that you shall not labor in vain, you shall not bring forth trouble. Blessings shall marvelously flow towards you from every side. You shall not be supplanted by crafty men who take advantage of a sincere man like you. Amen.

60. May the Lord fill your heart with His word to keep you walking in faith and hope of glory. His word will come real and practical to you. You shall have a tangible experience of the living word.

61. The Lord shall use you for His glory and praise around the world. You shall be relevant in the divine assignment. You shall be greatly used by the Lord for special purposes in this time. Amen.

62. You shall be greatly connected to the principal people of this earth. Everyone who sees you shall look for an opportunity to bring blessings to you. Men and women shall throng you to bring you massive blessings. My Love, I cannot love you less.

63. Principally, you’re designed for the top and nothing will stop you. Amen.

64. The hand of the Lord shall be strong upon you and it will lift you above your equal. Amen.

65. May the dews of heavens fall upon you and your ground shall be fertile. You’re in for the blessings, today!

66. Your life shall not be stressed, you shall enjoy rest in every area of your life. Nothing shall be found difficult for you. Amen.

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Sometimes, the challenges of the day can be so overwhelming, that the only place anyone could find solace is in God. 

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