Give Thanks in All Circumstances

51 Powerful Prayers to Give Thanks in All Circumstances to God

The joy of the Lord is the strength of a believer, when joy is lacking, strength is lost. The scripture has admonished us to be joyful always and to give thanks in all circumstances unto the Lord Almighty. Giving thanks to God is not a suggestion from the Almighty but a commandment to obey amid all situations whether they are pleasant or not.

Giving thanks in all circumstances is proof that you truly trust the Lord that He will take you through the situation and give you a triumph at the end of it all. If you believe the Lord can make you experience triumph, you’ll ever be joyful no matter what you go through.

When challenges come, the attitude or disposition of a believer during such time determines what he gets as an outcome. If you can keep your joy by maintaining the attitude of thanksgiving throughout, nothing will be able to overcome you.

The kingdom of God operates on joy, when there’s no joy, the kingdom intervention is hindered. The best way to kick Satan out of your situation is to make thanksgiving your constant practice no matter what you’re being thorough. As you give thanks to God in all circumstances to the Lord today and in the coming days, you will be surprised at the wonderful things the Lord will yet do in your life.

Prayer to Give Thanks in All Circumstances

The Psalmist says it’s good to give thanks unto the Lord and make His praise known among all His works. If the Bible says, it’s good to give thanks to the Lord, that means it’s truly good. I love you, Lord

1. God, I thank you for keeping me and giving me the grace to stand the test of time walking through the circumstances life has brought my way. May your name be exalted forevermore. Amen.

2. I thank you for not leaving me to suffer harm at the hands of the wicked ones. You’ve made my path sure and steadfast in your ways. Your name is highly praised forevermore.

3. Many have gone through the same circumstances that I have gone through which has sunk them very fast. I’m grateful to you for showing me mercy. Your name is exalted forever. Amen.

4. If not for you who has been by my side, enemies would have taken my soul and made a mockery of me. But I’m grateful to you for making the enemy suffer colossal shame over my life.

5. Thank you for holding my hands and making me indomitable in the circumstances of life. Life has attempted to sink me but you’ve not allowed such to happen to me.

6. Your mercy over my life cannot be taken for granted. You’ve shown me to be a great and faithful Father. I’m highly grateful to you, my Father.

7. I give you my endless thanks for showing me love as I have never seen before since I was born. You’re a truly true and faithful God. I’m forever grateful to you.

8. The good things that you’ve done for me cannot be numbered for a multitude. Your mercy is marvelous to me. I celebrate you, dear God.

9. The good of your house has made me who I am today, everything I am is attributed to your kindness and tender mercies. For this, I’m grateful to you forever.

10. I give you thanks for what I’m currently going through because I’m certain to see the end of it in flying colors. Thank you because this circumstance will never see my end.

Be Thankful in All Circumstances

Be Thankful in All Circumstances
Be Thankful in All Circumstances

In all circumstances give thanks, because this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. Every circumstance shall always turn out in your favor as you consciously give thanks amidst them all.

11. Lord, I’m thankful unto you for the things that you’ve brought me through over the years, you’ve been my standby and stronghold in my time of need. I praise your name forever for this!

12. You’ve not allowed the floods of the ungodly men to overshadow me and take my soul away. I’m deeply thankful for this gracious investment in my life.

13. Your jealousy over my life has made my enemies a perpetual losers over my life. The enemies would have swallowed me up except for your mercy. Thank you for keeping me in your arms.

14. Sometimes, I do not understand why I go through what I go through but the end of it all has always resulted to praise and thanksgiving. Your name alone is lifted forevermore. Amen.

15. My circumstances most times are not pleasant but you’ve always given me a pleasant and surprising end. The end of it all has been full of glory and joy unspeakable. I’m grateful for all these.

16. Thank you for bearing me upon your wings to scale impossible heights and conquer impossible challenges. I’m strong and empowered by your grace.

17. You’ve made me leap over a wall, I have crushed mountains and challenges only by your power and your grace. I will forever show my gratitude unto you, dear Father.

18. This is surely a demonstration of mercy and your love towards me. I sometimes don’t know where to turn amidst all the trying times but your mercy has always come through for me. Glory be to your holy name.

19. Thinking of how I would have been flooded away by the raging storms that invaded if not for your watchfulness over me. Thank you for watching over me always.

20. You’ve made my life a testimony of escapes and triumph to many through the circumstances that I have gone through. You’re indeed a faithful and wise God. Blessed be your name in the highest!

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Thank You Jesus For Everything

21. Jesus, I thank you for saving my soul from hell and the works of the enemies. The salvation of my soul is never taken as a right, I’m grateful to you for it.

22. You’ve rescued my life from destruction and the pestilence that makes waste. Only you could have done this, no one else can do it. Thank you so much, darling Jesus.

23. Everything around my life is worth exalting your name about. Some of the things that happened may not truly be pleasant but all of them call for Thanksgiving.

24. You’ve been the Lord over everything in my life, you’ve been the Lord and the master who has always turned everything around for my good. Your name is forever praised.

25. Thank you for the multitude of your mercy over my life. Your mercy has made my life a point of reference for encouraging those who are going through the like challenges. I’m grateful dear Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for everything.

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Thank You, God, For Everything Prayer

Thank You God For Everything Prayer
Thank You, God, For Everything Prayer

Always be joyful, pray continually, and give thanks to God in all situations, you’ll always be the winner in all circumstances no matter how terrible they may be.

26. Lord God, I’m thankful to you for daily loading me with the benefits and goodness of your house. You shall always be lifted through my life in the name of Jesus.

27. I’m thankful to you for all that you’ve done and what you’ll yet to do in my life. I pray that you’ll always bestow upon me the grace to always be grateful to you for all that you’ve done for me. Amen.

28. I pray that your goodness shall not cease in my life, I shall always have the cause to thank you always in my life both now and in the days to come in the name of Jesus. Amen.

29. I bring into captivity every force that sour the joy of men. Nothing shall be strong enough to turn my joy into sorrow in the name of Jesus. Amen.

30. Your blessings that have been making to give thanks unto your holy name shall not be taken away. Your blessings shall be permanent with me all the days of my life. Glory be to your name forever. Amen.

Rejoice Always Pray Continually

Be joyful always, and pray continually, if you do this you’ll always emerge a victor in all situations no matter how challenging they may be. Pray in all circumstances and it will give you a winning edge without fail.

31. Dear Father, I come before your holy throne this day to give you thanks and words of praise for what you mean to me and what you’ve done for me. I’m grateful to you dear Lord.

32. Dear God and Father, it may not be easy to give thanks continually because of unpleasant situations. I come before you to ask for the grace to always be thankful.

33. Fill me with the spirit of prayer so that I can generate spiritual energy to praise your name and pray unto you even when the situation doesn’t allow it.

34. You’re the Lord who doesn’t change. Your power is great and unchangeable. Give me the grace to fix my gaze on your great power so that no situation takes advantage of my weaknesses.

35. I’m in your hand, dear Father, show me mercy, give me spiritual energy to remain unshakeable no matter the wind that tries me.

36. Your expected disposition from me amidst all circumstances is to give thanks to you God and pray continually unto you. I receive divine enabling to maintain this posture in the name of Jesus.

37. Let your goodness take over every event around my life and let everything work according to your counsel. Let not the will of my enemies take preeminence over me in the name of Jesus.

38. I’m a vessel of mercy in your hands, let your mercy never depart from me even when I miss you. I shall not be lost in the battles of life in the name of Jesus.

39. I give all that belongs to me to you, be in absolute charge of my life, and let your will superimposed on the negative intent of the enemies over my life in the name of Jesus.

40. Give me a never-give-up spirit that helps men stay through in the face of opposition. Give me the grace to remain unbending no matter what comes my way in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Thank You Almighty God For Everything

Give thanks to the Lord in all circumstances and the Lord will fight your battles for you. being thankful in all circumstances makes the Lord become an enemy to your enemies. In all situations, give thanks to God and make it your regular habit, and without fail, the Lord will always defend you.

41. God of heaven and the earth, I thank you because your power is higher than all powers and all forces on earth. I’m glad I belong to you because I’m certain of winning always.

42. I thank you for the hope of victory and conquest, I know I will always win no matter what comes my way. Thank you for this living assurance that kept me going forward.

43. Almighty God, thank you for everything that you’ve been doing for me since I came into this world, your mercy has never left me alone. You alone Lord can do this for me. Thank you!

44. Nothing will make me stop talking of your goodness over my Life, I will proclaim your praise to the end of the earth. Glory be to your name in the highest.

45. I’m yours, Lord, and nothing in this world will ever make me trade my allegiance to another god. You alone shall deserve my praise forevermore.

46. I was the one whom the enemies have rejoiced over me but your mercy has never let them have their ways over my life. May your mercy keep flowing over my life.

47. What you’ve done for me, I will not give the praise to another god. You’re the one who did it and only you will I praise forever above other gods.

48. The situations of life would have swallowed me up and I would have been a forgotten issue but your mercy which has been with me has always said No. Thank you for your mercy.

49. No one can love me as you do, Lord, nobody can keep me like you. Thank you for loving me genuinely and keeping me watchfully. Glory be to your name.

50. I have come towards your holy temple in the multitude of your mercy. My life shall not be void of your grace and mercy in the name of Jesus.

51. I’m here to say thank you for everything my Father and my God and forever will I glorify your name forever and ever. Amen.

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