Quotes About Faith in God in Hard Times

121 Invigorating Quotes About Faith In God In Hard Times

The life of a man who walks with God depends on his faith in Him. Amazing things are kept in store for all those who belong to God and hope in His promises. The resources made available to a believer are inexhaustible, they cannot be fully used.

It takes faith to connect to these wonderful treasures made available by God. Quotes about faith in God in hard times will get your faith actively alive and strengthen your walk with God.

Hard times are inevitable, they come uninvited. Most of the time, they come to you when you’re not even expecting them. Because of the sudden appearance of this side of life, you tend to lose control or balance. How do I walk through to become your questions begging for answers? Quotes about faith in God in hard times are your best companions in such a time as this.

Life is best enjoyed when everything goes smoothly. Everyone wants it this way. Inevitably, the other side of the coin also shows up when least expected. There’s no situation in this world that is beyond divine care if only your trust can be put in God. We are living in a peculiar time; you need a journey of faith quotes to walk through such days as this.

Are you asking, how do you have faith in God in hard times, or what does Bible say about trusting God in hard times? I have you in mind and I have helped you gather some of the answers together to help you walk through life and enjoy victory all the way.

Quotes About Trusting God In Difficult Times

It’s easier to trust God and say well about Him when everything is going smoothly. Anyone can achieve this because everything is fine. God, Himself is not moved by what you say when all is going well on your side. When there’s a decline, that’s when the real attitude of man is known. Quotes about trusting God in difficult times are made available for you to enable you to maintain a stable attitude all the time.

People are very quick to change their attitudes towards God when hard times come. Some will go as far as looking for an alternative way to sort themselves out because of their inability to maintain stability in the face of challenges. As you learn quotes about faith in God in hard times, you’ll never be found without the ability to fight through challenges.

1. True faith is not known when everything is working fine, rather, it is known when there’s a decline, and yet faith is not denied. Faith is sticking to God even when there is no reason to wait for Him. He is always the rewarder of those who wait for Him.

2. It’s easier to trust and praise God when everything is working fine for your favor but when there is a decline, it takes a fight to remain a believer. Trusting God in difficult times requires having a strong sense of security in Him.

3. Every difficult situation will be simplified if a persistent faith lifestyle is portrayed. Nothing is beyond the power of faith. Your faith brings the power of God to function in the face of challenges. There is no mountain that the power of faith in God cannot dissolve. If there is a man to believe, there is a God to perform.

4. Nothing is as difficult as you thought, your thinking makes it appear so. The situations are as simple or as difficult as your thoughts paint them. Maintaining a victorious mindset in difficult times is the key to winning always.

5. God is the same in the hard times just as He is in the good times. If you continue to put your trust in God, He will carry you through. The situation cannot be so hard that it will transcend God’s ability. Your consistent show of trust in Him will always have Him aid you.

6. Whatever is a challenge to you is no challenge to God, your situations cannot weary Him no matter how tough it appears. Your inability to trust Him makes you feel there is no way. If you can trust Him, there is always a way out of every challenge.

7. When difficult times come, your focus should be on God who can do all things, not the hardness of the situation itself. If your focus is on God, nothing shall be impossible. If you can believe, you will see the glory of God.

8. Faith sees solutions, not problems. What you see in trying times determines what you will experience. Choose to see solutions only, not the situations. The eyes of faith magnify God more than the situations.

9. Faith cannot be considered true unless it’s tired. Until your faith has survived trials, it cannot be said to be authentic. The beauty of faith is known in trying times. As your faith gets tried, it gets stronger.

10. Faith is absolute trust in the faithfulness of God believing He will always come through for you even when nothing is evident. Sometimes, there may be no physical evidence that a particular situation will change for the better, despite this, sticking to God shows how much you trust Him. This will eventually change the situation.

11. Often, the problem is not that God will not fulfill His promise, the problem is that you quit believing when there’s a little delay. Quitting is the greatest enemy of manifestation. You have not lost yet until you have quit believing.

12. Faith always wins no matter how terrible or challenging the situation might be. If you can hold to God, you’ll always win.

13. If there is a man to believe, there’s always a God to perform. Without an attitude of faith from men, there can be no performance from God.

14. Victory is ascertained as long as there’s a show of confidence towards God. When you put your trust in Him, you’re immune to losing out. You cannot trust in the Lord and get shame as the final result.

15. When difficult times come, fight hard to fix your gaze on your expected end, not the raging circumstances. Your eyes on the victory will keep you going on the lane of faith.

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16. Your victory is as sure as your faith. Keep your faith no matter what you are going through. The currency of conquest is your Faith, keep it unaffected. Stay conscious of the victory you are expecting rather than the circumstances you are going through.

17. God remains committed to any situation you have put your trust in Him for. Until there’s faith, there’s no commitment from God-side. Without faith, it is impossible to get God into action.

18. Faith thrives on the word of God. When there’s no word, faith cannot be active. Keep your mind and eyes on the word that host your faith, you cannot sink. The word is your only ground of conquest in difficult times.

19. Difficult situations of life can be very wearisome and tiring and could make you want to trade your hope of winning for something else. No matter what you’ve been through, keep your hope alive.

20. Your faith in God will either harden you against the situation or your situations will harden you against God. Choose your reality from both. It is either you believe in the ability of God or the terribleness of the situations.

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Quotes About Finding Hope In Hard Times

Hope is the feeling of trust, confidence, belief, or expectation that something wished for a can or will happen. It is a confident expectation of the desired end. Hope fuels faith. Hope is the raw material of faith; while faith is the substance of Hope. When Hope is attacked, faith gets punctured. Quotes about finding hope in hard times are intended to keep your hope alive no matter what you go through.

The word of God is the greatest source of Hope. When you find out that your hope level is running low, be quick to cast your gaze on the word of God for rejuvenation. God has decided to give you a future and hope through His word and His Spirit.

21. Read scriptures to access hope. Your greatest disadvantage in trying time is to be void of scriptures in your soul. Your challenge has an identical twin in the Bible but if you did not read it, you’ll be void of ideas. Everything you are going through, someone had once gone through it in the scripture. Reading about them will educate you on how to win as they won.

22. What you say in challenging times matters a lot to you. If you say negative things, it will take root in your soul. Fill your mouth with words of hope and faith in God. If you don’t know what to say, keep quiet rather than say negative things.

23. Hope is the mother of faith; faith dies when hope is gone. Hopes births faith, while the word of God gives birth to Hope. The more you feast on the word, the more hope rises in your heart.

24. When hard times come, avoid everyone who makes you feel bad about your situation. Such people will not help you either financially, morally, or spiritually, they will only paint your situation blacker. Surround yourself with positive people and your winning shall be guaranteed.

25. Talk to a friend or man of God in whose mouth is the quickening, and hope-activating word. Avoid people that will increase your burden by placing ungodly demands on you.

26. Hope is key to winning because it will always present your situation as less difficult to bear. If you can believe that tomorrow will be better, then you will have the courage to bear the challenges of today. Strive to keep your hope alive in all situations.

27. Never throw in the towel. Never give up on your desires and sit down to grieve your condition. Stay encouraged and hopeful. No matter how heavy it rains, It will shine again some other days.

28. You’ll never know what you can bear until your strength has been tried. It’s in your darkest moment that you will see the light within you. When everywhere is dark on the outward, then walk by your inward light.

29. When all the hope is gone, learn to turn inward or upward. That’s the home of the greater hope-giver. When you look around, you are tossed around by what you see but when you look up, you get raised by the highest Father.

30. Discouragement or lack of joy often comes when you are not happy with what you already have. Learn to be happy with what you have while you joyfully strive to get what you don’t have through your faith in Him. Gratitude makes one great!

31. Nothing is as disadvantageous as it appears on the external. Light is as good as darkness. Your perspective makes all the difference. Light shows you the way while darkness shows you the stars. Be grateful at all times. Gratefulness shows you the path to greatness in your dark hours.

32. Hope gets lost when one loses in a particular fight. Understand that losing sometimes is a win in disguise. You try better and more intelligently when a loss is secured. Loss is never a final answer, it’s just a price you have to pay on your path to gain.

33. It’s important to be prepared for life. Just the same way you make attempt and win, so it happens the other way sometimes. Failure is not your end until you declare it so either through your speech or attitude.

34. Surround yourself with the right people. In the same way, despair can be brought by people around you, so hope can be brought to you by people. Who you surround yourself with determines what surrounds you.

35. When you fight, fight with hope and great expectations of a win. Expect the best but don’t forget to prepare for the worse that might inevitably come.

36. When you are out of hope and courage to forge ahead, pray to God for help. He’s always there to walk you through impossible situations.

37. Men may encourage you but they have the limits they can take you. Man’s best is man. Trusting God is the first winning posture you should ever maintain. Horses fail, men do, but God never fails. Your situation is too small to reduce God to failure.

38. Self-motivation is the mother of hope all the time. You’ll always have the fortitude to forge ahead if you can stay self-encouraged without waiting for a third party to encourage you.

39. Learn to forgive your past failures and mistakes. It helps you to approach a new day with new abilities and strength. Regrets block creativity, never allow it. Your mistakes cannot be as big as God who forgives.

40. Stay ‘praiseful’ in all circumstances. Hope thrives in the atmosphere of Joy. Heaviness hosts depression, while joy strengthens faith.

Quotes About Trusting God With Your Future

A man was born into the world according to divine intention. He was never an accidental creature, God prepared for the coming of man into this world before his arrival. The future of man is planned and prepared for. God spoke to Jeremiah about the foreknowledge of His creation saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5).

It’s better to trust in the Lord who knows you before you were born with your life. God can be trusted with your life if you can believe in Him. He has a good plan for you than your earthly father does. You don’t know yourself as He does. The future is best secured when you put it under God’s watch. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11).

41. For a man who doesn’t know God, It’s easier to worry than to pray. But a spiritual man will exchange his worry for prayer. Do the praying effectively, and let God do with worrying. Whatever can be prayed about can be effectively solved.

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42. What confuses you is never confusion to God, God has everything planned before you came forth. Trusting Him is the only way you connect to Him. Divine plans come into play when you believe in God with all your heart.

43. It’s man’s to plan, it’s God’s to bring the plans to pass. Recognizing this in your imagination is the best way to have your plans executed through divine help.

44. When you worry, you cannot perceive the future rightly and you cannot see what’s ahead. But God sees every way to the path you don’t see, He has details with Him. Trusting Him all the way is the only way to destiny security.

45. You don’t know the future but God does. The unknown future is known to God. Strive to know God rather than the future. The future is settled when God is known.

46. If you must get there from here, you must be guided. Be willing to take a step further as you depend upon divine guidance. It’s God’s to guide, it’s man’s to move in the direction of divine guidance. You cannot miss your ways if you trust Him every step of the way.

47. Trusting God with all your heart will make God come through for you in thin and thick. Exercise dependency on divine intelligence and He will show you the path to take. God is too accurate to make mistakes.

48. There are no accidental situations, everything that happens was intended. God will not allow any challenges to come your way unless there’s a great blessing coming out of them. When difficult times come, trusting Him is the best decision you could ever make.

49. When the future gets you afraid, get private and personal with God in absolute quietness. Clarity is always a product of intimacy. The closer you are to your heavenly father, the clearer the journey of your life becomes.

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50. Faith connects you to the invisible power and enables you to do the impossible. There’s nothing you cannot become when you fully sign in unto God. When God is your partner, every project becomes a possibility.

51. Just the way worry starves faith so does faith starves worry. When you move in faith, anxiety dies, and when you allow worrying, faith dies. The best disposition a believer can possess in God is absolute faith in Him.

52. Faith is to be fed, doubt is to be starved. Whichever one is fed will dominate whether faith or doubt. Feed your faith through meditation in the word and your anxiety will disappear.

53. Faith is not wishful thinking hoping that God will do something He hasn’t promised. It’s laying hold on God’s words to bring to pass what He has promised. God is not committed unless He has given a promise.

54. God is not committed unless He’s fully trusted. Faith is no faith unless it’s absolute. Absolute faith commits God to you absolutely. When your heart is full of faith, your life will be full of results.

55. Trusting in the Lord is a thing of the heart, not of the head. Faith comes alive and active when your heart is filled with the word of God. Consuming the word of God should be your regular feeding habit.

56. The future is not realistic when faith is lost. Nothing secures the future as much as staying active in living faith. You may not know how you will get there exactly but your reliance on God will convey you there.

57. When men say something is impossible, a man who trusts in the Lord says, everything is possible. Faith is talking about God’s possibilities, while fear is talking about man’s limitations. Whatever you say becomes your experience. What you say becomes sealed in your life.

58. Satan loses ground over your future when your future is faith-secured. Your faith in God makes Satan a loser over your life. The life of a believer is best insured by His dependency on God.

59. Nothing holds the future as strong as the force that created it. It was the force of faith that brought the world into visibility, only it can hold it together. Anyone who can keep believing can never lose out in life.

60. The summary of a human’s life is God. Nothing can sustain life like the maker of it. Reliance on the maker of life is the best way to secure it with Him.

Strong Faith In God Quotes

The only means of life and livelihood in the kingdom is faith. What Oxygen is to a natural man is what faith is to a Christian. The limit of your faith is the limit of your life in the kingdom. You’re as great or as limited as your faith in God. The height of your life in the kingdom is determined by the strength of your faith in God. Strong Faith in God Quotes will induce you with the recipe to keep you strong in your walk with God.

Faith can either be strong or weak. It can either be small or great. The size determines the feat it can achieve. If you want your faith to accomplish maximally for you, then you must do a faith build-up in His word.

61. Faith is putting all your eggs in God’s basket without any form of doubt in your heart. It takes absolute faith of this nature to grant you access to divine blessings.

62. The result is definite when the Lord is trusted. Your end is certain and predictable when He’s your hope and refuge. Nothing shall make you afraid when the Lord is your stronghold.

63. Faith doesn’t function with an alternative in place. It cannot be said to be faith until all you are depending upon is God. Alternatives often limit the power of Faith.

64. The sense of trusting the Lord in advance even when there are no signals that things will work fine is faith. Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe the Lord.

65. It doesn’t make sense to claim to believe in the invisible God. But the results of believing in God make the utmost sense. Anyone who will work with God will learn to believe Him without mental evaluation.

66. Faith is not logical until the results start manifesting. It will always begin from uncertainty to certainty.

67. The greatest advantage a Christian has over an unbeliever is his ability to connect to the invisible world and transport resources from there to the earth region. Faith is the mode of this transportation.

68. Faith is the sense of the new man in Christ. The natural man operates on five senses, but the spiritual man operates by faith. The just can only live by his faith in Christ.

69. A natural man has two eyes. But a man of faith has one sight. This one sight is conditioned to see God alone. The eye of faith is one and it only sees God. A man who looks up to God does not look around.

70. Faith is the vision of the heart. It brings into visibility what is not visible to the optical eyes. It sees God in all situations. There is no disappointment in following the Lord, trusting Him immune you to dejection.

Great Faith Quotes

71. To walk in strong faith is to endure great trials. The stamina of faith is known by the heat of trials it can stand. If you are quick to lose heart, your expectation may be aborted. Standing strong in full assurance of faith helps you secure victory at the end of the tunnel.

72. Faith moves without evidence but to create its evidence. Faith doesn’t need evidence to prove that God is real but creates evidence to prove He is real. It is the pleasure of the Lord to make His power known through the situations of men.

73. Nothing moves God but faith. No circumstance is big enough to shake a man of faith. Faith doesn’t wait on God to move; Faith moves then God responds. As you move, so God manifests.

74. To have faith is likened to a man who throws Himself in a river. When he swims, he doesn’t grab hold of the water, because if he does, he will sink and drown. Trusting God and holding on to something else makes one sink.

75. Trusting in God exterminates worry about the future. Knowing that all things are in His hands instills a sense of rest and tranquility in the trying times.

76. Believe in God, believe in His word and His ability within you, then every other thing will fall into place. As you combine your faith with obedience, nothing shall be impossible with you.

77. You have not failed until your faith has failed. Nothing is lost until your faith is lost. No matter how many times you’ve failed, you can still win as long as your faith says YES.

78. The ability to say Yes to God when all circumstances say No is the true expression of faith in His faithfulness. Everything will say yes to a man who has said YES to God.

79. Faith is often planted like a little seed. It grows and becomes like a mighty tree as it is watered and exercised on a daily basis. Keep yourself in the exercise and you will see your faith grow.

80. No matter what you have gone through or are going through, as long as you keep your faith active, you can always make it to the top and end up a success in your adventures. Nothing is as sure as dependency on God.

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Religious Inspirational Quotes For Difficult Times

As we walk through life and engage in its adventures, we are sometimes faced with hard times on different occasions, whether or not we’re prepared for it. Being a Christian does not immune anyone to trial and tribulation. This is the reason we’ll face some of the situations of life. God has promised that He will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear as we glean into religious inspirational quotes for difficult times.

It’s in God’s pleasure to grant you a win always as many times as you engage in a fight. It’s important to stay inspired no matter what you’ve been through in life. When inspiration is lost, you lose the energy to continue in the fight.

81. The fight may be tough, the storm may be raging, and the going may seem unattainable but be persuaded that it’s temporary. Whatever you can see is temporary while what you cannot see is eternal. When physical things are not encouraging, keep your eyes on the invisible.

82. We must admit that problems and disappointment will abound but we must never lose hope no matter how dark the night may seem. The trials may endure for a night but joy sure comes in the morning.

83. Understand that problems are not always a stop signal, but sometimes, are only guidelines to help us go the right way. The problem itself is no problem but our intelligence to manage them and make the most of them. When challenging times are properly managed, we will end up in benefits.

84. Every champion must get used to challenges as their breakfast. Challenges don’t define champions, champions define challenges. Give definition and meaning to your challenges, don’t let them define your life.

85. Quitting because of hard times is nothing but a lack of understanding of what makes great men. Hard times have not come to crush you but to make you become hardened against harder days.

86. Everyone is a champion until an adverse climate shows up. Talk is cheap. Only those who are tougher on their inside will make head-ways when the going gets tough.

87. If you must last in life, you must develop inward stamina that can surmount challenges any time they show up. You cannot stop challenges when they show up, but you can ride on them as a vehicle of transition to the next phase.

88. Everyone wants to move to the next phase of life but many don’t know the vehicles that will take them there. You may not like the vehicle that will take you to where you are going, but be willing to move regardless.

89. Difficult times show the true colors of your identity, hard times reveal those who are truly your friends. Whatever or whoever stays with you through hard times is truly what and who belongs to you. Trying times often come to shake off the wrong people in your life.

90. When difficult days arise, you must put forth new energy and faith in proportion to the level of challenges. If you fail in the days of adversity, your strength is small.

91. Every season and time comes with a lesson they teach us. Do not leave a season until you’ve learned its lesson. Don’t suffer through in vain, suffer intelligently, and be ready to explore the benefits of the season.

92. Difficult times reveal God to you in a manner and ways you have not known Him before if you manage it intelligently. God reveals Himself to those whose hearts are opened to Him in hard times.

93. Your greatest security in hard times is your understanding of God’s love. Knowing that you’re loved by the mighty God delivers you from the threats situations pose to you.

94. Your mind is the battleground where battles are either won or lost. You may not be in charge of the situations but you must ensure you’re in charge of your mind. Your mind is your greatest asset, mind what’s going on there.

95. Battles are first won in the heart before they are won on the ground. If you refuse to give up in your mind, your victory will be guaranteed on the ground. Refuse to give up, keep on, you can always win.

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96. Your greatest weapon to fight through trial is joy. Your joy is your strength; ensure it’s not lost even if everything gets lost. Joy strengthens faith. When joy is lost, faith is affected.

97. Some challenges are designed to help us take correction from our errors. Don’t murmur any circumstance, rather, rejoice, and be open to the spiritual education that it impacts. Stay encouraged in the word of God and you will overcome.

98. Never allow yourself to look like what you’re going through, stay joyful at all times in the Lord. Rejoice, again I say rejoice. This is the will of God for you.

99. God is aware of your situation; He knows what you can bear and what you cannot. We should be sincere in the midst of whatever comes our way.

100. When your situations refuse to change, then cleave to God who doesn’t change to change your situations. The best way to change your situation that refuses to change is to cleave to God who does not change but can change all things.

Faith and Trust in God Quotes

Those who trust in the LORD Are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever (Psalms 125:1). The foundation of a building determines how long it will last. Whatever forms the building blocks of a house will tell a lot about its longevity.

The structure of our lives is best built on God, that’s the only way to ensure its longevity. Faith and trust in God quotes are put out to you to help you lay a solid foundation for your life.

Life originates from God; it will take God to make it what it should be. Every foundation outside God is sinking sand. Whatever the Lord authors, only He can finish it. Faith and trust in Him are how we get connected to heaven’s resources for our lives and enjoy divine benefits like never before.

101. Fear wants to get you stuck with the challenges of life, faith will release lubricants to set you free from the glue of fear. Fear is a chain; faith is the only liberator.

102. In the journey of life, God is your active partner. He has a part to play, so you have yours. You have to pray, and let God worry. Worry is a waste of time but prayer is an investment of time.

103. The more surrendered you are, the easier it is to trust God. Faith is the life of a surrendered one. Think less of yourself and you will see God made manifest.

104. It’s good enough to talk Faith, but it’s better to act on it. Faith is known in the act, not in the talk. Let your action reflect that you truly trust in God. Challenges will differentiate true believers from vain talkers.

105. Fear nothing but God. Pray about everything. Prayer in every situation can get every issue resolved by the power of God. Satan only fears those who fear nothing but God.

106. In the operation of faith, actions must match up with the talk. Don’t talk Faith and act out cowardice. A faith in which action matches up with the talk can never lack the required results.

107. Trusting God doesn’t mean you’ll impose your will on Him, but rather trusting His intelligence to do what He knows is the best for you. Faith doesn’t dictate for God; it submits to the will of God.

108. Faith positions you to be guided supernaturally into the epicenter of God’s will and purpose for your life. Anyone who wants to walk in faith will learn to submit to the will of God as led.

109. Faith isn’t wishful thinking or a mere faith-positive confession but rather, it’s conviction rooted in the word of God and His faithfulness. Whatever God promises, He can deliver.

110. Faith isn’t about believing God into the far future but about taking God at His word to perform His promises in the now while you believe him for the future unseen. Don’t push into the future what God can do now.

111. Ability to believe that God will take you places before you ever arrived there, trusting Him to lead you all the ways there is an expression of faith. What you are trusting God for may not be realistic, but nothing is impossible with God.

112. When walking with God, Faith is needed to follow through per time. God will not show you all the staircases from the beginning of the journey. Until you take the first step, the next will not unfold.

113. Faith is trusting in the Lord completely and aligning yourself with His will. This will lead you to a place of joy and glory all your life. If you can believe, you will see the glory of God.

114. Revelation removes the wall of unbelief and builds bridges of hope and trust. Faith is fueled by the revelation of the word of God. To walk in faith, you must crave relevant revelations.

115. You have never seen God’s wonders because you’ve never trusted Him fully. If only you can believe, you’ll see the glory of God made manifest in your life and win any day.

116. Great faith is not built in one day; it is built over time from little faith to great faith. Decide to trust in the Lord in little things, then you’ll see your faith built up to receive bigger and better things.

117. Faith is throwing your life in the hand of God and forgetting it there, knowing that He will not mismanage your destiny. If you are not secure in God, you may think trusting in Him is risky.

118. He who trusts in the Lord is permanently positioned for a life of unending miracles without cessation. Faith makes you enjoy God ceaselessly. Heavens’ doors are opened wide upon you because you are glued to the Lord in faith.

119. The path of faith is conditioned to shine brighter and brighter until the perfect days. Anyone who walks therein cannot walk in darkness. In the path of faith, things can only get better.

120. With God nothing shall be impossible, also with a man of faith, nothing shall be impossible. Whatever is possible with God is equally possible with a man who can believe in Him.

121. No matter what you are going through, keep trusting the Lord. He will not fail.

Conclusively, you have been blessed by God through your faith in Him. Life cannot entirely be challenging free. Jesus once said, “ In the world, you will have tribulation, but be of cheer, I have overcome the world”. The word in your heart and your mouth will walk you through any challenge.

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