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110 Healing Prayer For Successful Operation and Fast Recovery

As human beings, it happens that sometimes, there is some defect in the body that would require medical attention to fix them. It’s not bad to feel or fall sick, but staying sick is what it’s not good. Praying for a successful operation is highly needed if you want to undergo any ailment that has something to do with surgery.

Some defects in the body may be beyond taking a mere drug to fix them, and as a result of this, an operation or surgery may be required. If you are sick or someone close to you is about to undergo surgery, it’s important to offer prayer for successful operation.

When you pray, you position yourself to seek and receive assistance from God. When prayer is offered in faith, God gives attention to such quests. Offering prayers to God positions you for divine health.

Surgery is a very delicate thing and you need invisible hands to be upon you to undergo it successfully and recover very fast. This makes prayer for a successful operation very important if you need to undergo one.

Prayer For Successful Surgery And Recovery

1. Dear God in Heaven, you’re the creator of all. You made my body and every organ therein. Thank you for keeping me alive till this moment. May your name be praised forever.

2. You’ve been my very present help in times of need and my confidant all day long. Please, be with me as I go on this journey to healing by your mercy. Amen.

3. Your words have spoken concerning me that you’ll never leave nor forsake me. Stand by me dear Father, and let me not be ashamed of my trust in you.

4. Make me feel the warmth of your presence during the time of this operation so that I do not feel the pain of any kind. Let your hand be strong and mighty upon me in this season.

5. Operation is not an easy thing, I ask that you make it easy for me so that my mouth will be filled with the voice of thanksgiving and praises unto your holy name.

6. Please watch over me jealously so that I do not fall victim to the onslaught of the wicked one in the name of Jesus.

7. Turn your face on me and stand by me as my ultimate healer. Let everything that is malfunctioning in my body receive a divine touch from you dear God and Father.

8. Inspire the medical personnel who will be operating on me. Guide them on what to do so that the operation can be swiftly successful in the name of Jesus.

9. Preserve my life and my organs, let nothing go wrong with me in the course of the operation. Show me great mercy, my Father and my God.

10. Let your healing hands rest upon me and give me peace beyond medical expertise. Preserve my body for the goodness of your house and the glory of your name.

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11. Dear good Father, I appreciate your kindness and faithfulness in answering my prayers over my life now and always. Blessed God, I celebrate you.

12. Help me Lord by your faithfulness to go through surgery and recover with speed.

13. As I undergo this surgery, let there not be anything like complications. Make everything go smoothly. Train the fingers that will be operating on me.

14. Arm my doctor with divine intelligence to operate correctly so that every organ in my body functions adequately in the name of Jesus. Amen.

15. Your word has said unto me, that you’ll never leave me nor forsake me. Let your words be fulfilled in my life.

16. Keep me as the apple of your eyes in this time and season and let not the enemies rejoice over my soul.

17. At such a time when it seems all hope is almost gone, give me the hope of life again and let every bone in me rejoice in you, my salvation.

18. Instill the assurance of healing in my heart so that my faith can be strengthened to trust you for healing beyond medical expertise.

19. Give me a strong sense of security in your love for my life so that my faith can be stirred up in you and thereby have my healing spring forth like the noonday.

20. Make me a template of your faithfulness to everyone around me so that they will know that you’re indeed a prayer-answering God. Amen.

Prayer Before Surgery Quotes

21. Dear Lord God I want to appreciate you for your kindness and wonderful love that has kept me till this point in my life. You who have kept me till this point will yet take me further in your power.

22. You’ve been my defender and my stay, I want to appreciate your service of kindness to me and all that belongs to me.

23. You’re the God who made the body and you’re the best physician that can best repair it. I ask that your divine healing be evident in my life.

24. I want to appreciate you for the doctors, nurses, scientists, and other medical workers that will be involved in the course of this surgery. I appreciate you because I’m persuaded they’ll do well.

25. Guide the minds of the medical workers who will be involved in this process, and give them the practical wisdom and skills they require to put everything not functioning well in place.

26. Your word has spoken concerning me that you’ll fight for me and I will hold my peace. Let peace be still within my body.

27. I ask for a peace that passes all understanding to be domiciled in my soul. Let my body enjoy divine touch like never before.

28. I recognize you as the true healer, give this medical personnel to access your wisdom and everything that makes you a healer and teach them to apply it accordingly.

29. Let the blood of Jesus be functional in my bloodstream and let it flush out every foreign agent in my body in the name of Jesus.

30. Let your name be glorified in my life through the divine healing I will enjoy. Use this avenue to repair everything deficient in my body.

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Prayers For Successful Surgery And Healing

31. Oh Lord my God, I thank you for giving me sound health till this point in time. Your name is glorified Forever More.

32. My life is in your hands and my health belongs to you. Help me go through this surgery and recover very fast.

33. The same way you have loved me, thank you for continuing to love me. Let your love prevail over these situations. Amen.

34. Dear Father, I’m not anxious about the issues at hand because I know you, God, are with me. Thank you for the assurance of your healing in my life.

35. I pray against the spirit of anxiety as I undergo this journey, make me heal fast. Amen.

36. I receive peace in my soul and calmness in my body as I undergo this operation. Thank you Father for healing!

37. Let my health spring forth like the noonday. I decree that I’m strong and healthy by the power of your might.

38. Take glory in my life and let my life bring you to bring to your name through this situation.

39. Grant me a fast recovery from this ailment and make me enjoy sound health all the days of my life.

40. The king of ages, I ask you for a fast recovery from this surgery and let no affliction rise the second time.

Healing Prayer For Successful Operation

41. King of glory you’re the healer of all men, you’re my strength and shield in the days of trouble. Keep me in this hour of pain and difficulties.

42. Keep from harm during this surgery. I ask that your mighty arms will keep me in the name of Jesus.

43. I believe you dear Lord that you’re God who makes all things work together for me. Let the end of this thing be characterized by testimonies.

44. Dear Lord, guide the activities of the surgeons and nurses over my body, let there be accuracy and precision of operation.

45. As the surgery comes up, let me never be harmed in my body. Keep me from potential harm in the name of Jesus.

46. Keep my heart from fear and anxieties that can constitute hazards in my body. I declare that I’m without fear in the name of Jesus.

47. Fill my heart with hope and assurance of fast recovery as I embark on this surgery. Help me recover very fast.

48. Let your peace fill my heart and calmness fill my body. I shall go through this surgery successfully without harm.

49. Let your healing hands rest upon me and give me a quick recovery from this surgery. I shall not be harmed.

50. I will not lose any part of my body to this surgery. Let your hand be strong and mighty upon me in the name of Jesus.

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Thoughts And Prayers For Surgery

51. I praise your name because this sickness is not unto death. I’m blessed to have a loving Father like you as my healer. Thank you, dear, Lord.

52. I ask that your strong hands enforce my healing speedily and make this sickness a forgotten issue.

53. Your mercy has been my sustaining force in the years past. Let your mercy continue to abide with me forever.

54. You’re a God who heals me and who brings soundness into my bone. Minister soundness into my bones and my flesh.

55. Trust the Lord with all your heart and He will make your health spring forth like the noonday. Keep trusting Him, and He will make your health come through.

56. God gives life to those who are dead and health to those who are sick. God is bound by His words and He will not disappoint.

57. If you can set your heart on the Lord, He will make you strong and healthy. The Lord is good unto you forever and ever.

58. What time I am afraid, I will trust in the Lord who has been my stay and stronghold in the time of trouble.

59. God can do exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or think according to His power at work in me.

60. Fear hunts the soul, faith makes the soul healthy. Father, I ask for faith to stay strong in times of crisis.

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Prayer For Successful Eye Operation

61. The eyes are the light of the body. Lord, thank you for giving me eyes to see and giving me illumination.

62. As I go through this eyes operation, Father, protect my eyes from damage and let my sight be restored swiftly.

63. I decree that I will not lose my sight to this surgery. Keep me Lord from walking in darkness.

64. Lord, you’re the one who gives health to the body. Give me sound health and great joy in every part of my body.

65. Be the instructor of every person that will be involved in this medical process.

66. For Everything that is wrong with my sight, let your healing hands conduct operations on them and fix every defect in the name of Jesus.

67. Let all the nurses and the attendants be calm enough to treat every tissue and organ very gently to fix everything that needed to be fixed.

68. I decree into every organ in my eyes that you shall begin to function by divine touch. Everything in you shall function well.

69. Dear King of glory, I ask for your mercy over my eyes, keep my eyes like the apple of your eyes in the name of Jesus.

70. Let your healing hands rest upon me right now and let every tissue in my eyes respond to your healing power.

Prayer For Successful Surgery For Someone

71. I pray for you dear fellow that the mercy of God shall accompany you to the theatre and give you a smooth operation.

72. The way you’re going into the theatre by yourself so will you return with your feet. You shall not be carried out as lifeless entities.

73. You shall not be carried out dead, the same way you went in alive so will you return alive. The mercy of God shall be your companion.

74. Everything that needs repairs in your body shall be repaired by the hands of the Lord. Nothing will go wrong in your body.

75. May every organ in your body respond swiftly to the divine touch. No deficiency shall be seen in your body any longer.

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Prayer For the Successful Operation Of My Father

76. Dear Dad, I pray that the angel of the Lord shall stand by you and give you comfort in your body. We shall not sorrow over you in the name of Jesus.

77. Dear Father, I pray for you that this operation will not be the end of your life. You shall yet live longer in sound health and peace of mind.

78. As every defect is corrected in your body, may it lead to the soundness of your health and elongation of your life.

79. May the healing of God be strong upon you and give you solitude in this stormy time. Dad, you shall live to see your great-grandchildren.

80. The Lord will answer our prayers over you and give you peace like a river. The Lord heals you swiftly without delays.

Thoughts And Prayers For Surgery For A Friend

81. Dear friend, I thank God for your life and for His mercy that has been with you which I’m sure he will never leave you. Keep trusting Him, He will always be there for you.

82. Those who trust in the Lord shall be like mount Zion that cannot be moved. Keep trusting Him, this surgery shall be a successful one.

83. I pray that no part of your body shall be cut off, you shall return stronger than you went into this theatre.

84. Dear friend, I want to assure you that no disaster shall overtake your soul. You’re set for healing and deliverance from this surgery.

85. Let your heart be strong because the Lord is with you and will make all things work out well for you in the name of Jesus.

86. The Lord has taught well of you and He shall make it good. You shall be shielded and be protected from harm.

87. This surgery shall not be the end of your life. Your enemies shall be put to shame over your life. Keep trusting the Lord, He will make all things good for you.

88. Jesus has been bruised for your iniquity and has been chastised for your transgressions and His stripe has made you whole. This is your reality as you undergo this surgery.

89. Dear King of Glory, I ask that you’ll heal my friend from this disease. Grant him a quick recovery.

90. I pray for you dear friend that you’ll fulfill the number of your days on earth. Your health is restored very quickly. Amen.

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Prayer For Operation Patient

91. I pray for everyone facing one health challenge or the other, receive your quick recovery now. Amen.

92. May the healing hand of the Lord rest upon all of you and deliver you from your sick state.

93. Everyone who will participate in conducting surgery on you shall be inspired by God to operate rightly upon you.

94. You’ll not lose your life to this surgery and you’ll be found stronger than you’ve ever been before this surgery.

95. May you begin to enjoy the healing power of God upon your body and heal fast from this surgery.

Praying For Your Successful Surgery
Prayers For Operation Recovery

96. I declare that I recover very fast from this operation and I will be back to my normal life in a short while.

97. Dear God my healer, Do a quick work in my body and let everything weak in my body receive vitality in the name of Jesus.

98. I submit myself under your divine care, let me enjoy your cares, and give me peace on every side in the name of Jesus.

99. My life is in your hands, great healer, heal me by your mercy. My health shall get better as I recover from this surgery.

100. Help me Lord to receive your touch from the throne so that all my bones may rejoice again. Amen.

Have you undergone any operation whether major or minor and do you want to offer thanksgiving prayers for a successful operation? Here are the prayers!

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Thanks for your Prayer For A Successful Operation

101. Dear, I’m here to give you thanks for your faithfulness in my life. I was sick but now healed by your power. I’m grateful to you forever.

102. Thank you Lord for the successful operation I have just undergone. I appreciate your goodness and faithfulness in my life.

103. I will not stop talking of your faithfulness and goodness to me all the days of my life. I’m grateful to you Lord, thank you Lord for the fast recovery!

104. I know that affliction shall not rise again this second time. For the sake of your word, I bless you and I appreciate you, Lord.

105. Thank you to the doctors that were involved in operating my body. Thank you for giving them wisdom and a sound mind. May your name be highly exalted.

Prayer for Successful Operation with Scripture

106. “So you shall serve the LORD your God, and He will bless your bread and your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you”. (Exodus 23:25 NKJV)

107. “And the LORD will take away from you all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible diseases of Egypt which you have known, but will lay them on all those who hate you”. (Deuteronomy 7:15NKJV)

108. “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes, we are healed”. (Isaiah.53:5 NKJV).

109. “That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying: “He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses.” (Matthew.8:17NKJV)

110. “Who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness–by whose stripes you were healed” (1Peter 2: 24 NKJV)

I want to congratulate you on the healing you have just received from the Lord. God bless you!

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